Monday, February 10, 2014

Help Reunion Rescue build a world class dog center

We are building Doglandia from shipping containers!
We are sick and tired of all the killing. Too many dogs are dying and our work posting and saving isn't

Reunion Rescue has an excellent program and operates the world's only no kill holistic raw feeding pit bull refuge. We have launched a lofty endeavor and it's called Doglandia!

Reunion Rescue is currently raising funds to build a splashy ostentatious holistic dog center on the beach.

Not cheap, but we can do it!

Doglandia will house:

  • 7-day a week dog training with a behavior certification program
  • boarding facility for dogs and doggy day-care
  • a raw food store 
  • an herbal shop with homeopathy and holistic treatment available
  • a do-it-yourself dog wash 
  • a pet supply center
  • rescue facility and adoption 
  • volunteer program with behavior certification 
  • activity and training site

Imagine a one-stop shopping center for dogs.....spend a day at the beach, pick up holistic raw food, drop in for training, adopt a new friend, stock up on supplies and treat just about any malady with herbs and homeopathy from the Herbal Animal.

We have big plans, but there is also a big problem. Doglandia and Reunion Rescue have all the answers, but we need your help to put our plan into action.

Shipping container kennel to be
Doglandia will incorporate Reunion Rescue's plan to lower numbers entering the shelters. We've already enacted Wobbies (Wobbies declares war on backyard breeders in every state) which reports backyard breeding to local municipalities with follow up to insure these offenders are registering pets being sold and properly vetting and licensing.

With an on-site internationally known facility where advocates can train in canine behavior, become certified and observe Reunion Rescue's raw feeding and holistic program, we can show other communities anywhere how to lower numbers while healing and caring for local animals in need. Imagine a Doglandia in every town....a very nice way for the communities to help their local over-crowded shelters. These animals don't need to die and Doglandia has a sound plan.

We just need your help to put it into action.

Phase I: We are raising the money to buy land in Northern California where a pilot operation like Doglandia will absolutely work. 

Phase II: Once the land is purchased, we will sell our current home and business to help fund construction. Doglandia will be built using shipping containers. We already have an architect with shipping container experience.

Everyone loves the idea of Doglandia, but we can't do this without help.

Please consider donating a dollar and sharing our chip in with five friends. Ask those five friends to do
the same. A dollar isn't much, but working together, we can really do this and change the world one dog at a time....the same way Reunion Rescue has been doing for the last 15 plus years.

Check out our Fundrazr where you can purchase a gift certificate for Home Depot or Starbucks and help out Doglandia at the same time!

Visit and 'like' Doglandia on Facebook and please share, share, takes a village!