Friday, November 8, 2013

New report discloses San Francisco not friendly to animals

New Report: Status of Animal Shelter Animals in San Francisco has been published by Fix San Francisco.

" is a grassroots campaign working to re-energize the vision of San Francisco as a no-kill city. We are seeking to network with like-minded people, city agencies, non-profits and rescue groups. Our goal is to ensure that animals with treatable medical conditions and behavior issues have the opportunity to be adopted into good homes."

"San Francisco has a long-standing goal of protecting the welfare of our shelter animals. The No Kill movement began here, in San Francisco."

"Now, over 200 communities across the US save more than 90% of the shelter animals (i.e., all healthy
and treatable animals), but San Francisco is not one of them."

"Many animals with treatable conditions continue to be killed at San Francisco Animal Care and Control."

"FixSanFrancisco new report, "Status of Shelter Animals in San Francisco", provides an analysis of the issues and makes recommendations for how to save all healthy and treatable shelter animals in San Francisco."

"The full report and the supplemental data are available here: Status of Shelter Animals in San Francisco Appendix to Status of Animals in San Francisco. Please pass it along to anyone you think may be interested!"

Webinar with Animal Farm Foundation will discuss high kill California shelters.

Caitlin Quinn of Animal Farm Foundation will lead a WEBINAR just for California Pets Alive! and their friends on Sat, Nov 9 (10-11:30).  We've asked Caitlin to help us become better advocates for pit-bull type dogs, which are the most common breed of dog killed in California shelters.  

Please REGISTER and SHARE with your friends.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three dumped dogs in Georgia being saved by evicted animal lovers

Helping animals is a daily mission. This story came across our Facebook page and that face reminded me of so many I've been blessed to know. 

This one looks so much like Wylie in California who very long ago was 'Sluggo,' a dog we had to take from an abusive situation. 

Wylie is now and has been for many years the 'son' of a vegan couple in Vallejo, Todd and Darren. Wylie was very blessed to have been saved by Todd and Darren and is now a cherished senior citizen and beloved member of the family as every companion animal should be.

Please read and share these 'dumped' dogs and their story.

"Liberty County, GA~~ The ladies who have been trying to take care of these DUMPED dogs have both lost their jobs and are being evicted. They have to clear the premises in 2 weeks; therefore, we are I desperate need of foster spaces and funds for these 3 dogs. 

The 2 red dogs are mother and daughter and were found living in a drainage pipe... As you can see, their bodies are wrecked with demodectic mange and their eyes are infected. Momma dog is approximately 3 years old, very sweet and smiles with big wrinkles when she approaches or is approached. She is very friendly and gets along with other dogs. She is approximately 45 pounds, medium sized and though she is also suffering from Demodex, it is not an extreme case. We expect her to be heart worm positive. Her daughter also gets along with other dogs but is shy around humans. She does allow for petting and she would easily come out of her shyness in a positive environment; however, her Demodex is extreme and it will take some time to clear up. She is only about a year old; therefore, we are praying that she is heart worm negative or very light positive.

The third dog, Wilbur, just recently showed up on the property and even though the ladies can hardly afford to take care of themselves, they have started taking care of him, too. We believe him to be mixed with Yellow Lab and possibly Bulldog. He is extremely friendly with other dogs and humans alike and we even know him to be fine around cats, as there are several outside cats on the property next door. He appears to be a young adult but we also expect him to be heart worm positive. He is emaciated and full of ticks and scabs - these do not appear to be from dog fights. He is starved not only for food, but also for attention. It's easy to see that he loves feeling a kind hand on his head and back. He is curious and alert, loves water, too."

Donations can be made below and let's try to help Wilbur, and the Momma and daughter find happy homes just like Wylie so many many years ago.

Original Facebook post:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gang of backyard breeders takes down Facebook rescue page

Wobbies: War on Backyard Breeders was removed by angry rage-filled backyard breeders who are afraid of losing their meal ticket. The gang of backyard breeders spent all day Sunday posting nasty attacks on Wobbies which was created to try and save some of the millions of dogs and cats being killed in American shelters.

With an animal being killed every nine seconds, animal advocates are justifiably concerned. Wobbies was created to let animal shelters know of lawbreakers in their communities breeding and selling pets without licensing. Wobbies must have hit a nerve when publishing the locations of these criminals.

"I hate to tell you, that your efforts to stop byb's are not going to help if your illegally posting their info, You do know that's Against the law! and if you do it your taking responsibility if that person decides to sue you? you know this right!"

"byb is not illegal or abuse What you are advocating it abuse of humans and potentially will cause the death of many animals."

"you do realize its not the law in every state! and the laws don't stop them! it's based on a number of litters per year just like if you sell cars if you sell 5 or more in a single years your a broker but if someone has one or two litters here and their they are not conceited breeders or even byb's. And that maybe BYB by license to sell to pet shops not a reputable breeder."

This person's name has been pixelated as have their pictures
"What about the FAKE shelter's and FAKE Rescues , that are really brokers and puppy mills! are you putting a stop to them? .. Since I know of a few reputable breeders ( Myself Included ) have come across to many fakes and caution families when adopting..."

These were only a few of the misguided and angry attacks that were posted on Wobbies page yesterday before the angry gang of backyard breeders had the page removed.

Sadly and sickeningly, these people are the reason hundreds of thousands of companion pets are beingslaughtered and gassed in many American shelters today.

One particularly sad individual posted his stud service for labradors to try and build his business on the bloodshed of companion animals page, Wobbies: War on Backyard Breeders.

The administrators of this page have issued a reminder to the backyard breeders and hate group who participate in continuing to breed and and sell animals while millions die. "Our group is called War on Backyard Breeders for a reason. This is war. We have right on our side and we will conquer those who continue to profit off the pain and death of companion animals."

Our country is mired in an epidemic and it will not go away. We must continue our fight to see that these backyard breeders are fined for un-licensed pet sales.

Please comment and share this post. This fight has only just begun.

New Wobbies Facebook group is up and running: Wobbies declares war on backyard breeders

Is someone backyard breeding in your neighborhood? Are they licensing the puppies or cats before selling? By reporting these lawbreakers, we can lower the numbers of animals being killed in the nation's shelters.

Here's the concept:

Anonymously report offender to your local animal control or police department.

Post the case number on Wobbies Facebook page along with contact info for the ACC or police department.

Wobbies members will then call or email the local ACC or police department to make sure these offenders are properly fined and the animals licensed. 

Wobbies is also for animal abuse. If you suspect an animal is being mistreated, please contact your local ACC and/or police department and post the case number on Wobbies Facebook page.