Saturday, April 29, 2023

Willie, pitties, cookies and a house party

Rza, Sza, Cardi B and Paolo moved into their own cabin last week and are just lovin' it. They've got their own little house and a yard, almost like a real home. Everybody's doing good past their spay/neuter surgeries. I was worried about the girls, but they're tuff. It was Paolo who threw us for a scare. His incision came loose and had to be re-stitched. What he needed was a little Neosporin, Colloidal Silver and a few doses of Hypericum homeopathy.
I spent the whole day driving there listening to Willie's his 90th birthday and the station we listen to at Reunion Rescue 24/7 for the pit bulls is KUTX. Each year they play all Willie on the weekend to celebrate his birthday. So it was real extra special this year. What other artist does country, folk, rock 'n roll, gospel, soul, rhythm and blues and reggae...and all pretty dang good. So it was real spiritual driving to spend my regular Saturday with the Bakersfield 4. Willie really put me in the mood. I have a lot to be thankful for and plan on following Mr. Nelson right on up to nonagenarian country. I'm about to cross on over to septuagenarian-ville next year, so all's good.
I have two more chapters and the introduction to record for the Pit Bull Nation audiobook and it's pretty good if I say so myself. I wrote an afterward for this new special edition on sale tomorrow April 30. It features the Bakersfield 4 and how I have come to know them. The audiobook will follow soon, but has to go through the screening process first. Please stay tuned because I'm going to sell these books to pay for the Bakersfield 4 boarding. Feel free to share with a friend. This book has so much good information valuable dog stuff, from training to holistic health, how to feed raw and never go to the vet. Also how to get those dogs out of high kill shelters. It's a great book for not only pet owners but also new adopters, for shelters, for rescuers both old and new.
So here's to on the road again with Willie and blue skies...and listening to what the blues are saying..only my blues are pocket pittes and they are always, always on my mind. Enjoy the photos of their new house.

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

All fixed up..the Bakersfield 4

It was a fun day yesterday. One of those rare beautiful spring days tipping out at 70 degrees, sunshine everywhere and some happy faces. Saturday is my day with the Bakersfield 4. The three girls Rza, Sza and Cardi B got fixed Wednesday - thank you and a big huge shout out to Pit Bull Rescue Central - and are recuperating just fine. I think they know nobody is going to try and breed them ever again! That's got to feel good. Apollo a.k.a. Paolo got done the week before and he's definitely got a spring in his step. Here are some of the photos I took. It feels so good to see them happy and feeling good. Happy dogs. It makes me happy to see a happy dog .. or four!! Please help keep the Bakersfield 4 in boarding by making a small donation on the Reunion Rescue all the stories and also check out the resources for raising a healthy holistic pet on our sit.

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Little dogs big save in Texas

 It took two big-hearted rescues working together in Austin, Texas area to save 10 chihuahuas in dire need the other day. SAFE Refuge of Central Texas and The Dogslanding House rescue organizations did the impossible and combined their efforts to save 10 dogs. In a world full of overfilled shelters killing dogs for space every day to the tune of 9000 companion pets a day, these two wonderful groups made sure these dogs would never see the inside of a kill shelter.

An anonymous call came in regarding the dogs. A concerned neighbor was worried for their welfare and in fear for the dogs' lives. Starvation was a huge factor. To the rescue were the directors of SAFE Refuge and The Dogslanding House to get these little ones to safekeeping.

What a little care and loving can do...just see for yourself. 

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The dogs are all getting new names, medical care. Good food, baths...and lots and lots of loving care for the first time in their little lives.


Both these groups The Dogslanding House and SAFE Refuge of Central Texas need your help. You can donate, volunteer, foster and adopt....please visit them on their webistes - Facebook pages - Instagram and share share share...

SAFE Refuge Facebook
Please adopt and don't shop. Thanks to all the backyard breeders, thousands like these little ones don't have the luxury of being saved by a great rescue group. There just aren't enough rescues to meet the demands of over-breeding companion pets.