Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reunion No Kill Refuge is a Reality...finally....

We have finally committed and are looking at a property this Saturday to lease. The Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge and Sanctuary is finally going to become a reality.

This might or might not happen, but we are geared to look at the building Saturday afternoon. I already told the man what I could afford to pay and he still wants to show me the that is a huge plus, right?

One year ago, I set out on this dream to create a no kill refuge. Think how many animals we could save if I weren't boarding them all in California and east Texas?

Here's the set up shop with our dogs already committed to who've been boarded for the past year to two years. We can have our raw feeding sub-station where other pet owners can pick up their raw food at a discount..which will help underwrite the cost of the facility. Evening and weekend dog obedience classes can be held on site. What a dream!

Volunteers can help walk and exercise the dogs. With on site training, young people interested in learning obedience work can intern with the sanctuary and rescue. It's all win/win...and the dogs come out the big winners.

Please stop by our Facebook page, 'like' and share with your friends so this dream can finally become a reality:!/pages/Reunion-Rescue-No-Kill-Refuge/125546044205244

Not quite there yet, so will need a lot of networking and donations to get the place and ready it..then bring the doggies here.

Please visit Reunion Rescue online to donate and help make the Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge a dream come true.