Saturday, September 13, 2014

Austin, Texas U.S.A. Reunion Rescue struts mutts for homeless pets everywhere!

Reunion Rescue and company turned out today for a big strut at Mueller Park in beautiful almost downtown Austin TX U.S.A. The pictures say it all about a wonderful day spent walking some wonderful dogs.
Scott and Posey getting ready to strut!

Me and the Pose-man

Daddy loves his pups....strut strut strut!

Love the strut...this girl looks like Reunion Rescue's Trinity...a.k.a. Trixie
Spiderman dog! Ya'll strut and I'll just scale the skyscraper!
A beautiful rescue family...we are family...I got all my rescues and me!
Our good friends over at DON'T BULLY ME pit bull rescue! Doin' it right all the way in Texas!
Gotta love the puggers!
Woof woof woof...we love you, Blue Eyes!

Williamson County Regional NO KILL Animal Shelter YAY!!!
Pflugerville Pets Alive...what a beautiful sight!
Good ol' Pflugerville...our Shadow's a Pflugerville rescue!

The family that rescues together stays together!
Go Austin Dog Rescue....arf arf arf!
Remembering Spottie and Teddy, two Reunion cocker alums...

Rescue me!

GSP's from the bay to Texas ... always a Reunion fave!

Rescued is our favorite breed!

Punk rocker strutter!

You've been served!

Lou Ann and Carlie loving this years strut with Reunion's Nolan and LuLu

Two time strut winners Nolan and LuLu!
Precious Nolan and beats everything!

Hit the trail little doggies....see ya' next year!!!