Friday, March 10, 2023

Found a pit bull..or some other dog or animal?

 Reunion Rescue has been saving lives from horrible situations and death row shelters for coming up on 25 years! So we've learned a thing or two. Do you see these animals dying in shelters every day? So do I and I'm sick and tired of it, too. It seems like the harder we work, the worse the situation becomes. 

Just yesterday, a wonderful woman all the way out in California, her own zip code in the midst of over-filled stressed shelter is reaching out, begging for help for a sweet little young chow mix in San Antonio.

We want to help. Reunion's full of all our oldies right now along with a cat sanctuary and birds....not to mention all the wildlife. And we just took on the hardest pit bull rescue in all my time saving dogs. We literally cannot leave town. When we committed to this dog, it was a prison sentence. We're under house arrest, but making strides each day. We chose this life.

Here is the link to Found Pit Bulls on Reunion Rescue website. There is so much information on the site that I often have to pay for out of my social security check. It's important to me to convey this life saving information to pet owners, other rescues, shelters and all animal lovers to use our life-saving resources and help keep animals out of shelters. Be sure to check out the Health Page with tips on how we treat everything from kennel cough to giardia, heartworm to hip dysplasia with herbs and homeopathy. Rarely do we ever have to visit a conventional vet.

On our new page Found Pit Bulls we tell you what to do when you find a dog - or cat - in distress. We just helped a woman who had a very pregnant pit bull dumped on her with these same easy tips on the page. And now we're sharing with you, so please feel free to cross-post this blog with your animal-loving friends. It's time for a change in the way we treat animals in this country.