Saturday, July 13, 2013

Andy Griffith in Apache Shores

Yesterday was Phil, Dante and Jennifer's first day to volunteer with Reunion Rescue pitties. You could hear the theme song from the Andy Griffith show as we walked the dogs to the creek and the lake.

Phil and his younger brother, Dante are the kind of kids who give me hope for the future. Both Dante and Phil had a calm presence and a love for nature and animals. After we walked Amber and Guido, they took a tour of Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge to visit the cat sanctuary and our bird rescues. We are a little bit like Busch Gardens, but on a smaller scale and Apache Shores style.

Here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge, we pretty much strut our mutts every day. This year, we're going to step it up a notch. Reunion Rescue will be participating in Best Friends Strut Your Mutt both in San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas.

Please share these links to help Reunion Rescue spread the word. Whether you're a Reunion Rescue adopter or a supporter, you can help by strutting or letting others know. Help Reunion Rescue do our part to create a nation with no more homeless pets.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guido, BeBe and the lazy days of summer

Nika and Shelly came by last night to walk the dogs and it was a pure lovely summer night. I'm always amazed at how much these dogs appreciate a little walk and some attention.

Wouldn't it be a nice world if all animals were given a moment's pleasure? It doesn't cost much. Just a walk around the block and they are so happy.

Last night was an easy night as William went down to Low Water Crossing with Scott. Peanut's leg was under the weather and BeBe had enjoyed an earlier walk in the afternoon.

So....that just left Vinny, Guido and for each of us girls.

Guido and I decided to take in a little bit of creek time this morning. He was very enthralled by the tadpole action there. We both got our tippy toes wet which takes the edge off the 103 degree temperature.

We're all cooling it down this afternoon and getting ready for a nice raw food meal around 3.

So ....lazy hazy crazy days of summer...zzzzz. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

When the going gets tough, we watch James Dean

Today, Reunion Rescue's Meetup is watching Rebel Without a Cause with BeBe.

Yesterday, the pit bull haters in my neighborhood shot out my back car window. Karma will take care of the scumbags, but in the meantime we have something important to do. BeBe and the Reunion Rescue pit bull 'refugees' have never seen Rebel Without a Cause.

They've never seen James Dean, Natalie Wood or Sal Mineo, but they know a lot about angst. The Reunion dogs have all experienced terrible things like being starved, thrown on lit bar-b-que grills, drug behind a truck, blinded and worst of all, spent time at Spindletop hellhole.

BeBe says, 'where's the popcorn?'
We can't undo the past even with all our flower essences, herbal tinctures and sunshine walks on the nature trail, but we can watch 'Rebel Without a Cause' with our Reunion Rescue Meetup friends and anyone else who wants to join us.

All you do is turn on your tv and grab your pit bull. If you
don't have a pit bull, grab your dog or cat. If you don't already have a dog or cat, what's the holdup? Foster one! Believe me, there's no shortage. Great rescues all over the U.S. are begging for help with animals they've saved.

Pit bull haters shoot out my window

Please join us at Reunion Rescue Meetup for Rebel Without a Cause at 4 p.m. central standard time.

If you've rescued a pit bull, stop by our Facebook page I rescued a pit bull and share your story and a photo. Just like Reunion Rescue Meetup, it's a warm, happy and fuzzy place to share stories and photographs.

So in between dodging bullets and angry animal control complainers, Reunion Rescue and our pit bulls will be taking the high road and minding our

We might be watching Rebel Without a Cause, but Reunion most definitely has a cause, saving pit bulls, one dog at a time. See ya' at the movie!!