Saturday, February 8, 2014

Peninsula Humane Society to kill abused dog today!

The Peninsula Humane Society which operates in San Mateo, California is also the county dog pound. This means they are contracted with San Mateo County to impound abuse cases like this beautiful pittie pictured in the back of a pick up truck.

Reunion Rescue received this urgent plea from the concern citizen who discovered this mistreated boy.

"This poor doggy is at the Peninsula Humane Society San Mateo, ID number A562798.

The PHS SPCA scheduled his euthanasia TOMORROW Saturday 8 February!"

"This poor doggy was tethered in a pick up truck for more than 24 hours with no water, no food and feces all around."

"I decided to call PHS SPCA, they came the same day & pounded him."

"I called them many times & I went there to have some updates but they told me that this is under an investigation, so no more info were given to me."

And 15 days later, I was told that the owner did not showed up and that the dog has bad behavior and is now schedule to be put down.

I feel so guilty and I do believe that this dog needs a second chance!"

"We have a dog trainer ready to evaluate the dog and train him if possible to be adoptable; we just need a RESCUE GROUP 501C3 willing to give him a chance so that we can evaluate him and be sure!"

This dog's ID number is A562798. Peninsula Humane Society doesn't publish their impounded pets on Pet Harbor so the public has no idea how many are being killed without the opportunity for proper assessment and rehabilitation.

Reunion Rescue only hears of these animals when a member of the public like this concerned citizen reaches out.

Please help us spread the word to help this dog. His Facebook post is on our Reunion Rescue Facebook page. Please share your comments and suggestions.

There are only 6 available pit bull mixes at the lavish facility in which the director Ken White makes nearly a half million a year with huge perks like the lush Burlingame mansion he lives in.

This dog will die today if we as a community do not step up to save his life.

Peninsula Humane Society
12 Airport Blvd.
San Mateo CA 94401