Sunday, June 11, 2023

Always late with your kisses...

I love my weekly visits to hug and kiss on Paolo, Rza, Sza and Cardi. Each week they get more and more adorable and share a bigger place in my heart. They've inspired my new Reunion Rescue newsletter to try and help dogs like the Bakersfield 4. Their story is so important. See, rescues like Reunion Rescue should be helping dogs like these four who needed trauma rehab with good people and experts who know what they're doing like Angela and Ruben. There are so many dogs in shelters right now who are there for no reason other than their owners dumping them. Those are adoptable dogs who can go straight into someone's forever home. Lots and lots of information and resources on the Reunion Rescue website to help pet owners and even more on the new newsletter. These four dogs are responsible for this effort. They are truly an inspiration. 

So, selfishly, I am anticipating the day when they will come to live with me and Scott here at Reunion Rescue. I daydream about walking them in the Greenbelt and showing them all the magic and wonders that make my world such a wonderful place. Like the two black-throated hummingbirds that were playing and flying above me the other day deep into the trail. Or the wild lantana that blooms in all the colors of the rainbow. There are spots that remind me of Golden Gate Park complete with the same smells. I can close my eyes and almost feel the ocean on my face, air conditioned by God like they say out there. 

But until then, each week it gets better and better. I can tell they're as happy to see me as I am to see them. I get out the pick axe and go to work on the weeds. It's easy to work up a sweat while doing so. And then I whip out my fur-a-lator and go to work on Paolo. Take a look at him! What a beauty he is. I don't think anybody's every brushed his coat. And he is so pleased, he struts around and lets me photograph him like he's posing for the cover of Dog Magazine. He is truly a superstar.

The little girls are so full of kisses, it reminded me of the old Lefty Frizzell song, so I'm including the video at the end of this blog post sung by Dwight Yoakam..the Bakersfield sound of course. I love them so much and think of them all during the week until it's time for another visit, daydreaming of them while I'm hiking the trail. 

                                                           Soundtrack Dwight Yoakam singing Always Late