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Shelter kills dog 10 minutes after rescue video

Bronx killed for nothing at San Bernadino City Shelter

Animal advocates are up in arms over the killing at San Bernadino City Shelter.

From only one rescuer:

Bronx...killed for nothing at San Bernadino City Shelter
"I am shocked, disgusted and saddened by the treatment of the animals at the SB City Shelter. Why are you not treating the animals that are sick?  What is happening is against the law and I dont know how you can sleep at night knowing that you are not doing all you can for these animals. Why do you work in a shelter? This job should be for people with compassion and who actually care about the lives that are in their hands."

Letter after letter has been written to the administrators of San Bernadino City Shelter, but according to concerned citizens, they're pleas for humane treatment and adherence to California law are falling on deaf ears.

From a rescuer:

"Yesterday, 7/25/2013 I was in the shelter lobby and witnessed a man surrendering his one year old Doberman and Chocolate Labrador mix. I sat down and visited with the dog. He let me pet him and sat nicely. The owner told me the reason he had to give him up was because he had a 1 year old child and Bronx was too energetic for him. He specifically says in the video “he’s a good dog”. After I took the video and photos of Bronx, I had to head back to work. When I got home to post the dogs I photograph that day, I could not find Bronx on"

"This morning, 7/26/13 I called the shelter to get Bronx’s ID number so that I could post him for networking. I was given the ID number A450802. When I asked Anita Sanchez for his due out date, she said “well if he was a stray his due out date would have been 8/1, but he was an owner turn in that requested that his dog be euthanized for aggression”. I told her if the staff euthanized Bronx they were in violation of the law."

"She yelled, you need to go read the law again and hung up on me. You really need to keep her from speaking to the public."

In response, this citizen and animal rescuer wrote Chief Robert Handy of San Bernadino City Police Department:

"Chief Handy,

According to the outcome list I received today, your staff killed this owner surrender on 10 minutes after I took the video of him! That is 71 hours 50 minutes before he was available for euthanasia. I have NOT received a response. 

Which supervisor approved for him to be killed? They need to be schooled on the current laws. Your facility did NOT have a history of vicious or dangerous behavior documented for ID number A450802, he should have been held for 72 hours. 

His death is a direct violation of the California Food and Agriculture code section 31754 (a).  

From the outcome list dated 8/7/2013: A450802 Date: 07/25/13 Time: 12:46 pm TYPE: EUTH SUBTYPE: BEHAV HIST

Here is the video I captured showing Bronx was a friendly, healthy, highly adoptable one year old dog:

31754.  (a) Except as provided in Section 17006, any animal
relinquished by the purported owner that is of a species impounded by
public or private shelters shall be held for the same holding
periods, with the same requirements of care, applicable to stray dogs
and cats in Sections 31108 and 31752, and shall be available for
owner redemption or adoption for the entire holding period.

b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), kittens or puppies
relinquished by the purported owner, or brought in by any other
person with authority to relinquish them, to public or private
shelters, may be available immediately for adoption.
(c) This section shall become operative on July 1, 2002.

17006.  Animals that are irremediably suffering from a serious
illness or severe injury shall not be held for owner redemption or
adoption. Newborn animals that need maternal care and have been
impounded without their mothers may be euthanized without being held
for owner redemption or adoption.

31108.5.  (a) (1) Upon relinquishment of a dog to a public or
private shelter, the owner of that dog shall present sufficient
identification to establish his or her ownership of the dog and shall
sign a statement that he or she is the lawful owner of the dog.

(2) Any person who provides false information pursuant to this
subdivision about his or her ownership of the dog shall be liable to
the true owner of the dog in the amount of one thousand dollars

(b) Upon relinquishment, the dog may be made available for
immediate euthanasia if it has a history of vicious or dangerous
behavior documented by the agency charged with enforcing state and
local animal laws."

"Grey Chihuahua A450899:

Video of ID number A450899 HEALTHY on 7/27:

Video of ID number A450899 SICK on 8/3:

Gracie A450921:

Gracie at San Bernadino City Shelter

Video of ID number A450921 HEALTHY on 7/31:

Video of ID number A450921 SICK on 8/3:

Katie A450899:

Video of ID number A450899 HEALTHY on 7/27:

Video of ID number A450899 SICK on 8/3:"

Katie at San Bernadino City Shelter...sick and untreated

These good people care about animals. With no city or country funding, no huge grants or resources, a few concerned citizens are begging to save the lives of those animals in the jurisdiction of San Bernadino City. They are asking simply that the shelter obey California law in regards to animals in its care. 

One final and desperate plea:

"You also wrote "As I have shared with others, I invite you to come to our shelter and volunteer your time or help us with donations. Where are you Captain King? Where is Chief Handy? I am there everyday. In the 11 months I have been visiting your shelter, I have NEVER seen Chief Handy and I have seen you 3 times. (One of the times you came down specifically to remove me from the shelter for feeding an emaciated dog a treat. See video here for why Captain King drove to the shelter to remove me, when he has the highest crime rate around!"
"Diamond – ID# A446251 Sent to General for spay on 5/27, died after being in boarding on 6/29.  
Monet – ID# A447452 Sent to General for spay on 6/13, died at general on 6/17.  
Principe – ID# A447563 Sent to General for neuter on 6/14, died at general on 6/24.  
Alexa – ID# A447860 Sent to General for spay on 6/17, died at general on 6/24."
"Chief Handy seems to think that I walk around looking for violations in order to photograph them. I do not have to, I come across them during my visit with the dogs.

Anyone can just walk around any time of the day or week and you can openly find sick animals and animals without water. I am there for 30 minutes on my lunch break, I cannot imagine what I would find if I was actually looking for it and was able to investigate.

Your shelter is falling apart, I understand you will be getting a new facility in the next year or so…but what about the improvements that are needed now? What improvements have you made to the shelter recently?

The city of San Bernardino is paid a 15% “shelter improvement fee” from 3 of the 4 cities it is contracted with. Colton pays $30,973 a year. Fontana pays $86,787 and Loma Linda pay $18,839 a year for animal shelter improvements. That is $136,599 per year. Where is that money going? It certainly is not going into improving the cities shelter. That may be something else that needs to be audited and investigated."

Please leave your comments and suggestions to help other animals at this shelter. Let these good people know they are not alone. Bronx died for nothing as have other innocent animals at San Bernadino City Shelter. 

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