Thursday, June 13, 2013

A lush luscious life with pit bulls and other animals

Boy, today about blew my socks off. I grabbed Peanut and headed out for a walk. Before we could even get to the corner, our own personal mockingbird who calls this place his home, swooped down to remind us who the real boss is.

We took a hard left on Geronimo watching out for off-leash dogs and taken in by the huge overgrown potato vine covered oaks whose wonder consumes me every time.

Peanut's ears perk up and I hear a rustle in the fallen leaves on our left. From behind an ash juniper grove spies a white tail doe, curious at us, a funny human and a little pit bull.

Onward and upward we traipse, me and Peanut. A male and two female cardinals dart back and forth across the road and we head downhill to our new secret hiking place. I found a string of lake houses where all is quiet in the day while the folks are at work or in their regular homes.

Three white swans
To our left are three white swans on the lake and a lizard skedaddles across our path.

The breeze is cool on us off the Colorado River which feeds into Lake Austin. We are having a wonderful lush and lovely day.

I have to bring Guido, the Gweeds, and he peters out about halfway through. In one picture he truly
looks abused.

He jumps in the creek to revive himself and is snoring now before dinner. All in all, it's a pretty good day.
Guido walking the hood.....

                                        and here's Peanut: