Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reunion don't have to feel bad dog days

Every day is a holiday at Reunion Rescue. Even though these dogs came from terrible backgrounds, each of them is learning how to enjoy life for the first time in their lives.

All Reunion Rescue dogs are fed a raw diet and treated homeopathically. Reunion Rescue's Health Page is full of healthy tips with our wonderful dogs as evidence that these simple ideas work and work well. Emphasis on well.

We are currently building our volunteer program with dogged young people and their families. Phil is spending his summer vacation helping Reunion dogs strut in the sunshine.

Even if someone doesn't live nearby, Reunion can use help with social media and getting the word out. Imagine others finding out how to cure heartworms with our herbal program? How many dogs dying in shelters and their rescuers could benefit from the easy healthful way to combat heartworm, kennel cough and a whole slew of other nasty, but treatable issues that dogs are needlessly dying for.

Reunion Rescue can't save every dog, but we want to show others how they can have happy, healthy dogs just like we do.

Take a look at the photos and see for yourself.....

Visit our website and click on the Health page for resources and visit our Facebook page Home Remedies to Heal Animals. Click on Get Involved to check out our Facebook Pages and Meetup group to get involved and help. Reunion has a lot of good information, but we need help sharing it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hate comments from Craven Desires

These and other terrifying comments from the pit bull hate group Craven Desires / Dawn James (not the real name) who are trying to instigate a visit to our refuge.

These are people connected to groups like "Inside the Dark Sick Minds of Pit Bull Owners" who disguise themselves and adopt pit bulls to kill........

We have filed reports with the Austin Police Department and Travis County Sheriff's Department should any suspicious and frivolous illegal attempts be made to invade our property. The authorities do not smile on false reports which fall under the same laws as calling in a fake bomb scare or fire alarm.