Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Facebook page for every dog

It's been a busy time at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge. It took some doing, but in between feedings, walkings, freezing pumpkin bones and other chores, each doggie has his own or shared Facebook page.

Please take a minute to share with your networks and like our guys! Most of these precious dogs have never had a friend before coming to Reunion.

BeBe loves to watch old movies...and she's our star.
BeBe used to be Batgirl and was the first of our Spindletop refugees to make her way to safety. She is thriving and doing great on her raw food diet and herbal support. Looking way forward to getting some volunteer help and entering BeBe and some of the others in obedience classes.

BeBe (a.k.a. Batgirl) Facebook page:


Angel before he went Yankee on us....
Angel was the first one to go. We got him back from Spindletop and talk about bounce back! He was ready and raring to travel all the way to Minnesota to be with Barbara and Ms. Murmur who was adopted almost four years ago from Reunion Rescue.

Angel who is now called Hub Facebook page:


Amber..the love of my life...
Amber is doing wonderfully. We've kept her original page in memory of Stella who was rescued with Amber and died tragically at Spindletop. Whatever joy can be brought into Amber's world helps to honor Stella and move forward to a better place.

Amber's Facebook page:


Nolan chillin' at doggy day care...
Nolan was another abuse case who came within a hair's distance of winding up at Spindletop. Although Leah Purcell actually collected hundreds and hundreds of dollars for him, his transporter got wind of the raid and turned the car around.

Nolan is safely with Reunion Rescue and has gained almost 30 pounds...he is looking gorgeous!

Nolan's Facebook page:


Peanut on the trail!
Peanut was pulled illegally from Alvin Animal Control by Purcell under Reunion Rescue's 501(c)(3). We heard about this after the raid and seizure. Peanut used to be Feo...and who could name a cutie pie like him a word meaning 'ugly?'


After we got all the Spindletop refugees safe and on the road to recovery, it was time to bring our California dogs to Texas.
William is all smiles!

William was tortured, starved to bones, thrown on a lit grill and drug behind a truck before being dumped at one of the worst shelters in the U.S. Stockton. He is loving Texas and hits the trail on a daily basis.

William's Facebook page:

Vinny and Guido..best friends for life!

Last, but certainly not least, Vicente and Guido share a page just like their close friendship. Vicente came from Marin Humane Society who wanted to euthanize him due to 'human aggression.' Boy, we'd like to meet THAT human! This boy is about as loverboy as they get. Still scratching our heads over that assessment.

Guido came from Wasco and is all about the love. You literally have to peel him off to get him to go on a walk! He will sit and love you all day long if you give him half the chance.

Vinny and Guido's Facebook page:


Please take a minute to 'like' our pages on Facebook. One thing you can say about the dogs at Reunion Rescue and it's been said about a million times before....we really are the 'home of the world's friendliest pit bulls!'

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pit Bull stabbed by vicious neighbor 13 times!!

"Some of you can relate.... for 4 long years we have been buying our house on a land contract. finally no more moving due to the breed of dogs we have right? WRONG!"

This hideous account is quoted from Rachel Baird, a responsible pit bull owner whose dog was viciously stabbed by a neighbor who lured 'Junior' to the fence on the dog's home property!

"It is documented with the police dept. several times that our neighbors have threatened our dogs the whole 4 yrs. We have other witnesses that say they've heard the neighbors will stop at nothing til our dogs are dead or we move."

"In this small town they must be related to one of the cops, because they never done nothing in our defense. 4 long years of them calling the police on us twice a week and cps twice a month. I have put in a nice privacy fence to protect our dogs and security cameras to prove that every time they call its a false report and still nothing happens to them."

"Junior Reed is the guy's name. He has poked at them with a iron poker. police did nothing.. the police did nothing. Last week he poisoned my female dog."


"My dog barked at him only never bit him or anything for that matter. He stabbed my dog in the face 3 times."

"The police showed up and maced my dog and my 12 year old son. When I asked to file a complaint the cop told me, "if i didn't shut my mouth, i was going to jail for disorderly conduct."

"My sons face burning and my dogs face burning off; the cop made me stay out there while he ran my name for warrant instead of letting me assist my animal and my son."

"And guess who has to go to court over the whole thing? Yup, me. The cops said my dog attacked the neighbor. I said, "how bad are the injuries?"

"He (policeman) said, "What do you mean?"

"I said, "from my dog biting or attacking them."

"He (policeman) said, "my (owner's) dog didn't bite nothing. There were no injuries except to my dog and my son."
"They have won. We will be leaving our home."

"Today, Junior (neighbor) rode thru our alley whistling for our dogs."

"It will never stop and the police will never protect us. I hope this story goes viral!"Junior's owner, Adrianna Catt has shared this plea for help on her Facebook page.