Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pit bull rescue is not all glamour!

I want my money back! Whoever said rescuing pit bulls was a glamour job is dead wrong and I want a refund! Today has been one of those long ass days when no matter how hard and fast you go, you just can't get anything accomplished.

However, I'm finally back home and everyone's fed and knawing on their marrow bones in their crates. Everyone is warm and happy. If that isn't glamorous, I just don't know what is.

High end kennels
I'd love to have a big high fallutin' kennel with those expensive powdered steel segments, but probably not going to happen in Reunion Rescue's lifetime.

The other big item on our wish list is Kuranda beds. I'd really love to be able to set these babies up in their outside stations with their chews and bones off the ground and porch.

Instead, we have a property which looks like it was put together by some old toothless dogman with fences and boards hammered all over the place. The dogs are inside and crated in Walmart dog kennels.

Can't I just spoil Amber?
That being said, these dogs are loved and treated like kings. My only regret is I can only save so many at a time.

The ones here are living a life they never knew was possible. Who knows what kind of horrible treatment Amber received before she wound up abandoned in that hot Houston vacant lot? She still cowers to the ground when her name is called too quickly or too loud.

BeBe is a different dog altogether than when she arrived from Spindletop. Thanks to Robert McDowell Herbals and a special BeBe blend, she has settled into her own skin. She has her own private house where she enjoys old movies and her own fenced area to run and play.

Peanut digging life
BeBe chewing her Kong
Peanut hasn't gained an ounce since he's been here. He is the kinda guy who can eat like a plowhand and stay trim as a rail. Don't you hate people like that?

Nolan on the trail
Nolan is looking so good. He weighed in at 70 pounds when we got him and is up to 95 pounds and growing! He is a charming and gorgeous boy and ready to join his forever family.

William smiling ear to ear
I drove over to take bones and pick up the chicken order at Doug's today and got to see William. He is thriving! He loves to run and chase the car as I drive up the long entry way. He needed to be at Doug's where he can play and romp with lots of other dogs. Many of these guys can handle the crate and chew life, but William needed lots and lots and lots of activity. Thank goodness for Doug's!

Vicente and Guido
The other two Cali guys, Vicente (who used to be Spuds) and Guido and settling in perfectly. We've started Vicente's homeopathic regimen and since his remedy, he hasn't given into his hip dysplasia one time! It's been one of those miracle experiences when the doc hit the homeopathic nail on the head.

When the correct remedy is given the body responds, there is almost no way to describe the experience of witnessing this kind of healing!

It has been a hard day with lots of angry people over the Charlie in San Francisco affair. All I can say is 'wow!' I'm thinking even with all this hatin' it's still a good life. I'm remembering all those years pulling dogs at SFACC and not being able to save the ones who failed their questionable temperament test.

One of BeBe's glamorous Hollywood movies
Lots of memories have emerged the past few days, some good, some not so good. Nobody said it was gonna be all glamour, but I gotta say...I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so lucky to be where I am and surrounded by the beautiful dogs, cats and birds at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge.