Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hate Blogs

Until recently, I was unaware of some of the hate filled blogs which take up cyber space. Without trying to defend my own sources and position, I wrote an article which quoted neighbors of the Pacifica woman who was recently killed. Rather than attempt to find the sources I quoted, one of the bloggers lashed out with violent intensity at the quote.

For someone who is so against the bull breeds...as there is no actual pit bull breed...I was astounded by her absolute rage. This woman goes on to attack me personally and in a libelous sense, who calls me a 'pathological liar' and accuses me of suffering from 'dementia'. Wow. This person, so adverse to violent behavior in animals, is literally frothing at the mouth, much like the photoshopped images which populate her blogspot.

When she attacked me and my article much like a chained beast in heat, I was hard pressed to become angry. I see her as so consumed by her own fears, her own rage and so full of bad information gained from sensational and lurid top 40 radio talk shows that to be angry would be counterproductive.

My own practice has been to try and find solutions to problems, not to extinguish them. This practice has won its share of enemies, most of whom feed off the same propaganda as our blogger. The inclination is to snuff out the perpetrator, hence breed bans and hate blogs.

Why not search for a cure for the problem? That, to me, is a no brainer. Rather than kill every single pit bull, look for the panacea? When I personally experienced violent behavior in a bully girl, I embarked on a year long journey to find the answer.

In the past, when I'd encounter a dog with aggression issues, I would react as does most of the population. I would take the dog to training. Some of the dogs were able to be worked with, but others were beyond my help. Looking back, I see exactly what the problem had been. Each of these dogs had recently been vaccinated as are all dogs coming out of the shelter system.

This was long before I began to feed raw and study homeopathy and to learn about the ill effects of chemicals and metals on the body. Even though I fed the dogs and cats a raw diet, I was still vaccinating. Why? Because they told me to....because it was the law.

Then I met Raspberry. Raspberry was a little staffie bull who'd been found running stray. The finder had her for about three months and would let her free roam along with his own dog, took her to the dog park and virtually had no issues. She was a good natured wiggly butt. He and his girlfriend were scheduled to go on vacation and I offered to foster Raspberry in their absence.

She immediately went into heat and I scheduled her for a spay the next day. She was inoculated for rabies upon admittance. I picked up an entirely different dog that night than I had dropped off that morning.

Here is Raspberry's story:


What happened with Raspberry was important for me to share with others. Knowing that I'd put dogs to sleep for suffering from rabies vaccinosis was a hard truth to admit. Again, here was my opportunity to try and make things right by sharing Raspberry's story with other pet owners and animal lovers.

When I wrote the article about dog aggression and vaccinosis, our blogger reared her angry head. It was then I realized that some people do not want a solution. These people do not want an answer, the same who write hate blogs and form extremist groups.

These same people would have killed Raspberry. They would kill Tex, my deaf pittie who doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The blogger's hero, Kory "Cowboy" Nelson, got to live his dream when  3497 family pets were murdered in Denver. Once hate gets going, there just ain't no stopping it.

The kind of fear and hatred that fuel this person's blogs are terrifying and the same brand of hatred that spawned  'Mein Kampf'. I can't fight these zealots, nor do I wish to. I can only hope they find some peace and happiness in their lives. I can protect the animals in my own care and keep them safe from harm's way.

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