Saturday, April 8, 2017

San Antonio, Texas Hospice Dogs

Please share and consider adopting one of these lovely dogs in San Antonio. These special dogs need saving. Their mom has entered hospice care and can no longer keep them.

 1. Vera is 65 lbs and 11 years old. She was dumped at Marbach and 410. She shows signs of a mild skin allergy that goes away with Benadryl and the "comfort is" tb for fleas helps her skin too

2. Brandy is 11 years old and still very active. She was dumped at a park in the same area. She looks pretty healthy but in the past two years she had a few seizures. The mother and daughter have been unable to take her to the vet.

3. Mega is 8 years old and 50lbs. She was found in a vacant field off  Old Hwy 90. She looked like she either was hit by a car or they used her as bait dog, because she was limping from her right hind leg and also her jaw was crooked. Since being picked up she's been a happy loved dog.

4. Bruno is 7 years old. He was just pup when hit by a car near Horal Street. He was taken to a vet where the mother and daughter were told he had a fractured right hind leg but because they couldn't afford surgery he has become a lap dog.

"A San Antonio, Texas woman with stage four cancer in hospice is desperately trying to find homes for her four dogs.

She found each of the dogs dumped and left on their own.

Her daughter is also ill and can't care for the canines.

They're hoping the four dogs can go to a sanctuary or be fostered in some way.

All dogs are spayed or neutered with up-to-date shots. Each were heartworm-negative when tested, but none have been on heartworm preventives since their owner got sick.

They're good with other dogs, people, and children, but not with cats as much since most of them were on their own for awhile.

The owner is okay with them being separated."

If you know of anyone who might be able to foster or help, contact Rachel Cannady with God's Dog Rescue. 

Her email address is