Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitties love spaghetti!

I made a big old pot of spaghetti and ate like a pig. Then, I went to spend some time with the kittens..who are huge now at almost a year. I expect they'll be one year old June 2. They love the smell of spaghetti and licked my mouth with their little sandpaper tongues.

Today was rather uneventful...for me, anyway. Still trying to get my Facebook landing pages in order so I can begin to fundraise for the pitties. I would imagine they like spaghetti, too.

I signed a couple of petitions...the sled dog abuse petition....and the Texas Companion Animal Act petition.

My spot on KEYE was cancelled...oh, well. I guess TV will be boring tomorrow.

Cassie at two
So many dogs need out right now. They're pulling in Devore and begging people to take. Where are all the adopters? It's such a rotten time and people are still buying dogs and cats. Gross.

Here is a photo of Cassie when she was two. What a beautiful girl.

Amazing what the right diet all of her life might have done. Cassie was about 11 when she passed away. She was lovingly cared for by Doug. He'd managed to get her on a complete raw diet and nursed her through the loss of her hind region and kidney failure.

I believe all disease and behavior is caused by diet and vaccine. Cassie would probably still be alive and walking around even had Doug gotten to her sooner.

I do know she passed away magnificently. Clare did a communication with Cassie upon her passing:

Bless her - she says she got enough strength back to finish her work here on earth, and then got very exhausted very quickly and just decided to quit fighting. She got fed up with "scrabbling to keep my paws  on the earth, clinging on with my toes till they cramped.

"It felt like such a relief to relax my toes, then my feet, then eventually my whole body....just relaxed everything and then drifted away with no struggle at all. What on earth was I hanging on so desperately for? 

This is a breeze! Lighter than air and happy as a dream, carried away on a whisper." 

The heavy frontal headaches lifted immediately and there is a lightness in her eyes, with no pain behind them. 

"I'm sorry I was a bit of a moaner, a grumbler towards the end, It was the pain, and the effort of hanging on, the tight grip that became bigger than the will to live. I'm smiling now, smiling from ear to ear, whirling around you all from one to the other, one last big lick before I go. I can run with the others now, and it feels so free..." 

She says to feel for the sensation like a breeze on the skin when there shouldn't be one (indoors, or on a still day) it will be her, brushing past one last time.

Lovely girl, blessings her way, but she really doesn't need them - 

she's a Good Dog, who lived a Good Life, and is now as happy as can be!