Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday funday with the Bakersfield 4

Yesteday, our savior at the ranch had to make a Houston run and save a last minute girl named Daisy. She was at BARC high kill shelter and now safely at the ranch. So I postponed my weekly trip until today and boy, did we have a good time. I spent the first part doing a little housekeeping so our little girls and their brother Paolo have some clean digs to dig around in.
Then it was treat time. They really really like the rolled up rawhides. Today Mr. Paolo grabbed his and ran. It's so fun to watch a dog who's never had a toy or a treat revert back to puppyville and have such a good time. Then we had some treats. They're liking all kinds now. At first they'd only eat the teeny tiny Milk Bones that came out on Valentine's Day. But now, they've graduated to some high-tone rich people treats. We have been getting some really good donations from Tomlinson's and Healthy Pet and want to thank the good people for helping our dogs and the other dogs at the ranch. Who would ever have thought you'd have to train a dog to like the better quality treats? I sure didn't. This is a first for me, but an enjoyable one.
The best part of the day was a bonus donation from PetSmart. Everybody got a brand new collar! The girls were glowing and Prancing around like little princesses.