Friday, September 21, 2012

Love in the Afternoon

Nolan, BeBe, Amber and Peanut got a big surprise in the mail from California today. Our good friend Kathi Richards sent beautiful handmade doggy beds for our Spindletop refugees. By their response, it was clear these dogs had never had such special treatment.

We understand they were crated 24/7 at the former refuge and from photographs circulating on Facebook, the dogs were simply locked in the filthy crates without benefit of any kind of bedding.

BeBe was the first to test out her peaceful digs with hippy-dippy peace signs and flower power. She said it makes her rawhide chewing far out!

BeBe enjoys chilling out on the front porch and tried to pull her fan inside her crate. She is a real cool cat. Each day with her herbal treatment, we are seeing a little bit of change in her temperament. When BeBe got here, she had literally been driven insane. A dog like BeBe cannot be locked inside a crate 24/7 with no exercise or proper diet.

She is an amazing dog who is learning to relax and be at peace in her own body for the first time in a long while. All those peace signs on her blankie don't hurt either.

Nolan lucked out with a gorgeous purple and peacock blanket. He settled in for a nice long afternoon chew on his new bed from Kathi. This is a dog who nearly died from malnutrition and was delegated outdoors 24/7.

Nolan is the calmest being. He is truly a gentle giant and so very grateful for the smallest gesture. What a joy for him to lay down on a soft new bed made just for him. Kathi took his measurements and it fits his big crate so that he can lay down on his back and stick his big long legs up in the air Nolan style.

Even though Nolan is probably 4 or 5 years old, he is starting all over and learning about being a puppy. He is a love to watch and learn from. He is a champion just like his name. 

Amber and Peanut got red blankies with black paw prints. Amber had to have red as it's just her color. She also has a red brocade collar and a matching red leash. We found a good deal on 6' red leashes at Randall's for $3.98.

Amber in red
If anyone visits their Safeway or Randall's or Tom Thumb market, Reunion Rescue is a good neighbor and you can help pit bulls when you shop if you use our number 12897.

Peanut has a red collar, too. It goes so well with his shiny fawn coat. Peanut was called 'Feo' which means ugly in Spanish. He is certainly far from ugly now on his sassy new red bed and red collar with a brand new red leash.

Reunion Rescue has always tried to give each dog a new collar even when were the broke-est. There is something special about a dog with a new collar that has never been on any other dog with any other dog smells. They seem to know it is just for them. You can literally see the doggy get a prance to his step and enjoy walking down the road.
Little Peanut

I've taught a lot of dogs to walk on a lead with a flat collar. When I have the time to walk with one of the dogs, I am always amazed at how easily they can adapt to a flat collar if both of us just breathe and try to have a bit of patience...mainly me.

I am hoping this is a new wave for Reunion Rescue. I know these precious dogs are going to enjoy the best night's sleep in their new soft beds made just for them by Kathi. I'd like to link Kathi's wonderful business in which she took time away to help out Reunion's dogs, but when people see these beautiful beds, they might try to convince her to quit her day job. I'm already trying to talk her into it. Please, Kathi....but thank you very much from the gang at Reunion Rescue.