Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reunion Rescue Dogs Need a Van!

We've been driving around in a 1998 Jeep Cherokee and it's been very dependable, but too small to carry our dogs to events and such.

Reunion Rescue is the world's only raw feeding holistic truly no-kill pit bull refuge. Many of our pups are ready for that forever home, but our old Cherokee can barely fit a few supplies to attend local animal loving events.

We would love to do more outreach around town to spread the word about holistic animal care. Our dogs are evidence of what good raw diet, herbal and homeopathic support can do. They want to share their good health and message with others.

Please help spread the word by sharing our link to raise funds for a van which could help us change the world one pit bull, or better yet, several pit bulls at a time!

We really need a bigger set of wheels to help us carry out our mission, but we need your help. Please spread the word!

Visit Reunion Rescue online and be sure to check out all the dogs' Facebook pages on the Get Involved link.

Join Reunion Rescue don't even have to leave your house or have a pit bull to join. Our members and friends are located all around the world and come to the meet up to celebrate life and pit bulls.

Thank you to everyone who's helped make Reunion Rescue known for the home of the world's friendliest pit bulls. Welcome to all our new friends who are just now hearing about our refuge and want to know more.