Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching up after Christmas

Peanut not too sure about this candy cane!
The Reunion Rescue No-Kill Sanctuary dogs had their first happy Christmas ever this year. Thanks to the wonderful people who believe in Reunion Rescue and agree with us that no animal should ever be mistreated, this little family shared a happy holiday for the first time in their lives.

Amber says, 'gimme that thing!'
We found some 1/2 price rawhides at PetSmart and made good use of them. Peanut was scared of his, but Amber took his on after she knawed the heck out of hers.

Amber shows 'em how it's done...

Nolan has spent his whole life confined to a field and was down to 70 pounds 
when we got to him.

Amber was chained up to a hot Houston vacant lot with Stella who we lost to Spindletop.

Guido is a happy go lucky chap from Wasco, California. Who knows what he went through in the past, but he's just glad to be here now! He just wants to wrap his stubby arms around you and hug you all day long!

Kingston came from the high kill Marin Humane Society where he turned up blind after being adopted. Glad to be alive, Kingston is learning just what Christmas means...lots of good stuff to eat, toys, rawhide candy canes and oh boy, marrow bones!

Kingston likes it!
Peanut tries to give it a chance

Nolan says, 'oh yeah!"
"let me give a shot at that thing..."

This is what Christmas means to Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge...every day is Christmas with these precious lambs in our charge. In fact, Reunion Rescue got the biggest Christmas gift of all in the forms of these sweet dogs.