Saturday, May 20, 2023

Girls day

The three Bakersfield girls and Paolo Paolo Paolo had a big surprise today. They got to meet Kim, my good friend and longtime Reunion board member and supporter. She is one of the best people I've ever known. She and her husband Brent are pittie and other dog and cat advocates with a houseful of their own over the years. We've been planning a trip out to see the Bakersfield 4 for a few weeks now, but the weather just wouldn't let up. 
Today was perfect. Sunny and springy at about 79 degrees. A great day to hug on some pocket pitties and their big brother Paolo Paolo Paolo! We weren't there for just fun and games, though. I brought my pick axe with me to get after some old dug in blankets who'd seen some bad weather themselves. I'd tried to dig 'em out before with my pooper scooper, but they just weren't having it. So I let them see the business end of the pick axe. Don't mess with Texas, right?
The amazing thing about the day was the dogs. They never ever cease to amaze me. These dogs were beaten with a baseball bat who knows how many times before the good-hearted neighbor got out her phone and recorded the abuse. So, I've been holding off a little bit as I didn't want to frighten them. These dogs are smart. And intuitive. They know me by now and know that I love them and would never ever hurt them. They could've cared less about the pick axe. 
Besides Kim, I brought along some rawhide twirls that were a huge huge hit. Even Paolo got in on the act. He is a dog at 7 years who'd never had a dog treat before and had to be taught how to take a treat and shown how to chew it up. Out of all of this cruelty story, that is the thing that got me the most. The idea that a dog had never had a treat. Mindblowing.
I got a little bit jealous of Kim. Rza who used to be Dorothy immediately went to her and started jumping up and wanting to be friends. She picked Kim out immediately as her new BFF. It's taken me two months to get her to let me pet her and give her a cookie. But, I don't really care. Kim like I said is an amazing person and Rza picked up on that right off. 
Here's a photo to start off the slideshow of Angela and Kim, two big-hearted animal lovers who have made these dogs' and many others' lives something to talk about. Thank you, girls. 

And please sign up for the new Reunion Rescue newsletter - organizing to #savelives just like the Bakersfield 4. 

Kim and Rza - instant friends

Like I said, don't mess with Texas!

The babes