Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flying into Los Ange-lees

Me and Mr. Sweets in cargo
I haven't had a spare minute to blog in weeks. I am very happy today, though. Mr. Sweets flew into Austin this evening and I picked him up at the airport. We drove to Doug's and he is all situated in the most fun dog place on the planet.

Mr. Sweets met all the dogs in Doug's pack including Buddy and Lady, John Boy and Ringo, Raspberry and Squirt. The most heartwarming moment, though, is when he met Benny.

Mr. Sweets is all smiles
Benny was pulled from Turlock with horrible mange. Patti fostered him and created a wonderful blog for him. Mr. Sweets was pulled from Riverside around the same time and fostered by Raz and Rilee in Hollywood. Both dogs were completely treated with nutritious raw diet and homeopathy. Mr. Sweets has healed a lot more quickly as he is much younger and did not suffer the horrible abuse dealt Benny. Benny has a lot more to undo, but he will get completely well. Especially, since he's become a permanent member of Doug's pack.

It was funny to see Mr. Sweets immediately attach himself to Doug. He, like all the dogs, loved Doug instantly. What's not to love?

Benny and Mr. Sweets have side by side blogs and now get to romp and play and snooze side by side all day and night. That is what Reunion Rescue is all about.

Benny and Mr. Sweets