Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge...a day in the life..

Many of you know Reunion Rescue from the many dogs we've saved from death row at San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Many of those dogs were adopted by you and share happy lives in your loving homes.

Recently a subversive group has posted some nasty things about Reunion on public networks. This group knows nothing about our rescue work, but when the director of SFACC animal control joined in the fray, it was time for a real loud "OFF!"

SFACC continues to kill many pit bulls and while we can step in from time to time under the radar to save a Faris or Allie, representative of the many who fail SFACC's temperament test, Reunion just doesn't have the means to save them all. Back in the day, we actually did. One week, we pulled 11 dogs from San Francisco including Ollie who lives in Sausalito and brothers Ferdinand and Dickie Betts who were going to be killed so SFACC could resurface the floors in the kennel room.

Many of our wonderful Reunion Rescue alumni are featured on the Reunion Rescue Facebook page album. We're still working to upload everybody, but there are only so many hours in the day. Believe it or not, there are other things to do.

William at Frisbee practice
Like, William's Frisbee class for example....William came from high kill Stockton, a severe case of abuse and torture. He has responded amazingly to Holly and Walnut Bach Flower remedies to move him past his awful past. He is detoxed as are all the dogs from over-vaccination which has proved to contribute to cancer and all kinds of nasty maladies. William enjoys a healthy raw meat diet as do all our refuge cats and dogs.

But...mainly...William has shown a prowess for Frisbee. Girl's since retired from back in the day when she headed up the Reunion Rescue Frisbee Team. She's nearly fifteen, still kicking it, but doesn't mind handing the baton, or Frisbee, to this new whipper-snapper.

Vicente is a blind boy who was going to die at Marin Humane Society. He loves fetch and even though sight-impaired, Vicente could be a candidate for search and rescue.

Ball according to Vicente
His other senses have been heightened to compensate for not having sight. He is an amazing dog, Vicente.

Guido is one of those 'just joins right in there' dogs. He came from Wasco, outside Bakersfield. Guido has absolutely no issues, just wants to be loved on.

Vicente and Guido..what's next?

He's one of the crowd, so whatever is on the agenda for the Reunion Rescue day is all right with Guido...whether it's first thing in the morning 'rise and shine' for a romp in the yard or morning breakfast of frozen pumpkin/cottage cheese marrow bones, anything goes with this happy-go-lucky fella'.

A couple of nasty things were posted about Spindletop, the former pit bull rescue where we'd boarded dogs previously to the huge raid last summer.

Luckily, we were able to get several of the dogs out alive, however, Stella was killed in the Morgan Building, the incident which prompted investigation and seizure which netted nearly 300 abused dogs.

Amber catching some 'z's' and some rays...

The refugees from Spindletop are learning how to be dogs again, some for the very first time in their lives.

Amber came with Stella from a horrible abuse situation in Houston. She needed some time to heal from an even worse experience at Spindletop. It heals us to just spoil our little Amber. Ok, so she's put on a couple....guilty of being over-cookied!

In the lazy afternoons at Reunion Rescue No Kill, a nap is in order before din din...BeBe, formerly Batgirl and recovering from severe abuse in Austin, Texas and a terrible stay at Spindletop, has discovered a love for old movies. Just the other night, she watched 'Key Largo' and commented how much Guido looks like Edward G. Robinson.

BeBe loves watching TV!
BeBe will watch anything with Robert Mitchum. Last night she enjoyed 'Bonnie and Clyde' while chewing her marrow bone.

Peanut from Alvin and another Spindletop survivor has gotten part-time work accompanying Scott in our landscape business.

He loves being a working dog, but by lunch-time, this little man is ready for a nap and a bone.

PeeWee and Scott
Reunion Rescue, like any rescue group has made its share of mistakes. In fact, I've written about those errors in judgement in Pit Bull Nation so other rescuers don't have to encounter those pit falls. However, when inflammatory and untrue statements are published, the air must be cleared or the animals will continue to suffer and die as they are in San Francisco.

The work of Reunion Rescue and the wonderful dogs who've passed through the doors over the years is valuable. We truly are a no-kill refuge and sanctuary and the only holistic raw fed no-kill pit bull rescue sanctuary in the world. We have discovered a way to save every dog and passionately wish to share that formula with other animal advocates.

Please share our stories and photos to help spread the word and help save other animals.

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