Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Do you have a problem dog?

If you are a dog lover, then sometime in your life you've run into an issue or two. While I am no trainer past sit - stay - leash and house. For some reason all of the dogs here immediately know what 'house' means. It's a good thing. A Reunion Rescue thing. Whether it's coming in from outdoors or going for some crate time and I've been known to use 'house' to get them to jump into the car for a ride. But, this is about dog aggression or behavior issues that might have you pulling your hair out.

I've been in rescue a good number of years and have seen my side of problem dogs, most especially from abuse cases and coming from high kill death row shelters. I've accumulated a number of supplements I'd like to share with you.

#1 is Robert MacDowell behavior modification tincture. It’s kinda pricey but worth every penny. Just a squirt into each dog’s food daily.
 Robert McDowell Herbal Remedies You will order the Animal Botanical Relax for dogs. They have even more for the more difficult cases and in fact the company treats dogs, cats, horses and even people. They support tons of various cancers and other illnesses of the body. 

#2 is Emergency Australian Bush Flower Essence. I get the stock’s something like Rescue Remedy, but this product is much better. Get a couple of mixing bottles like the one the Emergency comes in and make your own. One bottle of the stock will last you a year or more. You put one dropperful of the stock into the empty mixing bottle, fill with purified water and a couple of drops of some kind of liquor - I use brandy - to preserve. Shake it and/or pound on palm each time you use to energize. One squirt into the water bowl daily and each time they drink, they re-energize the tincture and calm the body.

And a little CBD oil always helps. I hope these suggestions help you as much as they've helped me and the Reunion Rescue dogs over the years.