Monday, January 20, 2014

Houston SPCA uses a blind puppy to raise big $$, but kills all pit bulls

When we posted the huge fundraiser for Ziggety Zag, a blind puppy being promoted for huge donation money, people began to respond they had no idea Houston SPCA kills all pit bull dogs and puppies. We posted the outrageous Houston SPCA plea with the opening line, "The Houston SPCA believes all animals deserve a second chance at life!"

How can a 501(c)(3) entity get away with such a bald faced claim? Houston SPCA makes over 10 million a year and has its own Animal Planet television show. There are never any pit bulls on the show because they're all euthanized.
No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA Facebook page was created to try and raise awareness to the ongoing slaughter of pit bull dogs at this massive Houston facility which enjoys so much revenue and attention.

Sadly, many still believe the Houston SPCA gives all animals a fair chance as they promised in their offensive post. The dog 'no name' in our No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA Facebook page never had the wonderful opportunity given to this blind puppy to be adopted, to have life and a forever home after fundraising chores are done with.

Reunion Rescue tried to save 'no name' pittie who made the mistake of wandering up to the wrong home. After a plastic bowl of water, the unsuspecting homeowner called Houston SPCA who not only turned Reunion Rescue down when our 501(c)(3) with exemplary record saving pit bulls, but killed her as soon as her 72 hour stray-hold was up.

We began a sorrowful mission that day with No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA Facebook page and a petition demanding the director Patti Mercer be fired and the facility investigated. If Houston SPCA is picking up stray dogs and animals, shouldn't they be accountable to someone? If not the city of Houston, then perhaps the state? Someone? Anyone?

No Kill Houston has done extensive research and has published shocking records and statistics about Houston SPCA and the mass killing that goes on behind its lush, but deadly doors.
We will continue to alert the public about the killing, the contests, the fundraising and the atrocity that seems to go completely unnoticed, yet well-heeled to the extreme.

Houston, please wake up. There are a small and dedicated group of hardcore volunteers that drop everything and drive when they hear of a stray pit bull on the roam in Houston zip codes. Although these people are animal lovers who strive to help save these dogs, the real reason behind their motivation is sheer desperation. These good people are terrified the Houston SPCA 'cops' infamous from long running Animal Planet's 'Animal Cops Houston' will arrive at the scene before the dog can be saved.

No name pittie will die at Houston SPCA welcomes all animal lovers who wish to see change and help save some of the some millions of animals dying at this institution.