Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pip, Apache Shores, Pit Bull Army and Waterloo Sunset

Pip finally got a walk today. And yesterday. I am tired and my neck hurts from all the stress of trying to save a dog or two. The country is in a big mess and dogs are dying in record numbers it seems.

Sometimes just gotta walk the dog. Pip keeps it real for me. Today we heard Ray Davies and Jackson Browne singing Waterloo Sunset from Ray's new album.

Incredible version, perfect. Very Apache Shores where all these idiots have their dogs running around off leash. Whenever I see a lab or golden making a bee line for us, I duck for cover. Insanity. Any day now, there's a gonna be a mauling. Just an accident waiting to happen. HB1389's a coming and I don't even have a chance to take a look and make sure they're not sticking some nasty secret pit hatin' language in the bill.

Pip just keeps on walking me...I really don't think I'm walking her at all. She is keeping me real and keeping me from fightin....for a minute.

I wrote an article on PHS today. It's time somebody did something and that somebody looks like it's gonna have to be me.

When these dogs, like Darla who was overvaccinated so Katie Dineen could prove her manhood and exercise her clerk at the pet store background, the dog was done a disservice. Now, she's sick and we're having a hell of a time detoxing her. Not all the Waiora in the world can pull out rabies toxicity from a dog whose been injected back to back. For a place like PHS SPCA to knowingly over-vaccinate a dog who's recently been vaccinated for rabies is criminal! you hear me all the way in California? 

PHS killed another pit bull belonging to a poor woman who'd just lost her home. That fat cat Ken White pulling down $450K and living gratis in million dollar digs sure doesn't seem to mind killing other people's companion animals.

Well, heads up, buddy boy. I am watching you and your facility. You still have one of Jackie Torres' dogs and we're going to be keeping an eye on you.

Me and the Pit Bull Army will be checking Jersey's status and will do our best to keep PHS from killing another family pet this week. Who even knows how many other family pets this place is killing on a daily basis?

I'll just keep petting my dogs and walking Pip. That's what I can do.

But I don't feel afraid
As long as I gaze at
Waterloo sunset
I am in Paradise