Friday, August 9, 2013

Miranda Devine pit bull buyback, a bloody scam

The reality
Miranda Devine suggests a "dog buyback" similar to what she calls a 'gun buyback.' Miranda Devine is a 'hard hitting journalist' according to the Daily Telegraph, but does 'hard hitting' refer to killing millions of family pets?

"A life for a life, you might call it," as she calls all 'pit bull-type dogs' 'inherently dangerous.'

This from someone who could not have possibly met the hundreds of thousands 'pit bull-type dogs' living with families as cherished pets and canine good citizens.

According to Miranda Devine, "They are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the most
Miranda Devine
serious dog attacks, and yet politicians continue to bow to the dog lobby. Enough. A dangerous dog is a weapon which can be every bit as lethal as a gun."

Devine suggests a 'buyback' in which she generously offers "an amnesty of a few weeks before the owner of every pit bull, or similar vicious breed, is required to relinquish their dogs to the local council."

So for this one person's tirade, hundreds of thousands of family pets would be mass slaughtered by a stranger, just because Miranda Devine suggested in her column.

"They can then choose a safer breed from the tens of thousands waiting for a new home in pounds and animal shelters. The owner can be recompensed by the taxpayer for the small costs incurred. The dangerous breed is then humanely put to sleep, while a dog on death row is saved."

What kind of breed would Miranda allow us to choose? Might we have a pug or a lab? What if that pug or lab had the dreaded 'pit bull-type dog' gene. Would that dog upon discovery be taken from the arms of his family to be destroyed. What kind of pet would Miranda Devine allow that family to choose in the dog's place? Which breed then, Miranda Devine?

This sort of senseless breed specific tirade does nothing but sell more papers. My parakeets have something to line the cage, but literally speaking, Miranda Devine's ill thought suggestion is good for nothing else but to catch bird poop.

Instead of lashing out at the multitudes who share their lives with bully breeds, why not put that energy into education and outreach? BSL for Dummies exposes the flaws in the system and one city's battle to overturn BSL which cannot and does not work.

Devine engaged controversy when she used a politician's decision to parent a child with a same sex partner arguing "that 2011 riots in England were the result of a "fatherless society" – that is, a society that increasingly accepts children growing up in gay and single mother households." Wow. here's hoping that family didn't adopt a pit bull puppy!

While tragic incidents have occurred which could easily have been prevented, no one is trying to avert change. There is need for great change, but it's been proved to not work through breed specific legislation.

Voice your opinions here and please sign the petition created to let Miranda Devine and Prime Minister Don Page know this sort of maneuver is only an attempt to sell newspapers. Take the pledge to stop Miranda Devine's 'buyback' scheme.


  1. No comment yet? That's sad!
    She needs to be put on a buy back, as her mouth is just as dangerous as a gun with the owner not knowing how to use it. The problem is not the breed, its us so called civilised humans, The irresponsible ones like her. All type dogs(small breeds to the largest breeds) can become aggressive if there owners are not educated.

  2. That is RIDICULOUS!!! Quote: "They can then choose a safer breed from the tens of thousands waiting for a new home in pounds and animal shelters" Pit Bulls, although those found in shelters are mostly mixed, are a HUGE part of the tens of thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted by LOVING people. Get real, this is absurd! What is she smoking?

  3. with any dog its how you raise them!!! Why punish a whole race of dogs just because their are a few that were not raised properly. I perfer this breed of dog to any other because they are loyal.....why dont you shut the fuck up you hitler bitch and LEAVE THE PITBULLS ALONE!!!!

  4. Pitt Bulls can be every bit as dangerous as a gun, so can any dog. Raised Multiple Breeds since i was a kid with my dad. Would you let your kid play with a gun without supervision? NO. DOGS PERIOD are not toys. They are just like you or me in the sense that they feel, they can be hurt, they can be sad, they can be happy. If you let kids or scared bitchmade fucks play with Living, Breathing, animals, your doin the same thing as allowing your child to play with a loaded weapon. Jerk my ear, Ill slap the fuck outa you. Jerk my Tail, ill slap the fuck out of you. I know plenty of people who were bitten by fuckin what. EDUCATE people about ALL BREEDS. TEACH your kids how to handle a dog properly. DONT ALLOW A GROWN DOG THAT WASNT RAISED FROM A PUP TO BE A PART OF YOUR FAMILY. sorry but its just a risk u take when u SAVE a dog on "Death Row". You dont know where that dog came from, how it was raised, what its been thru. It might have been beaten by a dude who wears the same brand of cologne as you. You Hold your child, your colgne scent is on your child, it triggers a memory in that dog that is related to a beating, it WILL RESPOND ACCORDINGLY! DONT BE STUPID FUCKS! The naieve believe because they dont know, and the Selfish people in this world want what THEY want, and nobody else is to have a say in the matter. Well come for my guns...COME FOR MY DOGS. :D i dare you.

  5. Completely Hitler. Who does she think she is? She has no right to even suggest who should live and die because of the type of breed they are. That is no different than Hitler picking the Jews for extermination because of their religion. She must be out of her mind. Can we all say straight jacket.

  6. By the way I have a pit bull and as long as they are raised with love and kindness that every other breed gets he is no different, he is almost better. You can teach a damn pug or a lab to rip someone's throat out. It is the deed, not the breed. Punish the people who do this to their dogs no matter what type of dog it is.

  7. So does that mean if there is more crime in Perth than there is in Melbourne they should euthanize the people of Perth? What about the Aboriginies? If one tribe is worse than the other should we just pick them off? This woman is a fuckin retard who obviously can't make a name for herself in reporting so she'll get famous by "saving" people. She's more dangerous than any Pit Bull I know. My Pit Bulls are the best and no where near as threatening as this bitch.

  8. Education is the answer not ignorance.Humans harm and maim more than doge.If you raise any dog with the love and respect, that they show us,they are really more loyal than any friend.I cant stress how angry i am over, this uneducated, pathetic attempt at attention seeking, does nothing but make people very angry.Every animal is capable of attacking,responsible people,know this and dont leave children unsupervised.Look at how many people leave their kids in locked cars with the windows up,their not put down for cruelty, maybe they should be.