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Monday, December 9, 2013

The 12 dogs of Christmas: Part II

William and Scott
The 12 dogs of Christmas: William was skinny and scared when he showed up at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge. He had one of the worst abuse histories I've ever heard and I hear a lot of terrible stories.

William had been starved nearly to death. He was skin and bones. Besides being starved, the monsters who owned William drug him behind a truck and also threw him on a lit bar-b-que grill. William has sear marks down his side from the grill.

We've got him on a healthy raw diet which does wonders for the temperament. He's been detoxed with Waiora and ABFE Emergency along with Robert McDowell's herbal tonic to help rehab the most extreme cases.

All of these links and helpful resources can be found on our website on the Health Page.

Amazingly, so many people call to dump their pets and skip past this invaluable information. Our goal at Reunion Rescue is to help animals so they don't wind up at high kill shelters like Stockton ACC where we found William.

Reunion Rescue can't save them all, but we can save a few like William and share his story. He still relives his horrible past when a stranger approaches his crate, but he will get past that. He's the most trusting soul in the world and loves going to work with Scott.

When William was being transported to Texas, he bonded with everyone he met. Adena drove to pick him up and he wanted so badly to be her boy...who wouldn't? Adena's home is the Architectural Digest of pit bull habitats. He bonded with the Petco guy who informed how to operate the dog wash.

William is a wonderful boy and will be a wonderful companion for some very lucky person. He has all the love in the world to give.


Little Princess was blind and seven years old when we agreed to pull her from Moreno Valley shelter. The minute we got her on transport, she came down with distemper.

After the initial donation, the group we pulled Princess for bailed and Reunion Rescue had to come up with $3500 the next six months to treat the distemper and pay for quarantine boarding.

That's ok. We made it work. Happily, the minute the infection started to leave Princess's body, so did the blindness. She can now see!

Princess is a love! She is sweet and gentle, quite calm and loves cuddling. She's learned to chew her rawhide and especially favors peanut butter flavored ones. She was not a fan of the rawhide when we first got her, but loves them now!

When Princess first came to Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge, she was extremely dog reactive, but now is very calm when another dog walks by.

We have very high hopes for our little Princess and know she will make someone a loving soulmate.

We got Shadow back yesterday and boy is he a little love! He was found a few years ago by a couple in Pflugerville, Texas and Reunion Rescue helped him find a home.

He was placed with a loving family in Wimberley, Texas whose grandmother baby sat the toddler age grandchildren every day.

Shadow fell right into step and helped her care for the little children. He is a gentle, sweet dog who loves children.

She also has five small Pomeranians and Shadow is great with them. In fact, he's great with all dogs, all ages, all sizes, all breeds!

Shadow's mom tearfully had to part with Shadow as life has hit her hard the past few months. She has become ill and had no choice but to ask Reunion to help out. Reunion Rescue has a lifetime guarantee for every dog we place.

We are currently very full at the refuge and are hoping for an adoption to make room for Shadow. He's boarding at Doug's where it's Disneyland for dogs every day.

Every day at Reunion Rescue is like Christmas morning. Our little jewels are our sweetest pit bulls.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

12 dogs of Christmas at Reunion Rescue

LuLu and Nolan...friends for life!
I woke up this morning and went around to see who's been naughty or nice this year. All I saw were nice dogs. Nobody's naughty at Reunion Rescue.

LuLu and Nolan are near perfect and looking for a home together. Nolan's old home was evil to him and he was on his way to Spindletop the day of the raid. Leah Purcell took all his chip in money, but we took him at Reunion Rescue and have gotten Nolan back on his feet. He was very sick.

LuLu was abandoned at daycare, but found her soulmate with Nolan. They are bonded and will only be adopted together, even if it takes forever.
Buster Posey

Buster Posey nearly died at Solano County ACC. After he was found by a kindly Reunion adopter and

Anybody looking for a Great Dane Weimaraner with a little bit of pit bull thrown in? He's lots of fun and not incredibly smart, but is working on getting his G.E.D.
her little boy, he wound up at ACC and was about to be put to sleep.

Reunion stepped up to the plate and now Buster is here safe at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge and looking for that forever home.

Vinny came from Marin Humane Society. He is an extraordinary dog. Ok, so he's blind, but that doesn't slow Vinny down for a minute. He's what they call a hunka hunka burning love and thinks he is a puppy.

He figured out how to fetch and maneuver himself up and down three flights of stairs in an afternoon! He loves to play ball and will fetch till the cows come home. He's like a big ol' calf!

Vinny is sweet and charming and will make a wonderful companion for some special and very lucky soul.

Little Amber is a butterball and sweeter than honey. She's a victim of horrific abuse. We have no idea how she got that star shaped burn on top of her head, but she is not one to
dwell on her terrible past.

She was another Spindletop survivor and when we drove to Conroe to get her back from the mass raid and seizure at Spindletop, she was nearly shut down. No one knows what these poor dogs went through at that horrible place.

What we can do is give her lots of treats and love and cuddling and make her life as sweet as she is. Bless Amber and all these wonderful creatures who just want a little love. That's all. And a cookie.

Amber loves food and will eat anything..pineapples, carrots, you name it. So far, we haven't found a food type that isn't Amber's type.

Peanut is another Spindletop survivor. I wrote a story about him when he was at Alvin, Texas animal control. Leah Purcell took advantage of his sad plight and pocketed donations raised to save his life.

When we got him, he threw up everything he ate, but I suspected it was due to his trauma. At first, instead of a raw diet, I cooked his chicken and deboned it with cottage cheese and well-cooked rice. Once he settled in, Peanut began to keep his dinner down and joined in with the rest to eat a delicious organic raw meat diet.

Who knows what Peanut suffered while he was at Spindletop, but we can try and change that. He is a perky, happy little boy who loves nothing better than to fetch that ball! He is all about fetch and
will go like the Energizer rabbit if a ball's involved.

Everybody loves Peanut. He loves nothing better than to curl up in a little ball with the person he's with. After fetch, of course.

Next is BeBe...she used to be known as Batgirl as she was beaten over the head with a baseball bat before being dumped in Austin at ACC to die.

I wrote a few stories about her before I was threatened at the Examiner. Now I write blogs and pet BeBe. I pulled her as a citizen on my birthday three years ago in April. She went to Spindletop and survived. She was the first one out and has her own little house to live in at Reunion Rescue No Kill.

BeBe loves her orange ball, going on walks and old movies. She watches Turner Classic Movies round the clock on a big tv set.

The next installment will have more dogs...I'm going to get Shadow today!