Saturday, July 8, 2023

Mud puppies

Today was one of the awesomest days ever with the Bakersfield 4....Paolo, Lola Do, Danger Mouse and Chicken. Sure it was hot, but these puppies know how to keep cool. I got Paolo semi-brushed, about halfway. He is so busy with his job being big brother, he can't be bothered too much to get a spa treatment. He did let me clip one paw's nails. Chicken let me get almost all of her front paws clipped and the other two, Miss Lola and Danger Mouse were absolute perfect dolls and let me clip every single nail. They are so precious. I could tell they really enjoyed getting a little bit of girly girl mani-pedi.

We indulged in a ton of treats. Paolo took time off from his watch dog duties to enjoy some cookies and the three girls really snarfed 'em up. They've all put on a couple of pounds, but it's so nice to spoil them. If that means we are going to have some chunky monkeys, then let it happen. It's my job to spoil this family and I feel so gifted to be able to spend time with them. I can't wait till someday when we're all together 24/7.

Then it was swim time. Angela filled up their pool and in jumped Ms. Lola-cita! She loves herself some swim time. They all do. Little Danger Mouse especially likes a mud puddle as you can see from the photos. Thank you all who are following their exploits. I couldn't believe they allowed me to cut their nails! Until next week.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Feels like summer with the Bakersfield 4

I got to visit with the Bakersfield 4 yesterday afternoon and got a big surprise. Paolo has discovered his great big blue Cooleroo in the shade. What I saw was a dog who had no idea what a bed even was last week. I kept leading him up to the bed and he would stand there like "what do you want me to do?" But, this Saturday was a whole 'nother deal. He has claimed the blue bed as his own and naps throughout the day on it in the shade of his little house porch.

I see footprints on the terra cotta beds for the girls, so I know they're using them. While I'm there with them, though, the three girls are excited and jumping around. Everybody gets treats and chews and lots of hugs and kisses. I mentioned last week how I'd given the three girls nicknames. Dolores a.k.a. Dodo for Dorothy in the purple collar. Danger Mouse for Indica in the blue collar with the bow. And Chicken for Chiquita who keeps removing her collar. Tomboy, anyone? She really really answers to Chicken. I think she digs her new name. It suits her. I think she picked it out and somehow telepathically sent the message to me. And I got it, loud and clear. All three answer to their new nicknames. New names, new little house, new beds, new big red umbrella and new lives. Lots and lots of love and kisses.

I'm trying to come up with ideas how to keep them together in boarding. Last month in June I did a Reunion Rescue dog walk challenge and raise $240 toward their monthly boarding. I need ideas. Anybody have a suggestion?

For now here are this week's photos of four happy dogs, happy at long last.