Monday, October 22, 2012

And now presenting...Reunion's kitties!

With all the pit bull talk, sometimes Reunion's cats are overlooked. Last week, we noticed the aged sanctuary cat trees were chewed to the bare bones. In fact, a daily vacuum was necessary to remove the tufts of carpeting our guys managed to find still clinging to the old condos.

So, we put out a plea to our kind supporters and raised enough money to buy two new cat condos on sale at PetSmart. Here is the grand unveiling of our new cat furniture. Here's hoping these last as long as the last ones did...almost 10 years!

So thank you very very much to our generous donors. You have made this group of cats very happy indeed.

We might even talk our old gals Candy and Miss Martha into joining the others in the outdoor enclosure for an update soon.

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Freddy loves a photo op


Freddy sitting pretty

Witch's Toe dozing off

Marshmellow says 'thank you'


... on the lookout