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RED ALERT! Small town begging to save dog's life

Lakeway, Texas is a small community located near Austin. Until recently, Austin took in all the local strays and impounds, but are now charging to impound animals from these little communities.

Lakeway can't afford to pay the fee and this dog will be euthanized.

A chip in is being collected to try and save her life.


She is sweet and gentle and was un-responsive to an intact male. According to our good friend and advocate for the animals, Officer Andrea Grieg, she looks like she's been 'bred a lot and beaten. She walks well on lead and doesn't pull. She knows sit and is kennel trained. She doesn't jump on people.'

Here is a very sweet dog who will die if we don't pull together as a community and try to save her.

If enough is collected, we're hoping to get her into boarding where she can begin learning for the first time in her terrible life how to be a dog.

Officer Grieg has named her Clinger, because she just wants to be with a person.

"Female Pit bull approximately 2-5 years was beaten and thrown in a retention pond on 620 here in

She knows how to sit, walks fantastic on a leash, does not jump on people. She loves to cuddle and just wants to stay next to you at all times.

I named her Clinger because  she does not move when you give her kisses. Don’t know how she is about children or cats.

Does like male dogs because she was bred a lot and got to meet a lab in the kennel. She has not gone potty at all in her kennel and has even held it for over twelve hours. She is a great dog  and needs a home where someone will understand the abuse she suffered.

I am working with her every day to help her trust people.

Please contact me if you can take this little girl.

Incredibly sad! Lakeway Police contacted me today on our Austin Pets Alive Pass Hotline. They have no holding place for dogs and can't afford the fees the shelter charges to take her there. 

She will be euthanized on Friday if no help and the officer does not want to do that. She has someone sponsoring her spay and vaccines for any reputable rescue or individual that can take her. Here is the info ...on her from Officer Greig:

My name is Amber

I came from the hard streets of Houston, Texas. Reunion Rescue helped save my life along with Stella who was tortured and abandoned with me.

Stella and I were sent to Spindletop Refuge in 2012 when everyone thought this place was truly a sanctuary. Leah Purcell, the proprietor, was even called upon to testify in courts across the United States. She and Spindletop had everyone fooled.

Stella was killed at Spindletop and Reunion Rescue came for me. I have been here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge ever since.

I am a really good girl. I love to eat and go on walks. I'm a little chunky monkey. It took me a little while to detoxify and decompress after being rescued from Spindletop, but I'm fine now.

Unfortunately, most people look at me like a pit bull even though on a closer inspection with a trained eye, my bulldog and boxer characteristics blossom forth. Because of the haters and the media most people do not want to adopt a dog like me.

That's ok, though. I am very much loved and always have a place of refuge at Reunion. Sometimes at the end of the day, we sit on the back porch and watch the sun go down. It is calm and happy here. Reunion has promised that I will never go to another place that kills animals or mistreats them.

It costs Reunion about $250 a month to care for each dog, so I'm reaching out to you for help. Please consider a small donation to help buy me a raw meal and some chew toys each day. I don't ask for much, but I do love a cookie, too.

You can help out by visiting Reunion Rescue's website and clicking the donation button. Please visit me on Facebook and like my page:

Help Save Amber and Stella, abused in Houston

Your friend,


Facebook petlovers help handicapped pets

Please check out this wonderful Facebook page trying to help rescue pets with wheelchairs:

Pets waiting for their wheels:

Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013! He was born with deformed front legs that inhibit him from walking normally. When brought to the vet it was recommend that he be euthanized because they believed he wouldn't be able to live a "normal life".
Wolfie was born on February 2, 2013 with deformed front legs. His condition inhib...its him from walking normally, however it does not currently deter him from his puppy ways. This page is intended to share his story and mark his progress, as he will most likely need surgeries to improve his mobility.

It's a miracle Loni is even alive. He was 7 weeks old in a scary shelter and tested positive for panleukemia. He was about to be euthanized but by some miracle there was a delay in doing so. I happened to show up at the shelter and although going to see a cat a few cages down I saw him and couldn't resist. He was said to be a hissy kitten but I picked him right up and he melted in my arms. Knowing... he tested positive for panleuk I still made the decision to take a chance to save his life. After a week of treatment Loni tested negative. A week later from that happy day, suddenly Loni was stuggling to walk with his hind legs which soon left them paralyzed with very little feeling in them. Loni had weekly vet visits testing and retesting with no solid explanation. For three weeks he just pulled himself around. Week four after hope was almost lost.. he started to crawl. Falling a lot but he was moving the legs and crawling on his knees. It slowly progressed. Week five Loni was still crawling around. Week six he would try to use his feet but he couldn't place his paws down... he would attempt to walk on the backs of his paws. Week seven was the same although this determined little soul would force himself to stand at his bowl. He still couldn't walk or end take steps without falling. Not to mention for all these weeks he's unable to use the litterbox. Week eight was a happy one.. Loni started to take steps...

Loni has progressed a lot in 2 months. From not being able to use his back legs at all to being fairly mobile and able to stand and slowly take a few steps. Loni has seen four different vets with many visit and many tests and treatments. He is still being treated and although I don't want to get my heart set on it he is expected to fully recover. It may be months down the road but all that matters is that he recovers. measure: A 6.5 B 3.5 C 2+ D 4 E 3

See these little beauties and several more at Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community Facebook page.

Amazing rescue: pulls needles out of three dogs being killed

In Palmdale, California: This one person stepped up to the plate to save three dogs being killed and needs our help.

She received "a call today from a girl who was crying. Her brother had decided to put his (6) 3 yr old Pit Bulls to sleep. He cannot keep them anymore, and has been evicted due to them. He did not want to take them to the shelter, and have them die there alone. Our local shelter is the worse shelter in LA County, and is 70% full of Pit Bulls at any given time."

She "literally got her to pull the needles out of the dogs as they were already at the vet, being prepped. Please help me save them, we only have a few days."

This good person is begging for help.

Conan - male - Fawn - He is a very lovable boy.  He likes to take long walks, run, jump and play.  He loves to chew on rawhide bones during his "leisure time". He enjoys treats and is willing to take them when given the following commands: sit, shake, high five, come and "easy" when accepting food. Just like any dog he loves getting hugs and gives lots of kisses. He would fit best with people who don't have any other pets.


Sheera - female - Fawn - She loves her "blankies"(blankets, sheets, towels to lay on).  She likes to take naps.  She loves playing fetch and jumps really high.  She likes to take walks and loves getting belly rubs.  She gives kisses and loves getting hugs. She is allergic to certain dry foods (no Purina brand) but loves snacks like: tortilla chips, popcorn, saltines, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots, peas, applesauce and white rice.  Not to mention she loves boiled chicken! She is a very sweet girl.

Vespa - female - Gray/White - She has a very unique bark when she's hungry. Taking long walks and dancing to Maroon Five are her favorite things to do.  She is a very calm and loving girl.  She loves getting hugs and likes her ears rubbed. She enjoys chew toys and loves to drink water. At night she likes to sleep with a blanket or sheet.


 Honey - female - Fawn/White - She got her name because her personality and color.  She is a sweet girl and she likes to lick on honey. She enjoys taking long walks and playing fetch outside.  Chewing on rawhide bones or a chew toy is the best way she likes to spend her time.


Gigi - female - Gray/White chest  - She is a very lovable girl.  She likes to play catch and fetch. She loves drinking water and tends to sleep at your feet or next to you.  She likes sleeping with a blanket at night (if she is by herself) and enjoys getting her belly rubbed.  You know she likes you when she shows you her belly. Playing with chew toys and enjoying her "nap time" are the best ways she spends her day.

 Xena - female - Gray - She loves giving kisses even "french kisses".  =) She is very lovable and enjoys taking walks outside.  She loves chewing on rawhide bones or chew toys. She likes getting her belly rubbed and loves to scratch her back on the carpet or grass.  She also clips her own nails.  She does not like the nail clipper sound.  At night, she enjoys sleeping on a blanket, sheet or towel.  She will request it by barking a certain way.

These are family pets and due to breed specific legislation, they were being euthanized. How in the world did California annex to Denver all of a sudden?

Please help by sharing their story and offering homes, rescue, a few bucks or whatever it takes to save these beautiful dogs:

Carrie "Poe" Grooms
Secondhand Animals
PO Box 1993
Rosamond, Ca 93560


Butter in Waco: Best Dog in the World!

Last week going back and forth between Waco and Austin tracking Cracker Jack, I heard about Butter.

Barbara had posted a notice on Centex Lost and Found Pets where I'd posted Cracker Jack and my husband, Scott gave her a call.

We talked on the phone back and forth while I was trying to find Cracker Jack and she told me the story of Butter.

There are many many lost and unclaimed dogs in Waco. Barbara has her own dogs and works at Luby's Cafeteria, but couldn't turn her back on this beautiful stray who showed up at her door.

We believe Butter is an Aussie mix, just as sweet and soft as fresh churned butter. He is extremely dog friendly and people friendly. He will make an excellent family pet.

Butter "walked up to us as we were doing yard work and has been with us over a week. He's not in great shape but we are gradually working on getting him neutered and back to health."

Butter has a chip in created to raise money for neutering and herbs to help him regain his pretty coat.

Please help out by sharing Butter's story and giving a small donation toward neutering and helping Butter:

Help us fix Butter and get him that perfect home he so deserves.

Visit Butter on Facebook:

What the heck is Wobbies and where are all the backyard breeders going?

Wobbies stands for 'war on backyard breeders in every state' and has a plan to lower numbers dying in shelters.

This Friday at 1 p.m. CST, Conversations with a Pit Bull LIVE hosted by Foster Corder and Daniel Mason will feature Wobbies.

An event page has been created on Facebook:
Please join us this Friday, March 28th for a new episode of "Conversations with a Pit Bull LIVE" with hosts Foster Corder and Daniel Mason. In-Studio guest will be DOG MAN! ( Go check out his page and give him some Pitty love!

Also Skying in for the show will be Cindy Marabito , of Reunion Rescue ( rescue) She will be telling us about WOBBIES! I can’t wait~

We also have Fred Kray with Pit Bull Legal News, Paula Archer with Pet Adoptions and our wonderful sponsor, Pit Bull Energy Drink! Please join us from 11 a.m.-noon PST, noon-1 p.m. MT, 1 p.m.-2 p.m. CST, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST right here... INVITE your friends!!
Better yet, invite your shelters! Call your local shelter today and tell them about Wobbies and this program. Wobbies has a big plan to lower numbers of shelter animals everywhere and needs the help of communities to accomplish the work. Let's save the world by shutting down one backyard breeder at a time!

William says there's hope for our sad old wold

William was starved nearly to death, dragged behind a truck and thrown on a bar-b-que grill while lit before being dumped in one of the country's most disgusting facilities in Stockton, California.

Today, he's enjoying his life at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge. He eats raw fed diet with organic free range chicken and humanely raised beef. He is treated with herbs to calm his anxiety and goes on lovely nature walks along the lake.

When he looks out at the swans floating on the calm Colorado River, William looks like he might be regaining some faith that not all humans are horrible.

Hope is wonderful thing. Some behaviorists have said dogs don't have the ability to 'hope' experience emotion, but looking at William in this picture certainly argues that thought.

No matter what might be going on in the stresses of rescue work and the sad stories one encounters on a daily basis, a leash and a walk down by the lake pretty much cure all that ails or dog.

Austin, TX: Chained dog in terrible situation and no one will help

A kind neighbor of this abused pet is begging authorities for help. The neighbor's dog is chained on a
heavy chain out of distance from water. He has been licking the puddled water on debris left in the yard in an effort to try and cure his thirst. 

Heavy tow chained abused dog in Austin, Texas
The neighbor never sees the animal being fed, much less petted, walked, cared for. She has called animal control over and over and finally "The Deputy that showed-up on 2/21/2014, for my third call to "311", was Sheriff Deputy Tony Alvarado. He gave me Case Number: 14-4382. He stated he would have the case assigned and also have Travis County Animal Control contacted."

 "I have reached out over-and-over to help this dog get the proper care or be put out of its' misery. No one will help. EVERYONE, including my closest friends turn the other cheek and tell me to stay out of it. I CANNOT CONSCIOUSLY IGNORE THIS. As of 2 weeks ago, the Owner of this neglected and sickly dog has decided to invest in landscape materials. NOT A FENCE THOUGH!!!

The dog has been relocated to the other end of the backyard and still tethered. I was waiting it out to see if this guy was actually investing into his beautiful yard to accommodate the needs of his family dog, but NO, NOTHING as of yet!

The gate I provided to him almost a year ago is now wedged in the privacy as if he is giving it back to me. I do not understand why this is allowed anywhere!!! What is it I need to do to get anyone's attention when animals are being mistreated??? I wish I had a hotline to the WhiteHouse to give a piece of my mind.

Better yet, live satellite feed until people come to their senses and pull their selfish heads out of their asses!!! At this point, I do NOT want "REPLIES", just "RESULTS"!!! I apologize in advance for any offensive yelling and/or statements..."

"Thank you for the information, your help and advise. I have attached what videos & pics I have. The two video links are from back in September I believe. Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing them. Calling Travis County to come out has not worked so far. It will also cause problems for me; as I am the neighbor.

 I am also afraid my calling the law a third time may put my dogs in danger by upsetting these people, but I cannot sit here and watch this poor dog suffer anymore. It is out there chewing on its' water bucket begging for at least water.

The address I listed in the Subject Line is where this dog is." 

This good person has watched this dog chained and miserable during heavy thunderstorms, extreme freezing, heat waves without any help.

Please call Austin Animal Center
(512) 978-0500
Reference CASE # 14-4382

Tethering is ILLEGAL in Travis County...please report!

Put a pit bull in your library

Reunion Rescue and Pit Bull Nation have a great idea. Let's put a pit bull in every library. This is one way to do away with BSL and all of the media horror stories promoted by the press.

One never sees or hears about the happy stories about millions of pit bull family pets and that's exactly why Pit Bull Nation was written. For the true story behind the book Pit Bull Nation about pulling death row dogs being killed at a city shelter along with how Reunion Rescue runs the world's only holistic raw-feeding no kill pit bull refuge, this book is a must read.

We are asking every pit bull lover to call their local library and request a copy of Pit Bull Nation be put on the shelves.

It's easy and besides educating the public, proceeds from all sales go toward helping about win/win, right?

Please visit Pit Bull Nation on Facebook and attend our Put a pit bull in your library event on Facebook. We love your photos and comments, too!

Believer: Finding Cracker Jack

That old Neil Diamond song, 'I'm a Believer' plays in my head this morning as I try to collect all of the experiences I had searching for Cracker Jack, lost since April 12. I want to tell anyone who's ever lost a pet to keep trying, never to give up.

Cracker Jack was lost while in transport from Fort Worth Shelter. Texas Cattle Dog had pulled him and we were working together to get him into Reunion Rescue to be adopted. Life had other plans. When the transport stopped, this timid little fellow bolted by the Vermeer plant about 10 miles north of Waco, Texas.

I drove to Waco that afternoon to help organize a search to find Cracker Jack. We were joined by Nancy, Sara, Connie, Julie and Kris  who dropped everything and came a running to help. Cracker Jack was spotted two times, but too skittish to come to us.

I spent the night in Waco and started out early the next morning to try and track him. We'd set up a large coyote trap on the property of Mr. Lander and his sister Mrs. Blaschke who are some of the kindest people I've ever met and typical of good Texas people.

I saw CJ that morning, but he still wasn't ready to be caught. We spent that day waiting to spot him again, but Cracker Jack remained elusive.

I finally had to return to Austin as Scott had his hands full here at the refuge. It was almost more work cleaning up after being gone for two days than had they been on their own. I say that with a smile, but it was a mess.

The next morning, I began posting on Facebook and created a lost poster. What began was a worldwide search from all over the globe, everyone wanting to help find Cracker Jack. Last week was an incredibly long week, but I kept trying, kept posting, kept hoping.

Cracker Jack already had a Facebook page where we posted his photos and attempts to find him. I traveled back to Waco the following Saturday, April 19. It was a hard day. I made the mistake of waiting to make copies. Word to the wise.....don't try to find a copy machine in Waco. I got into a scuffle at the H.E.B. where they'd only allow me to purchase 25 copies. A kindly loan company in the strip mall and a cell phone store worked together and donated 150 copies to find Cracker Jack.

We'd ordered some bright yellow corrugated signs and posted those along IH-35 so that anyone who accessed the highway would see that we were looking for a 'lost little spotty dog.' I began plastering the rural neighborhood with reward posters, one at every home. Only 208 people live in Ross, Texas and by the end of the day, I'd posted 150 posters.

Patti throughout this effort had been communicating with CJ, his preferred name. He really likes being called CJ and kept telling Patti he was fine. He was being fed and getting water. Still, I wanted to find out where he was and bring him home. Patti had been given the gift of animal communication through Benny whose story is documented on Benny's Path.

I'd done everything I could and still no Cracker Jack. I had to get home and care for the animals here. My sister, Martha, was visiting from Sebastopol and we were able to have a nice lunch. She always has a calming effect on me.

I got up the next morning to begin hitting the internet and edit my daily newspaper, Mad Dog Press. I couldn't believe what I was looking at in my email box. From 24Petwatch, the microchip company, was a notice that Cracker Jack had been found and was at the Waco Animal Control and Central Texas Humane Society. The two groups merged to care for Waco animals.

I couldn't believe it. I began trying to call and when I got through, was informed that yes, it was indeed Cracker Jack and he'd been identified by his microchip. Connie ran over to the shelter and confirmed with a photo, the one of CJ grinning at the top of this blog.

Again, I locked everyone down here and put the pedal to the metal heading for Waco, about a two hour trip. I was never so happy to walk into an animal control as I was that day. The staff was kind and generous. I had to wonder how many animals we could save in our world if every shelter adopted the attitude of this shelter.

I was to discover Lacy Lakeview ACO Guy Thornley had been responsible for getting CJ to Central Texas Humane Society. A lady had discovered CJ in her backyard Thursday. He'd climbed the fence to seek shelter, but I know he was letting himself be 'caught' on his terms.

As we drove home, I stopped and got CJ some grilled weiners which he snarfed up. 

When Cracker Jack was missing, I kept hearing the song by Jamestown Revival, Fur Coat Blues. "I've got a very troubled mind...ten feet to go and ten feet behind....
...lately I'm scared of being alive and I got my own dog barking when I walk inside...."

No matter how desperate I was feeling, the words of this song helped me feel hopeful and alive.
The dogs were barking when we arrived home. I was joyful and filled everyone's supper bowl with ground fresh organic chicken and quarters. Cracker Jack joined in and finished his first raw dinner proper.

I'd had CJ on lockdown in a crate all the way home, but around Jerrell, he began to whine. He barked a couple of times and as had been his message to Patti regarding his being lost, he had needed to potty. As luck would have it, the gas gauge was on empty so I pulled into a station and filled up. Again, as lady luck reared her head, there happened to be a fenced plot of land behind the station as one sees in little Texas towns.

I want CJ know he is plenty loved and that I am here to learn from him. I do not believe in accidents and feel with my whole heart CJ was sent to me to teach me how to be a better person. I don't try to make deals with God, but when I was desperate and seeking for answers, I made a promise should CJ be returned to me, I would remember to stop throughout my 'busy' day and be present for anyone who needs me. That is what Cracker Jack has taught me and a promise I will do my best to fulfill.

I knew I was taking a chance, but that's what life is, taking chances and learning to trust. Cracker Jack had trusted and let himself be caught. Fort Worth shelter had to dart him to capture him and he is one little savvy dog. He wasn't going anywhere near 'the trap'...his words.

To everyone who's ever lost a pet, keep hoping keep believing, keep trying...let your loss be your lesson...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Pit Bull Nation

New Pit Bull Nation review...oh, yeah, by that called conflict of interests? I don't think so if your heart's in the right place.

Pit Bull Nation is a new book by Cindy Marabito. Although pit bull is in the title, the book is not just about pit bulls, but a tell-all account of what goes on behind the scenes in some shelters.
Marabito begins the book with a Marley and Me story about a chow chow she found on the east side of Dallas, Texas. That’s where the similarity to a fuzzy warm story ends and the honest searing trip down a dark path begins.
Marabito takes the reader on an unforgettable ride behind the walls of so-called no-kill shelters run by modern day Hitler types and the end of the line for the nation’s unwanted dogs and cats. She shares her experiences with unscrupulous veterinary hospitals bordering on malpractice.
Pit Bull Nation does not always prevail on the dark side. For each pull at the heartstrings, there is a tale of redemption and miracle. It’s no accident that Marabito rescues pit bulls and also not a coincidence her rescue is called Reunion Rescue.
This book shares her knowledge of diet and nutrition, homeopathy and holistic cures for almost every single disease or behavior a pet owner and most rescues encounter. Marabito shares her path of healing and how she learned it's secrets from pit bulls and a Siamese cat.
This book is a must read for any animal lover, but especially for the rescue worker who would like to find out how to feed dogs and cats for twenty five cents a day and treat any malady and most aggression with items from their local Whole Foods Market.
Pit Bull Nation is an honest look at the overwhelming epidemic facing the United States today. With every shelter filled with pit bulls and more waiting to enter them, Marabito shares a solution to the problem in her own voice, her own way.
Pit Bull Nation is available in e-book format or in trade paperback through the website

Pit bull prison program Carmen will die Christmas day

Reunion Rescue is full and over-extended and can't take another dog on or we'd save Carmen in a second.

One of our good friends asked Reunion to take Carmen who would thrive here as we use herbal support to address issues such as Shelter Depression Disorder.

Please read Carmen's plea as quoted below:

Sadly, it has been brought to my attention that Carmen is suffering from SDD, Shelter Depression Disorder.   This sweet female has been kenneled too long and is currently back at the Jefferson Parish East Bank shelter in the stray/hold area.  She is good with some dogs, and not others – she appears to like dogs that are close to her size more than smaller dogs."

"This beautiful female has until December 25th, Christmas,  to find a home.  At that time, the shelter feels it is time to let her go as it is cruel to continue to confine her, as she is miserable, especially after experiencing all the attention at the Rayburn Facility."

"PLEASE contact for more information, 504-736-6111.   The Director of the Shelter, Robin Beaulieu, reports that William Barse has offered free obedience training for a year to anyone that is local and interested in adopting Carmen."

"***Carmen is a graduate of the Dog Gone Express Training Program where she has had six weeks of training and even lived with her trainer at Rayburn Prison Facility."

"She has learned about 9 obedience commands and the American Sign Language for these commands. She is housetrained, good with other dogs, spayed, up to date on all vaccines, microcipped and crate trained. This girl has a wonderful disposition, is a super star and her prison handler loved her so much, that he found it difficult to let her go."

"Please contact Martha email: or William Barse that heads up the prison program at email: for more information."

Please share far and wide to help Carmen who has worked so hard to avoid a death sentence.

Reunion Rescue will offer all of our tried and true resources to anyone who saves Carmen. 

The Greatest: Rowdy Cowgirl, death of a pit bull icon

Yesterday, Rowdy Cowgirl passed from this earth in my arms. Rowdy, who we called Girl, was the girl in the Reunion Rescue logo and the shining light that kept Reunion Rescue going for the past 15 years. She was the greatest. Just like the song. 

Rebel, Mookie and Girl in better days
I met Girl at San Francisco Animal Control when Reunion Rescue was getting its start. She would sit in her kennel in Room 106, the pit bull room, where people would open the main door and whisper, 'Oh, those are pit bulls,' before quietly closing the door and tiptoe away almost as if they feared these locked up dogs would attack, maul and kill them through the heavy chain link and prison cell-like enclosures.  

Girl was an old soul from the start. She seemed to know all the secrets of the world and would go back to her cell at SFACC quietly, always with dignity. I would promise her I'd find her a home. I promised her I wouldn't let her die like the others routinely killed at that facility. When the day came for a new pit bull to come over from strays and Girl to be destroyed, I couldn't do it. I called my husband who brought Mookie and Rebel down to the sideyard to meet Girl.

It was a hit. Mookie, always the ladies man was Girl's best friend from the get go. Both dogs were athletes and all about the Frisbee and the ball. 

Rebel was his own dog, happy in a crowd or just by himself as chow chows are.

Girl was still young and had a lot of puppy in her. She immediately chewed up a Johnny Cash album and then ate a Moby tape before we implemented the Reunion Rescue Step 1-2-3 Pit Bull Starter Kit.

It wasn't long before Girl was crate trained and able to share free roaming the house with Mookie and Rebel.

Over the years living in our little cottage on Lakeview Avenue in San Francisco, we made the rounds. We ran and hiked Merced Lake,

Pacifica on the beach, Montara and every beach and mountain hiking trail between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

We made the trip to Bolinas, Dogtown and Stinson Beach as often as we could. We hiked Mount Davidson, Bernal Heights, Chrissy Field and Presidio, Fort Funston, Baker Beach and China Beach.

Girl became a regular and lovely sight in the city where she almost was killed. She become an icon for pit bulls and the logo for Reunion Rescue from a tatoo on my arm.

Girl became the captain of the Reunion Rescue Frisbee Team and was featured in the movie 'Off the Chain."

More than all of that, she was my best friend. For me, she was that dog.

My heart is broken, but the last gift I could give to Girl was to let her go. Her job here was done. She saved a lot of pit bulls over the years and it is now her time to rest.

Girl truly was the greatest...and taught me every day how to settle for just being good.

Goodbye, my beautiful Girl...

This is the song I'm playing today for Girl, The Greatest, by Cat's everything about Girl who really was the Greatest ever and who taught somebody like me to just try and be good, to just be the best that I can be.

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or waterfall could STALL me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned DEEP to dust

Melt me down
into big black armour
Leave no trace
Of grace
Just in your honor
Lower me down
Lower me down
Secure the grounds
For the later parade

Once I wanted to be the greatest
Any feeling
Lower me down
Secure the grounds
For the later parade

Once I wanted to be the greatest
No wind or water fall could STALL me
And then came the rush of the flood
The stars at night turned DEEP to dust

War on Backyard Breeders: San Antonio puppies will die

This morning, Reunion Rescue received an inquiry about a little pit bull puppy, Cayenne, we rescued recently. Cayenne is in a happy happy home, but here was a chance to save a life.

The inquiry came from a nice person who'd recently relocated from Dallas to San Antonio. Unfortunately, many puppies and dogs die daily at San Antonio Animal Care Services.

Reunion Rescue seized the opportunity to share some of the puppies who will not find a home and will die like millions of others in United States shelters.

Our new page Wobbies declares war on backyard breeders has been filled with hate messages from the angry mob of backyard breeders who fear their source of income has been threatened and are terrified of having to actually get a job and work for a living.

Wobbies chose the word 'war' for a reason. This is war. We are sick and sick and tired of puppies like these in San Antonio and dogs and cats everywhere dying due to these lazy, selfish, angry individuals.

Here are the puppies who will die in San Antonio. These are the kinds of sweet animals the byb's posting on Wobbies page  call 'unadoptable,' 'unwanted,' and other cruel names.

Word to the backyard breeders...Wobbies and other animal lovers want to save these and all the other 'cast off' animals you term 'useless' and have no problem slaughtering.

Until every backyard breeder is shut down, these and other innocent animals will continue to be killed, gassed and done away with through other means. The killing needs to stop and it needs to stop now.