Sunday, November 27, 2022

And Toto, too...

On the way to Reunion Rescue
Reunion Rescue's latest rescue dog is Toto. He came from living in a horse barn for the past several years after his owner abandoned him. He had one advocate, Diana, who believed in him. She tried for over two years to find a rescue or home for Toto with no luck. Even though we were full at Reunion Rescue with senior pets and our cat and bird sanctuaries, we just couldn't get Toto out of our head. So we began a structured transition for Toto. 

Here are a few pictures from just one week at Reunion...on the way from Houston, I'm sure Toto is unsure of the unknown. It's a big world out there and especially to a dog who's been confined outdoors with little training. 

Toto's new yard

        This is a big yard to get used to with lots of smells. 

I will help you learn, Toto. We will learn how to walk calmly on the leash...we will learn Kong and how to get those pesky treats stuck down at the bottom with Easy Cheese. We will learn how the crate can be a safe place and not a punishment. In the crate, you will feel safe and secure and a new kind of confidence, the good kind. We will learn recall and all kinds of other good things. You will enjoy a healthy diet of good raw food with homeopathic and herbal supplements so you will live a long and happy life. Most of all, Toto, you will learn how to be just a dog ... a dog with a great life. That's my promise to you.

Please think of Reunion Rescue and Toto by making a small contribution this Christmas season on Toto's GoFundMe fundraiser.

And choose Reunion Rescue when purchasing Amazon...I will help you, Toto