Thursday, October 11, 2012

The show must go on....

Even though Reunion Rescue is just about broke and has pit bulls coming out of our ears, we still find time for entertainment. In fact, who needs cable tv when you've got a houseful of dogs who think they can act?

Just this morning when Peanut was ready to go outside to chase the ball, he looked up at the sky and noticed the dark clouds. Remembering Rene Zellweger's Oscar caliber performance from 'Cold Mountain', old Peanut was not to be outdone.

Whoever claims pit bulls are not hams doesn't know what side their bread is buttered on....

next thing you know, here comes Amber trying to one up I love Ms. Amber, but actress, she's not. She has one move when it comes to stage work....and if anything has to do with the kitchen, it's all she wrote. This one's all about the food. Maybe she can get some advertising work in commercials?

Next thing you know, Nolan is lined up stage left waiting on his big break. No offense to Nolan, but we think he got this script confused with 'Gone With the Wind'. Move over, Rhett Butler!

The whole time, though, BeBe knows whose got real star power. How many other dogs have their own multi-zillion dollar movie franchise?

Let's not forget this was 'Batgirl' before she reinvented herself. Is anyone else thinking 'comeback'?

BeBe is a one take wonder. She is a special girl, but these guys are all pretty spectacular in Reunion's world. Really. Who needs tv?