Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reunion Rescue in the line of fire

Some of you haven't had a Reunion Rescue update in a few weeks. Our safe warm fuzzy place, with you and Pit Bulls and Other Animals, has been invaded by nasty accusations and untrue remarks about the work done by Reunion over the past 15 years.

Between running the Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge where all animals are raw fed and homeopathically, herbally and holistically supported, walking dogs and writing articles like Bailey in Lancaster and the Little Rascals in Beaumont, Texas, we've had our hands full of caca. This isn't the usual kind of caca that we pick up on the trail in a doggy bag, but the evil internet slime slung by people who seemingly cannot either research or don't have a problem repeating and posting information that is untrue. None of these posters seem to have visited the Reunion Rescue Facebook Pages in which hundreds of our animals are displayed.

Reunion Rescue and Cindy Marabito have a spotless reputation with each and every dog ever pulled tracked and updated. Some of these posters have gone so far as to post nasty things on our cause page where we raise money to care for the animals we saved from death row. Some have posted these inflammable lies on our rescue pages where we outreach with current animals we have saved, past dogs and cats who are enjoying their happy homes and post articles about those we cannot pull, but can take the time to write an article and share.

Over the past few months, American Pit Bull Examiner has written a series of articles questioning the details of the case concerning Charlie, the AmStaff and subject of much controversy in San Francisco. These articles may be accessed from American Pit Bull Examiner column, but be prepared. The libelous accusations are rampant throughout the commentary sections below the articles. One of the moves this subversive group has employed is to post a series of slurs against myself and against Reunion Rescue.

When any of these defammatory posts are commented or we try to defend ourselves, the group manipulates Facebook in such a way that accounts are blocked. Were this simply a fun Facebook page, this sort of behavior could be flicked off like an offensive piece of lint, but our Facebook pages are utilized to save lives. Interference from this group which seems to have no other interests other than kicking a dead horse...or a missing dog in this case....costs lives. Flat out.

The tragedy of this situation is the lives of animals. All of this wasted effort and hate could have been utilized to save one or two lives a day, lives that were lost.

This blog, and blog has become a four letter word with these people who spout out the word 'blogger' like it's a badge of shame, is to address the issues which have become catastrophic. When 'Googled,' Cindy Marabito and Reunion Rescue bring up a nasty assortment of untruths and harmful unfounded claims. We are lucky, because we have the dogs and other animals in our care and their well-being is Reunion Rescue's mission. Today, however, they are rescuing Reunion.

Please keep in touch and we thank our friends and supporters who've always been there for Reunion and it's dogged founder, Cindy Marabito.