Saturday, April 8, 2023

If you just believe...the Bakersfield 4

I want to say the Bakersfield bunch was waiting for me today. Maybe it's my wishful thinking or maybe it's for real. I got to Angela and Ruben's with some delicious food donations from Tomlinson's thank you so much! I brought along a box of the tiny Milk Bones, 'cause that's what the girls like. Most especially Cardi B and Sza. Jury's still out with Rza who pretty much sat in her hole and eyeballed me the whole time. She didn't bark as much as usual, though. Poor Apollo tha' Dog! doesn't get the treat thing. I'm never gonna give up though. This is a dog who's never been treated like a dog.

Funny stuff. Cardi B found a black shiny ball in the swimming pool so I threw it just to see what they'd do. All three girls took off after it and when they got there, just stood and stared at the thing. They'll get it. I sense some ball and some frisbee in these girls' future. 

And please sign up for the new Reunion Rescue newsletter - organizing to #savelives just like the Bakersfield 4. 

They are all so adorable and so precious. I am in love with each one and looking forward to spending my life with them. It will all come together. One step at a time. I'm even giving them nicknames and they haven't even gotten used to their new freedom names yet. I keep calling Apollo tha' Dog in the movie House of Gucci. My favorite favorite character Jared Leto Paolo Paolo Paolo..that accent. We had a good time today and I know Apollo tha' Paolo Dog! thinks I'm crazy. don't have to be crazy to work here, but.....

And Scott who hasn't even met them yet has given little Cardi B her first nickname...Chaka Kahn Chaka Kahn...yeah, I can see them here in their future. And they will totally consume Scott. He won't know what hit him. These are some adorable dogs. And they are getting more relaxed and learning how good life can be. If you just believe.