Saturday, April 15, 2023

What a glorious girly day with the Bakersfield 4

We had such a good time today. It was hot and sunny and lots of breakthroughs. Apollo who I'm calling Paolo with a huge bad Italian accent just got neutered Wednesday so he's still getting his sea legs back. Ruben was in Hesperia on a dog run and so it was Angela and me and Rza, Sza and Cardi B. Up until today, Rza who used to be Dorothy just stood looking at me and barking nonstop. I get it. She, like the others, has been hurt and abused very badly. I just tell her, it's okay. I know it's going to take a while. Just for her to take her time and we'll get to be friends sooner or later. Well today was a a very special day. Today she let me hug her and took treats from me. A big big moment for me. 

Also another thing happened...Apollo née Paolo learned to eat a cookie. That might not sound like big deal, but for me and Apollo dash was huge. I had to gently hold him under the chin while he chewed and looked into my eyes. A very special time today. Each day they get more and more relaxed. Caty at the shelter had to take Rza and Sza out together as they were so bonded. Now that they're feeling secure in their new world, Rza is able to roam the yard like a little office manager, making sure everything's under control while Sza hangs out with sometimes Apollo and sometimes Cardi and sometimes wandering over to see what kinda cookies there are. She's a real cookie hound. Her thing is to take the cookie, eat it and the minute she's through, start barking at you.

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