Friday, August 17, 2012

Reprint: Spindletop Raid....where are our dogs?

The following article was pulled by Zandra Anderson from the Examiner based on falsified complaints leaving the question unanswered, why does Zandra Anderson fear the identities and locations be divulged of the missing Spindletop dogs? Are there even worse stories yet to be exhumed?

What could be more horrible for trusting pet owners than the digging up of rotting remains of 38 dogs tortured to death in the Morgan Building and buried on Spindletop grounds? How many other dogs' bones are buried in that filthy squalor? Again, where are our dogs?

Whoever still continues to believe in Leah Purcell's innocence and thinks Zandra Anderson has nothing to hide might want to take a look at the follow three links which explain the dog lawyer's false complaints in depth:

"Concerned animal lovers from across the nation learned about a horrible place in Texas. On the morning of July 17, Spindletop Rescue and Refuge was discovered to be a den of death, abuse and terror.

"Over three hundred pit bulls were seized by law enforcement on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, in an alleged animal hoarding case in Montgomery County, Texas. The raid on Spindletop Refuge was a joint task force effort of Montgomery County Animal Control, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and local law enforcement."

Slowly with the help of Animal Farm Foundation, the HSUS and Montgomery County, citizens and rescue groups have been trying to redeem the dogs they'd trusted to the monsters who run Spindletop. Leah Purcell, the property's partial owner, had been rescuing and rehabbing pit bulls and serious dog breeds since 1985. The court system was fooled, too, as she'd also padded her bank account by charging for her services as an expert witness and dog temperament evaluation virtuoso.

Everyone who met the slick con artist was taken in. The American Pit Bull Examiner was one of the biggest fools to fall for Purcell's con game. In fact, she has been trolling the American Pit Bull Examiner articles to fleece unsuspecting donators and dogs to be sent to the Spindletop Board-to-Rescue program. 

The link below is only one story the heartless former refuge owner illegally pulled under anot her group's federal entity:

An appointment tomorrow at the HSUS holding facility has been made to try and save Feo who will enter the Reunion Rescue program. Hopefully, he is one of the dogs still living.

The Board-to-Rescue program seemed like a dream come true to many for troubled dogs. For $750 which hardworking animal lovers put together through chip in funds, the dog would enter the Spindletop program to be rehabbed and adopted to a loving family. The reality, most of these dogs never saw the light of day again. In fact, from horrible death row situations, many of these dogs who'd never had one good day, went to a fate far worse than death.

People are begging Leah Purcell and her attorney Zandra Anderson for information about the dogs they've been unable to identify at the holding facility. Anderson knows the whereabouts and has given false and misleading ID numbers to the inquiring parties so desperate to find answers. This situation, which HSUS has described as precedent setting in its unique qualities, can be likened to that of a mass serial killer who holds information about his victims and refuses to share with broken families so they might gain closure.

It is supposed that Zandra Anderson is holding out to secure her client a sweet plea bargain for the criminal charges she is certain to face. Leah Purcell and partner James Brewer were paid unknown amounts of money to board and rehab these dogs, many of whom were killed and sent to an unknown source for 'fostering'. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, the estimate of dogs that have passed through the grisly doors of Spindletop Refuge is thought to be in the thousands.

The property is co-owned by Richard Wagner of Livingston. Was he in on the crimes that took place on his property? Who is James Brewer, the man many of us issued our monthly Paypal payments to and the account Purcell deferred emergency payments for everything from dog food to generators, blown out fans, $4 thousand dollar electric bills, floods and othr uncountable disasters that seemed to affect Spindletop on a daily basis. Even Noah who actually saved animals did not face the holocaust of catastrophes which seemed to occur at Spindletop by the minute.

The amount of money which passed through Paypal and bank accounts gobbling up dollars from helpful animal lovers has got to be gargantuan. All these people want to know is where their dogs are. How much is that going to cost them?

Mea was killed by a car while her finder (another) Leah, Leah Z., cried and searched over the internet day and night. Leah Z had found Mea in Ohio, a scared pittie girl who'd never stood a chance. Leah Z worked to put together money to enroll Mea in the board to rescue program at Spindletop. She promised Mea that she was going someplace wonderful.

When the news hit about the raid, Leah Z began searching to find Mea. She did not have the money to fly from Ohio to Texas and started networking to get the airfare. The entire time, Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson knew Mea had been killed, but withheld the information.

How many other dogs are dead and these people concealing the identity?

How many more have to suffer until the Spindletop victims get some answers?

The Victims of Spindletop Raid Facebook page is filled with desperate pleas looking for missing dogs who'd been entrusted to Spindletop. Unfortunately, the page has attracted its share of trollers who continue to defend Purcell and the Spindletop clan.!/VictimsOfSpindletopRaid

A mass grave was found with decomposed bodies belonging to dogs sent to Spindletop. One of the bodies was identified as Reunion Rescue's own Stella, a beautiful dog written about in the American Pit Bull Examiner. Leah Purcell lied about her temperament and said Stella was aggressive. Only after her murder, was it discovered Stella had gently played with the little Chihuahua dogs at her finder's home. Stella didn't have a vicious bone in her body.

Many of the dogs have been unclaimed to date. If you are an animal lover and want to help, please contact your favorite pit bull rescue and offer to foster. Many of us have great dogs who've already been trained and are ready for homes. You can help by opening up your home and heart to one of these easy dogs.

The 501©(3) rescue groups will be able to then take some of the Spindletop refugees into their program to decompress, detoxify and rehabilitate.

Interested rescue groups can contact the following address to submit paperwork and become a part of the solution for the unclaimed dogs.

Please keep up with the American Pit Bull Examiner for updates on the Spindletop refugees and other stories.

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates to the animals

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One more reprint to go and all of the unfairly pulled articles by Zandra Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer, will be reprinted. This blog will continue to search for the truth until every last dog missing at Spindletop is answered for. That is a solid promise.

Please keep up with the American Pit Bull Examiner as well where pit bulls and other animals are written about and the truth sought. Unfortunately, much time has been wasted in trying to address our first amendment rights which were violated by Zandra Anderson in her fear that the truth be found out.

When our questions are answered, will Leah Purcell dethrone Michael Vick as the most hated person in American dog history?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reprint of Hannah's Story: Where is Hannah? Foul Play Suspected at Spindletop

The following reprint is the story of Hannah, a tragic tale of yet another rescue gone way wrong at the horror hotel formerly called Spindletop Refuge. The only picture left is the sad intake photo from Houston's BARC.

The article was published July 29 and then removed due to falsified claims by dog lawyer Zandra Anderson.

The only memory we have of Hannah thanks to Leah Purcell
Three volunteers still mourn for Hannah's loss and asked that her story be told. Unfortunately, Zandra Anderson, the dog lawyer, had this story and others pulled erroneously from publication. Citing her legal office to incite fear, the mouthpiece for suspected animal abuser and killer, Leah Purcell, wanted this piece and others removed.

The American Pit Bull Examiner and Reunion Rescue will continue to tell the truth while wading through the sludge of fake posters who defend their leader Purcell's reputation, no....honor, a loss for words here. They attempt to defend something in their slimy world where indebtedness is a crime and animal torture is applauded.

RJ, JJ, Jeff, James Brewer, Zandra, April.....whoever you are, this story is for you. Since all of you repeatedly comment about how funny this situation is, you'll be laughing your heads off about Hannah's horrible story.

First, though, here are the links to the three pieces which address each of the dog lawyer's misspelled, grammatically flawed and false accusations.

"Hannah was pulled from BARC in Houston last August 2011 by the group Pup Squad. She had birthed a litter of puppies which all died at the shelter. Hannah was too weak and sick to feed her own puppies.

Three networkers had diligently followed Hannah's story and worked hard to bring attention to her plight. Everyone involved was thrilled when Pup Squad saved the whippet mix female listed as a pit bull.

Hannah's kennel card and photo is horrible and disturbing, but not nearly as disturbing as what came next. This poor dog who'd managed to keep herself alive in one of the highest kill shelters in the United States was placed in foster care by the rescue group.

According to the foster, "Hannah had lunged at a neighbor when neighbor got too close to foster. But you see Hannah had never had love, attention, good food on a regular basis, a home, a bed, and walks in evening."

"Pup Squad made a decision to send Hannah to spindletop to be evaluated for 2 weeks. They could not afford more time to train her."

From one of the concerned three volunteers who'd been following Hannah's plight, "I called Leah myself about Hannah talking extensively and Leah told me Hannah was sweet but couldn't be trusted and needed to be euthanized. She was a risk she said."

"Pup squad agreed with Hannah "s decision!! My friend and I were livid at this thought. We contacted an officer with Pup Squad's board and told her we wanted Hannah taken out of Spindletop and given to a trainer in Magnolia that had agreed to take Hannah and work with her."

"After all we all knew this was a behavior issue and not an aggression that would never go away as Leah was portraying Hannah. Pup Squad 's board lady (?) would not let her be released to us due to a personal vendetta issue with this trainer."

"So before we knew it we were told never contact Leah. And never try to talk to Pup Squad again!! It was a big ordeal with one volunteer quitting b/c of Hannah."

No one is attacking Pup Squad for being fooled by Leah Purcell. Many of us, including this column were completely bamboozled by Purcell's lies and manipulations.

These good people are still searching for Hannah at the undisclosed holding center in Montgomery County.

"It is a nightmare and we have no closure on Hannah. She was a white dog with tan spots and a pointed nose. We didn't even think she looked pit, but we only saw Hannah in her box picture to love her. "

Many dogs are still missing and some feared to have been sent by Purcell to a dogfighting ring with clandestine associates she's been involved with over the years. At this writing, word is still surfacing that Purcell is collecting money for dogs and at least one other puppy pulled by Spindletop from BARC by Leah Purcell's attorney Zandra Anderson is still secretly fostered.

Under the conditions negotiated by Zandra Anderson for Purcell, the former rescuer cum hoarder for big money is not to have any pit bulls in her care or participate in rescue in Montgomery County. Hopefully, law enforcement will get wind of Purcell's jumpstart back into pit bull rescue and give her more than a slap on the wrist. How many more dogs must disappear and die a torturous death before this monster is finally stopped.

People are broken hearted across the country who sent dogs in good faith to the Spindletop holocaust. They do not know whether the pets they trusted to Leah Purcell are dead or alive. Why won't this demon do the right thing for once in her sorry life and identify the dogs she murdered and hurt?

Where is Hannah?

Please continue to follow the American Pit Bull Examiner in our search to find the truth. We will not stop until every dog is answered for. That is a promise.

Please share this story and follow the American Pit Bull Examiner for details about this situation.

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates to the animals

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Please tune in tomorrow for the next installment of unfairly and unjustified pulled articles. Furthermore, JJ, Jeff, RJ et al, you are treading on dangerous ground in your accusations of theft and fraud. Libel and printed slander as as punishable as the crimes committed by Leah Purcell and James Brewer in which hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars has been defrauded of innocent citizens across the US and beyond.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hoarding for Dollars: Reprint of the article unfairly pulled by dog lawyer

In two days, a month will have passed since the Spindletop raid, a day which will be remembered with horror by animal lovers and rescuers across the country. Almost 300 dogs thought to have been placed with large stipends in a supposed 'refuge' were seized by the HSUS and Montgomery County officials covered in filth, urine, vomit and feces.

According to KHOU, "Many of them are in cramped cages – so cramped they can’t even turn around. They’re living in their own waste. Many of their cages have been shut for so long, we know these dogs haven’t even been out of their cages," Katie Jarl, with the Humane Society of the United States, said.

"You cannot exist living in your own urine and feces. I watched dogs – we were doing a walk-through – drinking their own urine. A lot of them had absolutely no water, food dumped on feces," Dr. Tim Harkness of the Houston Humane Society said."

Leah back in the day posing with some of her favorites
Even after almost a month, many questions still lie unanswered. What kind of individual manages a hell hole like Spindletop? In my own quest to understand, I have to believe that Leah Purcell traded in her gift with animals and the ability few on this earth possess for money. In her case, greed trumped the opportunity to save lives.

What went wrong? What causes a person to veer from being an internationally known advocate to a con artist cum rescue? Reports of her wide scale 'fundraising,' for lack of a better term, are still rolling in. Animal lovers have donated thousands and thousands of dollars in the names of dogs supposed to have been sent to Spindletop.

Many of these dogs are currently being sought by individuals and rescue groups who trusted Leah Purcell and believed the wording on her website, now least for rescue business.

These days, one hears much too often, the business of rescue. In my own case, every penny since Reunion Rescue was founded has been spent on the animals with full records published with the IRS and for public viewing on Amazingly, Leah Purcell and Zandra Anderson's attack team of 'trolls' have questioned my impeccable rescue and financial difficulties. All records are public knowledge and I have no secrets to withhold from the public or these players who seem to fear even publicizing their real names....could that possibly be a fear of disbarment? Or even worse? Of discovery of criminal activity?

Reunion Rescue and the rest of the true animal loving public would like to have some answers to our questions. We would like to know where the dogs are? In a few days, the unclaimed dogs at the holding center will be once again without rescue. After these animals have survived a fate worse than death in the most high kill shelter, reportedly stuck in filthy crates for days, weeks, months and many allegedly not being fed for days on end, they are still hoping for someone, a good person this time, to step up and help them.

What went wrong?
Facebook page Montgomery County Texas Canine Seizure Case has instructions for 501(c)(3) rescue groups to help save those unclaimed survivors. A suggestion for members of the general public would be to contact your local groups and offer foster care to help lighten their load and free up necessary space for one or two of the Spindletop refugees.

Below is a reprint of the article unjustly pulled based on fabrication by the dog lawyer, Zandra Anderson. Each false claim she put forth to the Examiner is answered in depth and truthfully in the following three blogs:


Willis, Texas: As the dirt begins to settle over the Willis, Texas Spindletop Refuge dog raid, people across the United States are begging for answers. Pet owners and rescuers who trusted Leah Purcell and Spindletop Refuge to take their pets for a high price are now struggling to prove the dogs belong to them and to try and get them returned. The public network is questioning whether or not Leah Purcell will face criminal charges.

According to a statement from Constable Tim Holifield of Montgomery County regarding the case, this will be a long process. Information is being gathered regarding Leah Purcell and the Spindletop affiliates and employees to decide how to approach the grand jury. Information about the Spindletop operation along with proof of monies paid to James Brewer and Leah Purcell can be sent to:

Tim Holifield

So many questions lay unanswered. What about the 38 dogs who died a horrible death in the Morgan Building, their mass gravesite filled with rotting and decomposed bodies. These were dogs Leah Purcell and James Brewer continued to collect money for their boarding and care. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are estimated to have been obtained through Paypal and other means from across the nation.

How much did Zandra Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer, know? She continues to post on Facebook that Stella, on of the identified 38 dead dogs is 'adopted'. What is the position of the Texas Bar Association on members of the bar insinuating themselves in a criminal investigation with knowledge of criminal activity? We understand she needs to make a good living, but this is extreme. Surely there is money to be made in some other branch of legal representation.

The process of reclaiming our dogs has been long and arduous. Calls to the HSUS and Animal Farm Foundation to check status muck up the process and slow down the ability for the representatives to function.

If anyone has information they would like to submit regarding a dog thought to be part of this investigation, please send all proof of identification such as photographs, descriptions with unusual markings and scars, receipts for payment, rabies and other certification, Petfinder and Facebook pages to:

The official site to learn about any updates regarding the case is:

Please contact this page to keep up with current updates and progress reports.

The HSUS is heading the process of making certain all of the dogs confiscated in the raid are getting proper care, many for the first time in years.

According to the HSUS, the first round of microchipped dogs are being scanned with attempts to reunite them with their legal owners. The dogs without microchips will be addressed in the next stage which has currently been undertaken. Submitted proof of ownership is presently being compared to physical identification of the dogs. As this process is being completed, dog owners are being notified by email so that they may reclaim their pets.

The last and most heartbreaking other than those of us whose dogs were killed will be the identification of the dogs no one claims. The HSUS and Animal Farm Foundation is asking that personal applications not be submitted as this will cause undue confusion and none of these dogs will be released to the general public.

Several rescue groups in other states have already contacted the HSUS and Animal Farm Foundation to take the dogs no one claims. If you are an individual who would like to adopt one of these dogs, please contact your local 501©(3) pit bull rescue that you trust and support, hopefully one that is active in pulling dogs from your own shelter. Suggest to your group to become involved and submit an application with HSUS and Animal Farm to be considered. News about this process will be released much later down the line and published on the official Montgomery County Texas Canine Seizure Case Facebook page.

Pit bull and other rescue groups are urged to submit their offers to Animal Farm Foundation and HSUS to be considered as rescue for the unclaimed animals. Some of the California groups already claiming to be taking the Spindletop dogs have a history of euthanizing 'problem' dogs which came from Katrina and other disasters and fighting rings. Efforts are being made to try and create a safety net for the unclaimed dogs.

Victims of the Spindletop Raid may post their photos and updates to the Victims Facebook page where more good news is appreciated.

The people at Spindletop have their own dogs back and have reopened their doors for boarding. Many of us were fooled by this operation and trusted Leah Purcell and those who work with her and represent her. Some of our dogs died a horrible death like Reunion Rescue's Stella. Many others are yet to be found. Hopefully, others will read our story and not entrust their pets to the killing field of Spindletop Refuge.

Cindy Marabito: I have written several articles about Spindletop and Leah Purcell. I have been taken in as have so many hundreds of others. I personally feel guilty for any dog I helped people send there and must live with that the rest of my life. Stella had her ears butchered off and was chained up to a vacant lot in the hot Houston sun. I sent her to Spindletop where she was robbed of her life. Her face will haunt me until the day I die.

I'm receiving a ton of hate mail beneath my article posted on the Victims of Spindletop Facebook page. Nothing anyone can say, though can make me feel more guilt for having written articles to try and help the dogs who were sent to Spindletop. I have almost $10,000 in receipts for the Reunion dogs that suffered at Spindletop. To consider the dogs we could have saved with that money is incredibly hard to bear.

Please share this story and follow the American Pit Bull Examiner for details about this situation.

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So to all two or three stragglers feebly attempting to defend former rescue turned hoarder for dollars, please research your material before posting. 

"Condemnation prior to investigation is the height of ignorance." If these are the heights you aspire to, then you've arrived. We still have questions and will afford due process while awaiting answers. God willing, justice will be served and all the Spindletop marauders will get a a big old plateful.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Telling the truth: Republish 'Inside a Living Nightmare: Recap of Spindletop Raid

The following is the third of a series written by Cindy Marabito about the Spindletop raid. Five of the pieces were erroneously pulled by dog lawyer Zandra Anderson when she complained about the content. The American Pit Bull Examiner column stands by every single statement and has the evidence and sources to back it up.
Question for the dog lawyer and Spindletop group of regulars who seem to haunt the internet these days: do you truly believe the raid was a fairy tale created by the county and HSUS? According to pro-Spindletop internet postings, all of the dogs were well cared for and tossed into the loving arms of Leah and her Spindletop helpers by uncaring losers across the United States? It's all a big conspiracy.
The following article was printed July 23, 2012 and is being reprinted today. Whether one person reads it or a hundred makes no difference. The American Pit Bull Examiner is interested in printing the truth and saving animals. Period.

For those of you who still contend the stories are all made up fairy tales, linked below are the three rebuttals with every misspelled unfounded allegation from the dog lawyer clearly addressed.

Regarding the several trolls from Leah's camp who think this situation is humorous, some of us do not consider mass death and animal abuse a laughing matter. Hopefully, the criminal court system will address the severity of your crimes.

"Inside a Living Nightmare: Recap of Spindletop Raid

Rescuers and common people from across the United States poured into the little courtroom with pictures and documentation to try and locate the dogs they'd spent unknown thousands of dollars to board at the Spindletop Rescue in Willis, Texas. Believed by all these good people to be a reputable and kindly refuge for sometimes troubled and abused dogs, these rescue groups and citizens truly believed their dogs were being cared for and made ready for adoption.

Most of us, including Reunion Rescue, posted the dogs on our websites and adoption accounts like Petfinder to try and secure loving homes for these dogs. Many of us drove for hours to reach Judge G. Trey Spikes courtroom. We were first warned to keep our mouths shut and behave by the on charge deputy. Many of us had already begun to receive hate mail and Facebook postings suggesting we, the rescuers, were the ones to blame for this tragic and horrible abuse. The event was beginning to smack and reminiscent of how victims are treated after being raped, as if they are the criminals.

We sat in the courtroom waiting. We spent the day waiting, many of us talking about our pets at Spindletop, not knowing if they are alive or dead. Stories began to surface that were terrifyingly similar. Leah Purcell had told many a story that their dog had been 'rescued and adopted by her friend down the road who had a ranch.' I, for one, began to feel like Shelley Duval in 'The Shining' when she read her crazed husband's manuscript which repeated, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," over and over for 500 some odd typewritten pages.

We continued to sit and wait. We saw Leah Purcell and her larger than life attorney, Texas Dog Lawyer, Zandra Anderson, parade through the room. They were followed by James 'Cowboy Mind' Brewer, the Spindletop treasurer so many of us Paypaled our monthly thousands and thousands of dollars. He sidled by us without a care in world in his Dumb and Dumber shirt. April was there, the sullen ranch hand who was supposed to help care for the animals. The hunched over mother, Louise Purcell, who had 80 dogs stacked in filthy crates throughout her house was in attendence. Looking at them was like watching rejects from 'The Hills Have Eyes' movie.

Constable Tim Holifield, the Montgomery County Precinct 3 adjunct spoke to us. He explained what might or might not happen. When HSUS involvement was mentioned, many of us shuddered. We'd read about other raids in which dogs had been euthanized that HSUS had a hand in. Again, when we expressed our fears, we were reminded that we placed the dogs in harm's way.

After several weddings and an excruciatingly long recess, we were herded back into the courtroom. Constable Holifield spoke to us again and explained what could happen. The entire time, Leah Purcell and her attorney, Zandra Anderson, Texas Dog Lawyer, were negotiating to lessen the charges. This is the same attorney who stood on the ground where our dogs, like Reunion Rescue's Stella were buried attempting to negotiate release of her dogs and Leah Purcell's personal dogs.

The DA assistant appeared and read the agreement. Leah Purcell will never again be able to operate a rescue in Mongomery County. She gets her own dogs and her family dogs back while the rest of us will have to wait to find out if our dogs are even alive or dead.

I received a call late last night that Batgirl is safe and I am waiting to hear from Animal Farm Foundation when I may drive to Conroe to the 'undisclosed site' and pick her up. Disturbingly, the group had notified another agency about Reunion Rescue's Batgirl one hour before I finally received an email.

With other big name pit bull groups already using this situation to network their organizations, this was alarming. We have witnessed many of these disasters go wrong with dogs as in the Katrina situation, being 'humanely euthanized' once the fundraising dried up.

While in the courtroom awaiting judgement, we heard hours of dialogue regarding how well the dogs were being cared for. Donations from national pet stores, money from giant HSUS, and other support was listed and applauded. I stood up at that point with a small reminder.

When our dogs were on death rows across the United States, taken from horrible abuse situations and off the mean streets of cities spanning the nation to be sent to Spindletop, nobody offered to help us save them. These dogs only had us, the people in this courtroom and their small supporters to help them get these dogs saved and into boarding.

While we much appreciate the kindness now that the nation's eyes are on the dogs and certainly do not want to belittle these acts, I have to ask where was all this support when these dogs were in distress and only had us? Where is the support for the millions in shelters right now who need our help?

This horrible event should be a huge wake up call for all of us. We, as I've stated ad nauseum in my articles, must begin to support our local rescue groups who are doing the work and saving the animals. We must think about where our dollars are going that are intended to save lives. Are they going to huge salaries, trips to talk about dogs at conferences with meals and plane rides, big ranches in lush California real estate and other frivolous and unnecessary interests? While somewhere between 6 and 9 million animals are being killed in our shelters, it is time for a huge wake up call.

Please share this story and follow the American Pit Bull Examiner for updates about Batgirl, Amber, Angel and all the other dogs confiscated and hoped to have survived through a living Texas nightmare.

Today, Leah Purcell picked up her own unaltered pit bulls and other dogs to take them 'home' with her. While she reunites with her own un-abused pets, the rest us us continue to wait for word whether our dogs are alive or dead.

Please email if you have a dog boarded at Spindletop. We are working to organize so that all dogs will be carefully tracked with photographs and proof of ownership.

Follow and 'like' Victims of Spindletop Raid on Facebook where our stories and dogs affected by this incident can be shared:

Please share this story and follow the American Pit Bull Examiner for details about this situation.

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According to one of the dog lawyer's complaints, the unaltered dogs picked up by Leah Purcell including Austin, Asia and Cooper, each pit bull breeds, were altered before the raid. Please furnish the date and vet records of the dogs' sterilizations and this article will be corrected. The American Pit Bull Examiner always reports the truth.

Please tune in tomorrow for the reprinting of the third article pulled by the dog lawyer. Trying to shut me up is like trying to control nature....think flood. I am from Beaumont, Texas, home of the real Spindletop gusher. 

Pictorial courtesy Montgomery County Police Reporter:
                                                ...all dressed up and nowhere to go...


Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy tails are here again!

In between trying to re-publish my articles which were wrongfully removed articles. The wasted effort for a rescuer is irreplaceable. But, as I quote in "Pit Bull Nation," 'don't cry, organize,' the famous folk hero, Joe Hill, left us with.

Like the man said, "I have lived like a rebel and I shall die a rebel." In the memory of my dog, Rebel, Joe Hill, in the memory of Stella and the so many others harmed at Spindletop, I'll continue to write my bloggies and pet my doggies.

Here is a priceless moment from today. Angel is now called Johnny Angel. He is adopted and awaiting his opportunity to travel to his new forever home.

Amber prefers the stairstepper:

I wish I could sit and watch these beautiful dogs run, play and learn to be dogs for the first time in their lives. That is the reason I got into rescue work so many years ago. The grand pity is having to waste time that shouldn't be wasted when precious lives like Johnny Angel and Amber so desperately need us to help them.

Read more later...happy blog..naughty blog...

Reprint: Mass Death at Spindletop Refuge: The Story of Stella

Zandra Anderson has accused me of writing articles that contain 'misinformation, half truths and out and out fabrications.' She also has put forth objections to Reunion Rescue, a 501(c)(3) in excellent standing raising money to save the dogs and other animals we have successfully been rescuing since 1998.

The Examiner pulled all of the articles written about the Spindletop raid and seizure except one, even the last piece about Nolan who luckily never wound up at Spindletop despite some frantic networking for his chip in fund by her client, Leah Purcell.

Today's entry is the first re-publishing of the articles improperly and unfairly removed due to Zandra Anderson's untruthful claims. Each comment made to the Examiner by Anderson has been addressed in the following three blog entries:

Spindletop Dog Killers Try to Shut Down Rescuer

Texas Dog Lawyer: Rebuttal Part 2

Texas Dog Lawyer: Rebuttal Part 3

Willis, TX: Stella was a pit bull. She was abandoned last summer with Amber in the hot Houston, Texas heat. Her ears had been butchered off with dried blood running down the sides of her face.

Stella and Amber were left noosed to a fenced vacant lot. After all of the horror that Stella and Amber have experienced, the worst was only yet to come.

A kindly Samaritan found the girls and contacted Reunion Rescue. An article was written about Stella and Amber and a Facebook page was created for them. After establishing a chip in, money was raised to board the dogs at Spindletop Rescue in Willis.

Almost $9,000 has been raised and sent to Spindletop for the care and boarding of Stella, Amber and two other dogs. Throughout the past year, Reunion Rescue was informed that Stella and Amber were ‘unadoptable’ and ‘aggressive’.

Tuesday, July 17, a raid on the Spindletop facility resulted in the confiscation of 298 dogs. Stella was not one of these dogs.

According to a former employee, Stella was one of 38 dogs who died of heat suffocation and were buried on the property. The young man confirmed her death and added, “Stella was an amazing dog. She was one of many that I looked forward to working with every day when I came to work.”

When told of Stella’s horrible death, her Samaritan broke down. “She was my little pot bellied pig.” When asked about Stella, her benefactor told about Stella playing with her little dogs. This is the same dog deemed too ‘aggressive’ to be adopted by Spindletop director, Leah Purcell.

Everything about this horrible affair is wrong. Stella and Amber could have been adopted. How many others at this place died who could have been in homes instead of literally tortured to death and secretly buried in a filthy mass grave

Legal representative Zandra Anderson known as the Texas Dog Lawyer has ‘allegedly’ advised her clients to remain quiet about this sordid and disturbing affair. Just how much of these details were known and kept secret? How many people across the country trusted these people to care for rescued and personal pets? Maybe this ‘lawyer’ and promoter needs to take a page from her own website which reads, “Promote education on responsible dog ownership through seminars, at local events and in conjunction with animal services.”

Tomorrow, Reunion Rescue’s Cindy Marabito will be driving to the first court hearing with paperwork for the three (hopefully) surviving dogs, Amber, Batgirl and Angel to try and re-claim them. According to the HSUS, these and the other 295 dogs will be ‘evidence’ and not available to be returned to rescues until a final decision is reached. This could take months.

Bad Rap, the group who became famous through the Vick dogs tragedy has already started networking these dogs on their Facebook page. Those of us who have dogs boarded at Spindletop and have suffered tragic losses like that of Stella are asking Bad Rap not to use our dogs as a fundraising tool. Please allow us to grieve the dogs we’ve lost and afford due process of law to have our surviving dogs returned to us. We do not want to see a re-occurrence of the Katrina dogs in which refugees were shipped to this group and other California groups, many never to be seen again.

Please take a minute to say a little prayer for Stella. Take a minute to pause and think about the others who’ve suffered. We are all angry and hurting about this horrible and tragic event. There will be a long road ahead to try and sort through the necessary bureaucracy to get our dogs back.

Many of us will be in the courtroom tomorrow to present our proof of ownership.

Friday, July 20th at 10:30am at the following location:

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

Judge G. Trey Spikes

2241 North 1st Street Conroe, Texas 77301

Phone: 936-538-3788 Fax: 936-538-7732

Please email if you have a dog boarded at Spindletop. We are working to organize so that all dogs will be carefully tracked with photographs and proof of ownership.

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One of the complaints made by Zandra Anderson, dog lawyer, was the posting of Stella on the Reunion Rescue website. Note to the dog lawyer, Stella's photograph will remain on our website. She will always be remembered and cherished as a tragic reminder that not all people in the dog business are good people.

Our hope is that we might at some point gather the remains where Stella was buried in a mass grave with 37 other dogs to place in a shrine.

Certainly these people who follow Spindletop and the dog lawyer on Facebook, who criticize and make fun of those of us who are grieving and trying to find our dogs will not understand. We do not expect someone who defends animal torture and mass murder to understand, nor do we wish to elicit any further communication with these people. However, like the giant tree roaches in the Texas heat, you really can't do much to discourage their presence. They just keep crawling along.

All unfounded complaints in which Anderson based removal of this article are addressed in the rebuttal. The next re-publish will be the July 23 piece, 'Inside a Living Nightmare: Recap of Spindletop Raid.

Please stay tuned. Just getting started for what looks to be a long ordeal.