Saturday, March 26, 2022

Hub is the picture of good health

Hub got back to Reunion December 2020 right in the midst of Covid restraints. His longtime adopter had passed away suddenly and Hub along with Roo whom she'd recently saved in Minnesota both wound up at the vet. We got the call about the loss and scrambled to put together a transport to get both dogs safely to Texas. Reunion Rescue has a 100% lifetime guarantee and that sometimes includes a dog in Roo's situation. He wasn't an original Reunion Rescue dog, but he is now. They are bonded and Reunion Rescue is committed to giving them a happy healthy home together for their lifetimes. 

When they arrived, both dogs were timid and unsure. They'd just watched their mother die. Dogs have feelings. Dogs grieve. So the first thing I did was dose them with Ignatia 30c to help the body process the grief. Next, they went on a regimen of Australian Bush Flower Essence Emergency to help them ease into a new lifestyle.

Number 3 on the agenda, a good raw-meat diet. Hub had already been fed raw when he was here before after being rescued from dog-killing hellhole Spindletop. There, he'd been known as Angel and he was so emaciated when I got him, he was renamed Skinny Dennis after the Guy Clark song. After Barbara adopted him as a friend to Murmur, her other Reunion Rescue dog, he was renamed Hub and that's the name he carries with him today. We have some nicknames like Huck, but his God-given moniker is Hub.

Our good friend Patti lent her excellent animal communication skills when Hub wasn't eating at first. He let her know that he would go for some steak or cooked chicken, white meat. That's when I knew he was on the mend and jerking my chain. They do that, dogs. For about a week, I played along and fed him the prime menu du jour, but after that, he was going to join in with the others and dine al fresco on good raw chicken and turkey prey model with the breakdown 10% bone, 10% organ meats and 80% muscle meat.

All of this info is on the Reunion Rescue Health Page we share with other pet owners, shelters, rescues and whomever else wants to enjoy a long life with their healthy pet, cancer-free, disease-free, no kidney, hip, joint or other issues that can't be easily managed with holistic supplements. We've been doing this for almost 25 years and have the long lives to show for it.

So, it took awhile. Hub is super food-oriented. He went right over to the raw as I knew he would. Each evening, out on the deck, he and Roo enjoy a meal of large chicken quarter, either some Steve's prey model blend (turkey or chicken) and we're trying out a new product that's pretty pretty popular (in the voice of Larry David) OC Raw Dog. Added in chicken hearts or livers, gizzards not a particular fave, and since Scott and I are vegans, we have a ton of leftover veggies the dogs enjoy. From brussels sprouts to butternut squash, fresh strawberries or papaya, you name it. Lots of greens and everybody licks their plate clean.
We order from our local Healthy Pet at the Galleria and will be at the April 14 Wine Walk with your pooch to answer questions. Come on by. In the meantime, check out some of Hub's before pictures and see for yourself what a good healthy diet can do.