Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Paris Hilton is Feeling Good!

Little Paris Hilton 
Paris Hilton has been feeling under the weather for a while now. I was understandably concerned about taking him to the actual avian vet, because they draw blood. With a sick little parakeet, any loss of blood is a serious. I went back and forth as little Paris sat on his perch all fluffed out and not eating.

Two things were lucky for Paris. First, his cage mate, Tina, fed him. Even though it seemed like Paris wasn't eating, Tina was making sure he was getting his nutrients. Secondly, I explored a homeopathic remedy which might work for Paris. With homeopathy, your goal is to treat the symptoms. In allopathy, doctors and vets attempt to kill the symptom with antibiotics. Homeopathy is almost the opposite. My main worry with Paris was his diarrhea. A little bird with diarrhea is a serious matter.

After much consideration and thought, I gave him a dose of Veratrum 30c. He immediately formed a hard stool. Still Paris was not observed eating and I continued to worry. I gave him one more dose of Veratrum and waited.

The hardest part of treating with homeopathy is patience. It's a wait and see science. Well, it paid off! Today, after three weeks of waiting, Paris ate from the food bowl on his own. I feed the birds a very healthy mash made of home grown sprouts, quality pellets, fresh chopped veggies, fruits and greens and a good seed mixture. I really believe a healthy diet and lots of love are the best defense for a long life with our animals.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here Comes 2011 and No Sign of Relief in the Forecast...It's Raining Dogs!!!

It's hard to not lose your faith when there are so many needy dogs and cats. I really believe the situation is worse today than it's ever been. At least, I haven't had much of a chance to check the statistics. This week has been especially awful. The dogs in Wasco, a tiny shelter near Bakersfield are fighting sodden kennels due to flooding.

The dogs at Shafter which is right next to Wasco are facing a fate worse than floods. Shafter is overcrowded and six of these dogs are scheduled to die tomorrow including Mona, the black and white girl in the first video and Natasha, the puppy in the second video.

I am trying as hard as I can to sell books so I can save more dogs, but the sales are slow. If only I could figure out how to sell books as fast and these breeders are creating more dogs and cats....dang! For now, I'm just gonna network, network, network and pray, pray, pray.....surely these puppies and pit bulls can catch a break!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Working on God's Train and Training the Gar-Girl...

There is hope on the horizon...with young filmmakers like Reed B, pit bulls and us old tired and in the way rescuers can think about retirement someday.

Sasha was pulled from the high kill Martinez shelter last year. Hopes were slim for this girl. There are just so many pit bulls and so few homes. Not only did Sasha hit the jackpot, but I got to hook back up with my P-town homeys. Sasha was adopted by my neighbors down the road. Not only do I get to share in the documented adventures of Sasha and her perfect pit bull advocate family, but now, budding filmmaker and part-time dog trainer, Reed, is sharing Sasha's training curriculum with Reunion Rescue.

So here is Ms. Sasha, a.k.a. the Gar-Girl, Toot Toot and we won't go into all the foster names which were immediately and rightly retired.