Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The story of Batgirl’s rescue: a long road to recovery

Batgirl at Town Lake ACC

The story of Batgirl has gained national attention over the past two years in bringing awareness to animal abuse, hoarding and cruelty.

Batgirl was beaten with a baseball bat and sentenced to die in Austin at the former animal intake facility, Town Lake Shelter.

American Pit Bull Examiner and National Dog Examiner wrote several pieces about Batgirl, but no one stepped forward to save her.

On my birthday, April 26, 2011, I couldn’t stand the thought of losing this precious dog. I drove down to Town Lake and adopted her privately as Reunion Rescue is not an Austin ACC partner.

On her way to Spindletop
What followed over the next two years is a story even worse that what Batgirl had experienced and covered in the articles.

Like many others in rescue, we believed in the longtime rehabilitation work being done at Spindletop outside Conroe, Texas and arranged to bring Batgirl there for boarding and intensive rehab work with the ‘professionals.’

What followed was like something from a horror movie. On July 17, 2012, Spindletop was raided and almost 300 dogs were confiscated. Luckily, Batgirl was one of the survivors.

Batgirl is now called BeBe and still updated regularly on Pit Bulls and Other Animals blog and her Facebook page, For the Love of Batgirl.

We are trying to put the sparkle back in BeBe's eyes

When BeBe arrived last summer, she was a completely different dog than the one entrusted to Spindletop. She had even more scarring over her body and had literally been driven insane.

Her daily heartworm treatments had been discarded by the proprietor of Spindletop, so she is also in the throes of high heartworm infestation. Her cranium has been fractured from years of abuse and needs to be medically addressed.

BeBe learning how to heal

After months of herbal and homeopathic support, BeBe is recovering, but needs a conventional heartworm cure and other veterinary treatment.

Reunion Rescue has committed to BeBe for the rest of her life, but BeBe needs help. We are reaching out to her followers. Please consider sharing BeBe’s story and consider a small donation toward her care by visiting and click on the Paypal donate button.

All donations go 100% toward BeBe’s care and are tax deductible under Reunion Rescue’s 501©(3) charitable non profit federal entity.

Thank you for helping BeBe and please keep up with her progress on this website, Pit Bulls and Other Animals.