Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rebuttal: Texas dog lawyer, Part 3

Today is Saturday. I am going to exercise and play with the three dogs I've managed to redeem from the horrible nightmare at Spindletop. Last night, BeBe, who was formerly known as Batgirl, was suffering. This is not the same dog I entrusted to Leah Purcell in April 2011.

BeBe becomes terrified at night. What must have happened to these dogs when crated in their own urine, vomit and feces, some for years, has resulted in an extremely stressed dog for lack of a better description. I've read a little about babies born addicted to crack cocaine and that similarity is the closest I can venture to explain BeBe's condition.

My hope is that through herbal treatment and complete detox, her poor body can be healed and this dog's sanity and wellbeing can someday be restored. A couple of jokesters have joined the commentary to offer their input on the Spindletop disaster to champion Leah Purcell's Spindletop facility and the dog lawyer who represents her, Zandra Anderson.

While this blog and my column respect everyone's right to freedom of speech, I can't help being amazed at those who defend animal cruelty and outright murder. One of the former employees has described Purcell's do it yourself euthanasia as a sordid procedure in which she held the dog and poured liquid into the animal's nose until the dog drowned. I guess this is humorous to these people who continue to spew hate toward those of us seeking answers and justice for the dogs who suffered and died at the hands of Leah Purcell.

Below, I'll address the second complaint in which Zandra Anderson Dog Lawyer attacks Cindy Marabito and disrespects Leah Z, the owner and benefactor of Mea who was killed while trying to escape from Spindletop.

For those who have yet to review the actual complaints, each is linked below:

The last complaint deals with the article I wrote entitled "Spindletop Raid...where are our dogs?"

Even the title was misquoted in the dog lawyer's statement, but as both complaints are rife with grammatical and factual blunders, who can keep track?

The dog lawyer opens with her announcement she is providing pro bono council to the defendent, Purcell.


The dog lawyer quotes my piece in which I truthfully state, "People are begging Leah Purcell and her attorney Zandra Anderson for information about the dogs they've been unable to identify at the holding facility. Anderson knows the whereabouts and has given false and misleading ID numbers to the inquiringpartiesso [sic] desperate to find answers. Thissituation, [sic] which HSUS has described as precedent setting in its unique qualities, can be likened to that of a mass serial killer who holds information about his victims and refuses to share with broken families so they might gain closure."

Apart from the misprinted flaws, I stand completely behind this statement. In my files are hundreds of emails pertaining to dogs missing at Spindletop. Many of these dogs were claimed by Anderson to be at the holding center in Conroe. Searchers traveled to the holding site to view photographs, many departing empty handed with still no clue as to the location of their missing pets.

Serial killers historically plea bargain for a lesser sentence in exchange for disclosing the whereabouts of slaughtered victims so the families can gain some sort of closure and deal with their grief. The similarity here is as plain as the smiles on the faces of those posters who still seem to find this tragedy humorous. "Can be likened," or can it not be likened?


"It is supposed that Zandra Anderson is holding out to secure her client a sweet plea bargain for the criminal charges she is certain to face."

According to the dog lawyer, "criminal charges are not imminent in this case. As a rule, most do not eventuate into charges. Regardless, I do not represent Ms. Purcell in any criminal matter and will not be if charges are filed."

This is relieving to discover that Leah Purcell gets off with a slap on the wrist and no criminal charges will be filed. Certainly all of those who have lost dogs and had dogs killed at Spindletop will find comfort in Anderson's conclusion.

Good to know the dog lawyer will not be representing Purcell in the criminal case. We could all use a vacation from the dog lawyer. In fact, I know some dogs that won't be missing her in the least.


"When the news hit about the raid, Leah Z. began searching to find Mea. She did not have the money to fly from Ohio to Texas and started networking to get the airfare. The entire time, Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson knew Mea had been killed, but withheld the information."

Comment from dog lawyer, "I have no idea who this "Leah Z" is and had no idea that she or anyone was looking for this dog. I did not withhold any information about this dog."

According to my sources, this information is absolutely false, however, by the end of this ordeal, I can make the dog lawyer a promise. She will certainly know who Leah Z and Mea are and in fact, she will never forget those names.

More from the dog lawyer, "This dog was lost during the seizure and labeled as a 'field escape' by the Humane Society, not anyone associated with the owner or the refuge. Not only did not [sic] I not withhold that infomration, there is no motivation for doing so. In fact, the dog was discovered a few days after the seizure by a Spindletop worker who saaw her alongside the road. She apparently had been hit by a car. I wrote a letter to Montgomery County informating them that the dog lost by the Humane Society during the seizure had been located."

May we see the time and date on your letter, dog lawyer? Hopefully, your date precedes our inquiry. And how long was Mea's body held at Spindletop before notifiying the authorities? So many questions lay unanswered regarding Mea's death. So many questions unanswered about all of the dogs and what went on at Spindletop.

Only the proprietress knows the real truth. And maybe her dog lawyer.

Will the rest of us ever know where our dogs are? Do we really want to know? Can we take the truth however grisly that might be?

Hope is there will be justice served. Hope is that the dogs' real owners who trusted Leah Purcell and Spindletop will each file small claims cases respectively, even to seek closure...the same closure one seeks from a mass serial murderer who holds all the cards.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas dog lawyer rebuttal #2

Now that my rescued dogs and recent refuges from Spindletop seizure and raid have been exercised and fed, I will begin to try and address the complaints filed by Texas Dog Lawyer Zandra Anderson against Cindy Marabito and Reunion Rescue to remove truthful articles about her client Leah Purcell's horror hotel formerly called Spindletop refuge.

To recap, yesterday's blog entry contains each false accusation Anderson presented to the Examiner which resulted in several articles being pulled. These articles are the sole source of income for the Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3) to care for, board, feed and treat the dogs in our care. Anderson also untruthfully contends throughout her rant Reunion Rescue has no dogs and objects to our 501(c)(3) non profit attempted to raise money for the dogs in our care.

The last of the articles to be unpublished was a piece about Nolan, the abused dog from Lake Tawakoni who is now in our care. He never set a paw on Spindletop ground, but moments until the raid took place, Leah Purcell was bilking his first Examiner article's readers for cash. One unsuspecting person actually donated $450 to help underwrite Nolan's medical needs directly to Leah Purcell's account.

Yesterday's blog addresses the first bevy of complaints issued by the dog lawyer:

12. "FALSE. Marabito suggests that the rescue took "pets for a high price." If the refuge took in dogs that were owned, then the owner relinquished any ownership rights in the placement. Dogs were there from Animal Control, court orders, [sic} and from people who found strays at no charge. If a person could not foster a dog during the waiting period, then they could board the dog during its wait time for a low set fee at the boarding facility on site."

For starters, we like to refer to the animals as 'he' or 'she' rather than it. That slant alone sheds illumination on the dog lawyer's world view of animals and the way they are and should be treated. I will not do business with any professional who calls animals 'it'..whether that person is a veterinarian, pet food company or dog lawyer.

The system at Spindletop was a 1/2 down payment to 'hold' a spot for the dog in need. Oftentimes, that fee was $500. Granted, in the '$750 board to rescue' program, the dog was signed over to Leah Purcell in many cases. However, does that give Purcell the right to withhold food, only feeding her favorites on a regular basis? Does that grant her the right to stack crate upon crate crammed with dogs which were according to the Humane Society of the United States, covered in their own feces, vomit and urine? Does that give Purcell carte blanche to secretly bury 38 dogs who died a tortured death due to 'electrical failure,' the dog lawyer's own words?

In a time when most citizens, and many of those who trusted Purcell were average citizens, are suffering economic hardship, $750 is a lot of cash. We're living in a time when people are dumping their pets at the local shelter because they cannot afford to feed them, so to someone who looks like she hasn't missed too many meals, again, $750 is a lot of money.

So is $10,000 a ton of cash. That is the amount Reunion Rescue paid to Leah Purcell and James Brewer via Paypal including the fees for Angel's boarding via a kindly benefactor. Each month, Reunion Rescue gets to work raising thousands of dollars to board our dogs. We are in the process of finally realizing our no kill refuge...a real one...on our land. It's going to be slow going, and since the dog lawyer's insistence our source of income be anihilated, even more slow to build. We are not fancy, but our dogs are safe, well fed, exercised and very much loved here. There is much damage to be undone and much healing to do.

Furthermore, I would suggest that the good people, like Reunion Rescue, who entrusted their dogs to Leah Purcell and Spindletop, might find fault with the dog lawyer's statement, 'then the owner relinquished any ownership rights in the placement.' I would suggest the dog lawyer elaborate upon that statement and just exactly what she means by 'rights.'

13. "FALSE. Marabito uses a photo from another news agency and states that "attorney negotiates for Purcell while standing on dog graves." Not only is this false, it is highly incendiary. Maratibohas [sic] most likely used the photograph without permission and claims it was "courtesy" of a news agency as if she has some relationship with them.

Oboy. Where to start. Well, I've never been to law school, but I do know a little bit about publishing. The photograph was borrowed and complete credit given to the source. By the way, is 'most likely' a legal argument? Just askin'.

Again, the dog lawyer was standing on Spindletop real estate, where, according to the HSUS and Montgomery County officials, a mass grave was discovered. If this is not the same mass grave which contains the decaying bones of Stella and the other 37 who died a miserable death, then please explain. The American Pit Bull Examiner does always report the truth and we would appreciate any light the dog lawyer might shed on this grisly situation.

Up until the day of the raid, I trusted Leah Purcell and believed what she told me about the dogs I'd also entrusted to her care. Leah Purcell called me that very day, perhaps at the same moment the photograph in question was actually taken. On our last conversation, the day of the raid, I asked Purcell if she would like me to write an article to try to help. Her answer was to keep the raid off the internet, that 'Zandra Anderson was negotiating for their dogs.'

14. "FALSE. Marabito accuses JamesBrewer [sic] oftaking [sic] funds which is completely false. Mr. Brewer is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement in a different state."

I and many other duped Spindletop victims have thousands of dollars in Paypal receipts payable to James 'Cowboy Mind' Brewer.  Do I have the wrong James Brewer? If so, I'll take the money back and spend it on the dogs who made it out of Spindletop alive.

15. "FALSE. Marabito states that hundreds of thousands of dollars came in to [sic] the rescue [sic] but fails to site a source [sic] because there isn't one."

In fact, the complete statement is 'hundreds of thousands of dollars are estimated to have been obtained through Paypal and other means from across the nation.' Back to law school 101, dog lawyer, if you plan to quote someone, be certain to quote accurately. Your attempt to twist a published phrase to accommodate your own benefit is dangerous and punishable. I won't use your term 'incendiary' as I don't think you meant to start a fight, did you?

Reunion Rescue only boarded dogs at Spindletop the past year a couple of months. I personally am in possession and still receiving communications from people all over the world who fell prey to Purcell's con scheme. I'm only out $10K but have spoken to many others who were bilked that much and much more. Again, I'm just estimating, but if this grift has been going on as long as some of these letters date back, it could even be in the millions, but math's never been my main strength.

15. "FALSE. Marabito is again states [sic] that Zandra Anderson is somehow"insinuating"{sic}herself in a criminal investigation which is not only is [sic] untrue [sic] but does not even make sense."

I'll be glad to clear it up for you, dog lawyer. According to Montgomery County and Constable Tim Holifield, criminal charges are being investigated to present to a grand jury. Again, in the many communications I've personally received, Zandra Anderson has 'insinuated' herself in the 'investigation' of the missing dogs and has given out false leads to several if not more of the concerned dogs' owners.

What does not make sense, to me at least, is why anyone after almost a month would trust what the dog lawyer has to say about the dogs' whereabouts.

16.  "FALSE. Marabitosuggests [sic] that Zandra Anderson has done some wrongdoing in so far as the Texas State Bar is concerned which is untrue [sic]."

To withhold evidence from the concerned dogs' owners seems wrong to me and I would suggest the Texas Bar might consider that behavior in one of its members.

17. "FALSE. Marabito falsely states that attorney ZandraAnderson [sic] has been posting on Facebook about this case which is a total fabrication."

In fact, I actually posted an answer to her original post which has conveniently been removed as has my answer. I'll try to paraphrase, but her post challenged all of the people who were demanding answers from her about their dogs to have the guts to sign their names.

My answer, also mysteriously deleted, signed my name first and begged that she commit it to memory, because she will be hearing it a lot in the future. Until Reunion Rescue's Stella and the other 37 dead dogs are recovered and answered for, I will not stop digging and demanding an explanation. In addition, I did add that how Zandra Anderson and Leah Purcell could get up in the morning and look at themselves in a mirror is unbelievable on every level imaginable.

18. "FALSE. Marabito suggest that Zandra Anderson is in some way "insinuating " herself in a criminal investigation by posting on FB is a total fabrication."

See Items #15 and #17.

She is in fact responding personally to the question, "What is the position of the Texas Bar Association on members of the bar insinuating themselves in a criminal investigation with knowledge of criminal activity?" This is merely a question, which the dog lawyer jumped back at a bit too hasty. 

19. FALSE. MarabitosuggeststhatZandraAnderson [sic] needs "to make a good living [sic] but this is extreme." She bases that on some quantum leap in her imagination that attorneyZandra [sic] Anderson is writing under a nom de plume on FB which is wholly false."

Nothing was said about a nom de plume or Zandra Anderson's writing, so this section of her complaint is baffling. There is a Facebook page run by a Pearl Boosinger character which has become a watering hole for all the Spindletop refugee haters, but certainly no one is suggesting this Boosinger is a nom de plume for the dog lawyer or anyone else even if both gals do sport a sheepskin from South TX College of Law.

My suggestion was simply to find an area of law to help animals rather than defend those who don't.

20. "FALSE. Marabito has made numerous false claims about money paid to the rescue for "Reunion Rescue" dogs."

This one is confusing. By rescue, is the dog lawyer referring to Spindletop? And if so, Reunion Rescue dogs were paid for by Paypal donations itemized and submitted to the HSUS, Montgomery County and Animal Farm Foundation to provide proof and have our three dogs who are still alive returned to us.

21.  "FALSE. Marabito associates a dog namedHannah [sic] in an alleged"holocaust." [sic] This dog was not on the property at the time of the seizure despite this being fully acknowledged byMarabito [sic] herself."

Hannah is a tragic story. Three advocates tried to save her from Spindletop and were threatened by a legal arm to 'never contact Leah' again. These three citizens and advocates for high kill BARC animals in Houston, tried everything to get Hannah back. They fear Hannah was killed by Leah Purcell, their words, not mine. If indeed, 'this dog was not on the property at the time of the seizure' as Anderson states, then the worst is feared. These people and now, the American Pit Bull Examiner believe Hannah is no longer alive.

No one knows if or how Hannah died. Was she in the Morgan Building with the 38 who suffered an horrible painful death due to 'electrical failure' or was she victim of an even more sinister definition of failure?

Holocaust as defined by the American Heritage dictionary means 'destruction or slaughter on a mass scale.' Was Hannah a victim as might have been the many others being sought by their trusting owners who sent dogs to Spindletop?

22. "FALSE. Marabito claims that dogs are missing and indicates they were sent to a dog fighting ring. this is wholly false and obviously raises some serious legal issues since dog fighting is illegal in every state."

Finally, something we can agree on. Dog fighting is illegal. I have been told by Leah Purcell on multiple occasions she was sending dogs to be 'fostered' by her 'friend' in Louisiana. I believed her as I had no reason not to. She elaborated her 'friend' was not like 'us' meaning Leah and myself, that he kept his dogs outside, not crated and trained as we believe dogs should be.

I had no reason to doubt that someone with Leah Purcell's following and history as an advocate of the breed and a longtime rescue/refuge would be lying. However, after the raid and after I discovered the deaths of the 38 dogs in the Morgan Building, the mass grave and other horrors, I began to remember these comments about her 'friend' and the dogs she 'fostered' with him.

When the emails and requests began to flood in about missing dogs and the same old story regarding Leah 'adopting the dog to a good friend who lived down the road on a ranch' I began to feel sick at my stomach. I've been in rescue long enough to know that good homes are few and far between. Big loads of dogs fostered to a friend 'down the road' or in Louisiana are questionable at besy and it's not a question I think I want to know the real answer to.

23. "FALSE. Marabito claims that Ms. Purcell is still collecting money for rescue dogs. This is completely false and is derogation of the Agreed [sic] Judgement [sic]."

This segment again misquotes the article which correctly reads, 'at this writing, word is still surfacing that Purcell is collecting money for dogs...' In fact, a woman wrote about the donation solicited by Purcell for the Dallas dog who was never boarded at Spindletop due to the raid and seizure. Luckily, his caretaker heard of the hoarder's bust and turned the car around afterward to discover the donator had been bilked for $450.

24. "FALSE. Marabitoclaims [sic] that attorney Zandra Anderson pulled a puppy from BARC that [sic] Purcell is taking money for and it is secretly fostered. This is false and highly damaging indicating [sic] that a violation of the Agreed [sic] Judgement [sic] and [sic] that the attorney is somehow involved in this alleged scheme."

The statement read after the court proceedings by Tamara Holland of the Montgomery County Attorney's office and Constable Tim Holifield stated, "Purcell can never have an animal shelter, refuge or rescue in Montgomery county again."

On June 24, Zandra Anderson pulled a BARC pit bull puppy ID#A1087966 under the group Treat 'Em Right Rescue from Houston. However, the dog named Abigail was fostered in Katy, Texas for Spindletop with at least one person donating $750 to Leah Purcell for that dog's behalf. It is unknown how many other people have donated to Purcell for this dog, but Anderson's involvement is a fact down to the driving to the shelter to pull the dog and so on.

It is unknown where Abigail is now. She was suffering from demodex mange and originally was to be pulled by Reunion Rescue and treated holistically. Hope is that she is still alive.

24. "FALSE. Marabito states: "Under the conditions negotiated by Zandra Anderson for Purcell, the former rescuer cum hoarder for big money is not to have any pit bulls in her care or participate in rescue in Montgomery County." This is a totally false statement."

Perhaps I heard the statement read by Holland and Holifield incorrectly that day in the courtroom. So Purcell is allowed to run a pit bull rescue in Montgomery County? All I can say to this claim is 'wow.' Even I'm speechless.

25. "FALSE. Hopefully, law enforcement will get wind of Purcell's jumpstart back into pit bull rescue and give her more than a slap on the wrist. [sic] This is entirely false."

So, clue me in. According to the dog lawyer, Purcell can participate in pit bull rescue in Montgomery County? If not, and she does, it's not punishable? My head is starting to spin around like Linda Blair's, but she, unlike Purcell, actually does rescue and save pit bulls.

The dog lawyer goes on to beg the Examiner, her word, 'implore,' to not only remove my work and the search for justice from the Internet (capitalized) but that 'Marabito be banned from writing for the Examiner.'

Again, wow. Get rid of me and you're left with Boosinger, the dog lawyer and a bigger sack of grammatical errors than a book report by the Deliverance banjo picker.

One last thing before I wrap it up and go play with the dogs and other animals in my refuge. These animals are treasured. They are not 'its,' but each a cherished and beloved being which deserves a right to the best life possible. Word to your mother, dog lawyer.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Texas dog lawyer tries to shut down rescue

Zandra Anderson is the pro bono defender of Leah Purcell, the proprietress of the Willis, Texas Spindletop facility which was raided July 17 with almost 300 animals siezed. "Katie Jarl, HSUS Texas State Director, called the “dog rescue” a “large scale hoarding situation,” and called conditions “absolutely deplorable.”

Anderson, rather than look for any defense for her client and the 'deplorable' conditions discovered by Montgomery county investigators and the HSUS, has decided to employ another tactic. She has attacked Reunion Rescue and director Cindy Marabito with false accusations and demanded the American Pit Bull Examiner articles not only be stricken, but that Marabito be 'banned' from writing for the Examiner.

Known for reporting the truth, The American Pit Bull Examiner articles will be republished in their full form with photos in this blog for archiving purposes. The American Pit Bull Examiner has a history of writing about last minute death row dogs and others, many of which are enjoying lives in wonderful homes today.

Question for Anderson...not only do you defend the deaths and abuse of perhaps hundreds of dogs sent to Spindletop for 'refuge', but now you want to shut down articles saving other pets. The articles support, in a small way, the dogs of Reunion Rescue...the dogs Anderson claims are 'farmed out' to other rescues. This is the first of many false and inflammatory statements Anderson submitted to the Examiner. Hopefully, in a court of law, her arguments are based on fact, not fabrication.

The following is a breakdown for Anderson and the team of trolls who spend their spare time harassing those of us who have lost dogs at the horror hotel known as Spindletop.

So let me push up my sleeves and ask the dogs and other animals in my care here to be patient. Instead of a walk today, I'll be wasting more time trying to clear up the mess and after effects from the Spindletop tsunami.

Linked below are Zandra Anderson's false accusations which resulted in the un-publishing of several articles, including a plea for Nolan the abused dog from Lake Tawakoni in which Leah Purcell fleeced one unsuspecting donator for $450 on the day of the raid. The dog never even went to Spindletop. He is here in Austin safely fostered. He is the one lucky dog in this mass hoarding for dollars gone so horribly wrong.

Skipping past the intro in which Anderson claims Marabito printed 'out and out fabrications' and likens Marabito to an 'unbalanced individual to wreak havoc.' She goes on to offer her literary review courtesy of her work at the South Texas School of Law which brings up a photograph of a shit filled toilet when googled. Do they teach creative writing at her alma mater? Maybe a brush up course is in order as the two complaints are riddled with grammatical error as well as mistruth.

Claiming 'wherever there is animal seizure, rumors fly' allowing for the poor defendant to defend herself for 'fear of being a target of criminal prosecution.' Before I get down to business, let me help to reinforce that statement. I am just getting started here, so be afraid. Be very afraid...I rescue pit bull terriers...hence the Latin 'terra ... earth'. I am going to make you a promise. I am going to dig like there is no tomorrow and you haven't even begun to see the s--t start to fly. I will not slow down until every dang bit of it hits the judicial fan.

Now then....

!. "FALSE. MarabitocontendsStella[sic], a dog, was killed in an electrical failure at the refuge based on a disgruntled ex-employee's statement despite she was informed this dog was not involved in such an incident."

In fact, I was informed by her client, Leah Purcell that Stella was adopted. For over two months including the very day the HSUS and Montgomery County ACC were raiding her property, Leah Purcell called me to describe what was taking place. I asked her if she would like me to write an article asking for help. At that time, I had no reason to believe Purcell was guilty of abuses or crimes. She answered to, "hold off. Zandra was trying to negotiate for 'our' personal dogs." I reminded her these were our personal dogs and asked her one last time about Stella.

I offered Purcell the opportunity to come clean. In rescue, I realize things can happen and had begun to fear the worst about Stella, especially now that the joint was being raided. Purcell didn't even let me finish my question. She said, "oh, she's doing great. They love her!"

July 18, that 'disgruntled ex-employee' positively id'd Stella as one of the dogs who died a horrific painful death with 37 others in the torture chamber infamously known to us now as the Morgan Building. Note to Zandra, I'd be a bit disgruntled, too, if I had to bury 38 dogs I'd hired on to care for in the hot miserable dirt at Spindletop.

2. "FALSE. At the same time, Marabito has the dog,[sic] Stella,[sic] posted on her website ( stating the dog is in Austin and begging for donations on a dog she contends is dead[sic]"

Let me stoop down below pond scum level to try and explain this. I am busy trying to raise money to board the four dogs I have in California and recover from the $10 plus thousand dollars I've raised and sent to Leah Purcell and James Brewer of Spindletop for boarding.

Three have thankfully been redeemed and are here with my in my sanctuary, however two had to be spay/neutered as Leah Purcell defaulted on the promise to fix the dogs and deposited the checks issued above and beyond the boarding costs earmarked for their spay/neuter. We have statements from both donators to back this up.

Once I get caught up trying to take in the Spindletop dogs who need much medical and other treatment, I will try and satisfy Anderson's complaint about Stella's still being on our adoption page. She will join our Memorial Page in which other's who've died at the hands of Purcell and Spindletop have been invited to create memorium for their lost pets at Spindletop.

3. "FALSE. Marabitodissparages[sic] attorney,[sic]ZandraAnderson[sic],in teh article stating that she had knowledge of the alleged issues at the refuge."

One question as this one could take all could Zandra negotiate for the 'personal dogs' if she had no inkling of the dogs involved in the seizure and others not found? More than several emails cc'd to myself have direct quotes from Zandra Anderson stating her knowledge of the whereabouts of these pets.

In regards to Stella, if she is alive, then where is she? Why was I paying her boarding and if adopted as claimed by defendant Leah Purcell, to whom was she adopted. This should be relatively easy to clear up and I will gladly retract and apologize for any remarks about Stella. Just give me the dog. Simple. Again, where is she? Where are the others in which misleading id numbers were issued to the pet's legal and grieving owners.

4. "FALSE. Marabitio[sic] is claiming her "rescue" is going to claim certain dogs that were not owned by that organization. In fact, she claims on her site that the rescue is "home to the world's friendliest pit bulls" yet she operates no shelter. The dogs are farmed out to other rescues and kennels."

Where to start? My 'rescue' is a 501(c)(3) in excellent standing with 15 years of impeccable history and not so much as an arm scratch. Which dogs are not 'owned' by Reunion Rescue? Stella, Amber and Angel each were relinquished ownership to Reunion Rescue. Cindy Marabito 'owns' the Austin dog, Batgirl (new name Bebe) as we are not partnered with Austin Shelter. I adopted her on my birthday April 26, 2011 and drove her to Spindletop myself as I was full in my rescue here and couldn't make room.

Like many others, I trusted Leah Purcell and began a friendship with her that ended up a nightmare and in Stella's death. Since the raid, Reunion Rescue which keeps our 501(c)(3) published on our site to save death row dogs in the 11th hour were defrauded by Purcell who has pulled at least one dog, Feo, from the Alvin, Texas ACC under our non profit federal ID. We have committed to saving Feo if identified and if he is still alive.

Nolan, the subject of the article Zandra had unpublished yesterday is in foster care and in much need of medical attention. The article featured a chip in for Nolan, but has been deleted prohibiting Reunion Rescue from raising the necessary funds to cure Nolan's heartworm and other medical needs.

The Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge is indeed a reality. We may not be fancy, but will have air conditioned play kennels and already have a one of a kind raw fed holistic center in which the dogs can heal and get the much needed rehabilitation they never received at Spindletop.

Which 'rescues and kennels' Anderson is referring to are a mystery. Our California dogs are boarded at a wonderful place owned by a fellow pit bull rescuer who is also a dog behavior modification expert who never meets a bad dog. In fact, every one of our placed dogs in the past 2 years owe their happy lives to this facility. The only other 'rescue' in which our dogs were boarded was Spindletop which, in my book, neither qualifies as a rescue or kennel.

5. "FALSE. MarabitodisparagesJamesBrewer [sic] even commenting on attire and stated he was present for the hearing on the seizure. Mr. Brewer is a veteran law enforcement officer who lives in another state and was not there.

My deepest apologies. Two things, then. One, why did I and hundreds of other people pay James Brewer the upstanding law enforcement officer thousand if not hundreds of thousands of dollars...only Paypal board our dogs in the hellhole called Spindletop? Two, who was that guy in the dumb and dumber shirt?

6. "FALSE. Marabito falsely states there were 80 dogs in the house."

Printed by various other sources, "removing dogs from five buildings, including one two-story structure that housed 80 dogs."

7. "FALSE. Marabitoallegesthat [sic] attorney Zandra Anderson was negotiating to lessen charges which is false. The hearing was a civil proceeding and no criminal charges have been filed against the owner to date."

Constable Tim Holifield announced as did Tamara Holland with Montgomery County Attorney's Office that Anderson negotiated "an agreement to relinquish custody of 287 dogs seized. She waved her right to an appeal regarding custody of those dogs." Several other reports have quoted Holifield's statement, "the District Attorney's Office will evaluate all of the evidence, make a determination and eventually present their findings to a grand jury."

Whether Anderson decides to represent Purcell in the criminal proceedings or not is moot to Marabito and Reunion Rescue whose interest in the matter is to see justice prevail and all criminal acts against animals and the people who care for them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. "FALSE. Marabitoallegesthat [sic] Zandra Anderson 'stood on the grounds where our dogs like Reunion Rescue's Stella were buried." Not only is this false, [sic] Marabito has been told that this dog was not involved in any suchincident, [sic] and this dog did not belong to Reunion Rescue as suggested."

Zandra Anderson standing on the grounds of Spindletop...

On so many levels, so many questions. Stella and Amber who were brought to Spindletop by their finder were relinquished in a signed document to Reunion Rescue. Both dogs' boarding were covered in the $10,000 plus paid to Leah Purcell and James Brewer. Reunion Rescue has been told by Purcell that Stella was adopted. To whom? Where is she? Stella's body was positively identified by former employee and whistleblower, although Anderson has publicly and by email claimed Reunion Rescue's Stella is alive and did not perish with the 38 dogs in the Morgan Building.

Again, if you know where Stella is, please tell us. We would love to find out she is alive.

9. "FALSE. Marabitoalleges [sic] attorneyZandra [sic] Anderson had some sinister knowledge of an alleged incident involving the death of multiple dogs which is not true."

Zandra Anderson claims in her own writing in this complaint that she knew of what she calls 'an electrical failure at the refuge.' More details, please, about the electrical failure and the 38 dogs who perished of heatstroke.

10. "FALSE. Marabitoalleges that the owner picked up her own 'unaltered pit bulls' which is a total fabrication. Personal dogs were released and all were altered before the seizure."

Question, which veterinarian performed the operations and when were Asia, Cooper and Austin spayed?

11. "FALSE. Marabito consistently refers to these dogs as being owned by people who placed them at teh rescue for adoption. That is totally false. Dog [sic] were relinquished to the rescue for adoption by various people who no longer have any ownership rights in them."

This statement is purely ludicrous. I will simply address my own dogs. I have multiple proof of emails sent to Leah Purcell in regards to Stella, Amber, Angel and Batgirl now called BeBe concerning applcations for their adoptions from postings on our website. Each dogs opportunity was killed by Purcell with false claims that each dog was too aggressive for adoption and then Stella was killed.

After the raid, it was discovered that Stella and Amber had played with the finders small dogs in her backyard. Angel is a wonderful goofy boy who doesn't meet a stranger and loves to play. BeBe is hurting from the miserable treatment she received at Spindletop and will be undergoing long term care via the Reunion Rescue detox protocol. Amber is a gentle soul. She is keenly depressed from her terrible experiences at Spindletop and we are just allowing her to decompress and learn to be a beloved dog for the first time in her life.

I cannot speak for the hundreds of others affected by the word twisting and maneuverings of a slanted view of the law, so I will let them speak for themselves.

This is the end of Part 1 addressing the jointed complaints of Texas Dog Lawyer Zandra Anderson.

I will be updating with blog entries each day which will address the misguided complaints from the dog lawyer. I will add this, if I was a dog in Texas, I'd find me another mouthpiece...just sayin'.

Reunion Rescue depends 100% on the goodness through donations and our American Pit Bull Examiner articles to support our saved dogs. To remove our right to support our dogs based on untrue claims is a low blow, but what else would someone expect coming from Spindletop and those that still refuse to tell us where the dogs are?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Irate Californian Tries to Ban Rescue Writer

I write the American Pit Bull Examiner articles. Yesterday, the Examiner received the following unsubstantiated and untrue statement from Alicia Esken, the person who recently hired a tracker to steal Vinny the rescue dog owned by Angela Sera of Dogtown Rescue.

"Dear Examiner,

This story is filled with false accusations. Below is the email I sent to Cindy Marabito. I have also copied and pasted the email I sent out that includes the link of Angela Sera of Dogtown Ranch and Rescue claiming the dog to be a service for the military going to a Vet from Afghanistan on TV which was a blatant lie.. Because of this story I and John Braden have received threatening emails and phone calls. The dog never left the state of Texas and they have falsified information and used scare tactics in getting the dog from a boarding kennel until all was settled.

Not only do I want this vulgar and malicious story pulled down, I am asking you to Ban Cindy Marabito from your website. She is engaging in slander and liable and does not deserve a voice under your umbrella. I will sent this out to the community so they may write to you as well. I am not standing alone on this. I am in talks with the sheriff and if need be will obtain legal council."

Here is a copy of the original piece which was written after Vinny had been stolen:

Vinny was recently relinquished from California to Angela Sera's Dogtown in Elgin, Texas right outside Austin, During his transition to his new rescue, a blast sounded which scared Vinny and caused him to bolt.

Sera and Dogtown posted the following flyer and since July 26, have been working round the clock to find Vinny. Last night was a miracle, as Vinny was found.



979-826-2480, CALL IF SEEN




Before Vinny could be returned to the rescuer who's spent over a week tracking night and day to find Vinny, a guy by the name of John Braden took Vinny and left the property claiming Vinny needed vet care.

Frantic over the past week's stress looking for Vinny, Sera allowed Braden to take Vinny to seek medical attention.

What happened next was almost worse than Vinny's initial disappearance. Braden turned out to be hired by the initial California advocate Alicia Esken to steal Vinny and return the dog across state lines to Los Angeles.

This is illegal. The American Pit Bull called Esken for a comment. Esken admitted to hiring Braden who runs a transport business out of Phoenix, Arizona. When informed she was committing theft across state lines, the angry woman hung up the phone.

Braden could not be reached for comment, but a message was left for the transporter with the email handle 'alphawolf' that he was transporting stolen property.

Sera has reported Vinny's theft to the microchip company to which Vinny is legally registered to Angela Sera of Dogtown and the local and California authorities.

Sera's work is highly respected in the state of Texas where she advocates and cares for animals whose last house on the block before death has been Dogtown. Sera and Dogtown have been involved in the Spindletop raid victim dogs and to which the rescue has offered safekeeping for several of the dogs recovered from the ongoing abuse and dog killing case in Willis, Texas.

Please contact Ebby Sera to help with resources and support in helping get Vinny returned to high rightful and legal owner and advocate.

Contact West Los Angeles Care and Control if you have knowledge or see this stolen dog.

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90064

888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381

Please continue to follow the American Pit Bull Examiner in our search to find the truth. We will not stop until every dog is answered for. That is a promise.

This morning, Lee County sheriff's department responded to Esken's complaint to search Dogtown's facility. Her attempt to remove the American Pit Bull Examiner which has been instrumental in networking hundreds of death row dogs, many of whom are in happy homes today, is uncalled for and prejudicial.

Vinny is safe and happy back at Dogtown after he was retrieved from the boarding facility illegally hired by Braden and Esken to hide the dog. Rather than rejoice in his safekeeping, Esken seems determined to not only close down pit bull rescue Dogtown, but Reunion Rescue as well.

Reunion Rescue uses the small amount of money made writing articles to support our dogs. The American Pit Bull Examiner is known for reporting the truth, no matter who it pisses off. We will continue to rescue and find a way to generate the necessary income to save the dogs nobody else wants.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh, happy day...healing at the Expo in San Antone!

The past two and a half weeks have been pure d hell for Reunion Rescue and tons of others who trusted Leah Purcell's Spindletop ranch with their dogs. Many are dead and others still have not been located. Some probably never will.

Months ago, Reunion had committed to a booth at the San Antonio Pet Expo. It was a great opportunity to share our program with other animal lovers as well as a good venue for my book, Pit Bull Nation. Many of the haters have been attacking me here lately on my style of writing. Hey, I'm guilty! I'm opinionated, blunt and honest, but I know what's worked for these dogs the last fifteen years I've been pulling pit bulls from death row and worse across the US.

There are tons of other style books like sportswriter Jim Gorant's book, the coffee table Lost Dogs as well as the Cesar Millan library. And there's Shorty's tome about an ex-con who landed a tv show. The difference between my writing and others is I'm actually pulling dogs. I'm in the trenches with the network of little rescue groups who are doing the work.

People who read Pit Bull Nation will get an earful of how to treat, train, feed and learn about homeopathy and the harmful effects of vaccines as told in Raspberry's story. It's all sewn together in potboiler form with a behind the scenes expose as to what really goes on behind the doors in a kill shelter and the big rescue corporations who claim in their marketing to save lives, but in reality are the biggest killers of all.

Pit Bull Nation is a journey through hell and the magic formula to walk out with the dog. The Reunion Rescue detox protocol is shared in the book and is being put to the test with the Spindletop dogs we've managed to get to safety.

These dogs are suffering from PTSD and literally must be handled as a dog refugee POW. Mere training will not address the deep seated effects of what these animals went through at Spindletop. Whatever condition in which they arrived at that hellhole has been amplifed and it's our job to decompress these dogs, get their bodies healthy and gently transition back to safe ground.

So yesterday, I'll admit, I was exhausted. I got up at the crack of dawn and treated, watered, pottied and exercised Angel, Amber and Batgirl. I took care of the other fosters and sanctuary dogs, cats and birds, the birds being a handful with homemade diet. I got all my gear loaded into my old car and hit the road. At times like this, I'd probably commit grand larceny for a good volunteer.

It took me three hours to set up for the event, but I liked what my old booth looked like. I have always loved the vibe in San Antonio and it was carrying me today. I amazingly felt a bit of peace and gratitude. My neighbor down the road from Huntington Beach, Cali made me two righteous signs to help raise awareness and $$ for our Spindletop dogs. I found out the other day Leah Purcell fraudulently pulled dogs under my 501(c)(3) and also trolled my American Pit Bull Examiner articles to fleece kindhearted pledge donators for more cash. I understand she has illegally been pulling under other 501(c)(3) groups as well.

I'd already committed to Feo from Alvin ACC since he'd wound up at Spindletop due to an article I wrote back in December. Was I shocked to find out he was actually pulled under Reunion Rescue. This is further proof that Leah Purcell protected by Zandra Anderson who calls herself the Texas Dog Lawyer (I call her the Texas Dog KILLER's Lawyer) is a liar and a thief. From what I know about law, this is pretty close to fraud.

Me with the Paul Mitchell girls-my all
time favorite product always cruelty-free!
But, back to getting healthy. I got my booth ready right as people started trickling in. I had a huge stack of cards which I always hand out with our website full of Nutrition info and training on Junior's Page. I can promise any pet owner if they follow our program they can escape every terrible pet nightmare from fleas to cancer. Where's my controlled study? Right here at the Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge where everyone lives to a ripe old age and never goes to the vet. You'll never see Hill's Science Diet or Fort Dodge underwriting any study grants at Reunion Rescue.

I met so many people. I met rescues. I hugged other Spindletop refugees and their dogs they'd managed to get back. I met people who cried and haven't found their dogs, dogs that Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson know the whereabouts of. If that isn't the cruelest aspect of this whole case, I don't know what is. To know where someone's pet is and keep that information secret for a future plea bargain is below low. It's, to me, as low as you can go.

To me, Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson are worse than Michael Vick. He was a big oaf trying to show off. Not excusing his behavior in the slightest. Am I the only person not wearing Nike's or eating Subway? For someone who professes to be the end all in pit bull rescue and the other making a killing, no pun intended, in legal defense, to deceive hundreds if not thousands of animals and rescuers is beyond evil. To know where those animals are and not help people find them, to have participated in hurting and killing animals for monetary gain on the scale that Purcell and Anderson are involved is monumental in comparison to Vick's crime.

It is my commitment to make certain no one ever forgets what these people have done. When Vick's name is googled, Leah Purcell's nasty face should pop up right alongside with her sidekick Zandra. Those two have been joined at the hip for a long time. Let them continue to be joined. They're welcome to bunk together at Gainesville where they belong and I'll spring for the bus ticket.
This one was nervous and came back to show
us how wonderfully her flower essence at work!

Nothing says it better than pictures and I've snapped a few to share from the San Antonio Pet Expo to share. On a humorous note, Shorty Rossi was supposed to be the guest of honor, but Ashley his assistant appeared instead. He's probably busy tending to the four dogs in the Shorti Rossi rescue, the tv show and book tour along with collecting donations. However, a few weeks ago, his people contacted Leah for a photo op. Boy, I bet they're glad she was busy abusing dogs that day. That was a close one.

We had a little drawing for the Bissell carpet cleaner which was won by a rescue group. Katrina Dennis, director of Del Rio, Texas A Pet's Wish won the carpet cleaner.

I left tired, hungry and happy. I met a ton of San Antonio people who love their animals. I had forgotten what it felt like to be in a community of happy pets and their loving owners along with wonderful rescue groups who really do pull cats and dogs, work full time jobs and squeeze in the time to show off their pets at events like this.

Thanks to Jamie, Natasha and the Expo girls, Petsmart for the balls, Petco for the frisbees, Blue Buffalo for the treats and most of all Petfinder for the booth!\

All in all, it was a beautiful day. The good people who love their animals in San Antonio turned out and proved something to this ol' war torn rescuer. It really is a wonderful world.....

Spindletop refugees
Spindletop Refugees