Sunday, July 14, 2013

No bad days at Reunion Rescue

Today, Phil and his brother, Dante, came out to walk dogs with Wilmonda. It was truly a love fest here at Apache Shores. We have running creeks and were enjoying a moderate summer day for a change. It must have been around 85 degrees with a nice summertime breeze. We literally had the kind of weather people on soap operas enjoy. Nobody ever sweats in soap operas.

We took turns walking Amber, Vinny, Guido and BeBe today. Peanut's leg is still sore and William is too nervous. Having had a horrible background from the bar-b-que grill, drug behind a truck and nearly starved to death, William is still acclimating and learning that the world can be a wonderful place. We have the rest of our lives to show William how nice life can be.

We want William and everyone else to know there are no bad days, but only dog days at Reunion Rescue.