Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Baby...

With all of the sadness and unwanted dogs in shelters, it's been kind of hard to catch the Christmas spirit this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many helpless animals. I must admit, it got to me today and I started to cry. I was feeding the birds and Persia, my little cockatiel, walked over to me and stuck his beak through the cage. I leaned down and he gave me a kiss. That's all it took. The tiny little kiss from a bird.

Sometimes that's all we have to give. Persia taught me a lesson today. We may not be able to save the world, but we can love one another. I have so much to be grateful for today.

I have a shrine upstairs which contains the ashes of the ones no longer with me. Roy, my beautiful yellow tabby who lived to be 20 years old, is there. Alamo, the little white parakeet from San Francisco animal control is there. Little Piggles, Junior, T-Rex and Mookie.

Today, on the day before Christmas, I am very grateful for the animals here. Pip is here from Bakersfield. She was all up and down the coast of California and in boarding and shelters for two and a half years. Now, she's here with me in Texas and waiting for that perfect home.

Rowdy Cowgirl is healthy and precious and will turn 13 this year. I remember when I'd walk her back to her cage at SFACC, not knowing when her time would run out, yet promising I would not let her down. Rebel is live and kicking and going on 16! Tex and Cubby are happy and healthy. Fernando, Germ, Buddy, Martha and Candy welcomed a litter of kittens who've decided to take up residence with us.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm Dreaming and Dreaming and Dreaming of a White Christmas

Murmur and her devoted partner, Barbara
We are dreaming of a white Christmas today and that dream came true for two Reunion pitties and one wannabe. Murmur is not a pittie, but she was on the short list at Kern County in Bakersfield a couple of years ago. Without even meeting her, Barbara opened her heart and home to Murmur. By the way, she was scheduled to be pts at the high kill shelter because she had a grade five heart murmur. Hence, the name Murmur.

Misha at Mount Shasta
Barbara and Murmur have moved to chilly frosty Marietta, Minnesota. Murmur has literally blossomed in the sub-zero climate. Barbara's early Christmas present to Murmur was a pair of booties so Murmur can go tromping in the snow.

Misha was saved by Sara from Antioch Shelter. After a year long scare with tumors and cancer, Misha is healthy and enjoying life. We treated her condition with homeopathy and a raw diet.

Faris was saved in secret from San Francisco Animal Control since Reunion Rescue has been banned from pulling dogs for many years. Faris, like so many dogs and puppies at this city pound, was going to be euthanized for food aggression. We were unable to help the three 12 week puppies they killed last month. Longtime subscribers to the Sue Sternberg plastic hand, SFACC put Faris on the kill list. We were able to pull him ourselves, but thanks to good friend and fellow rescuer Astrid, he was saved at the last minute and fostered to a young woman. Sunni and Faris have relocated to her home back in Virginia and sent us this video of 'dangerous dog' Faris tearing up the snow:

and Merry Christmas to you and your pitties, too!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ban the Ban in Van!

Van, Texas is in a panic. The city is considering a pit bull ban due to an incident last Halloween in which Douglas Wolfe's granddaughter was mauled by a dog thought to be a pit bull. Understandably, Mr. Wolfe is distraught and rightfully so. However, an outright ban has never worked and will never work. 

Pit Bull Rescue Central, longtime well-respected online community advocates, claim when breeds are singled out, the responsibility is removed from the dog owner which is where it belongs. Historically, these offenders escape punishment and simply switch to another breed. 

Sound solutions to outright bans are listed on the Stop BSL site such as containment laws. A leashed or crated dog doesn't break the law. This site is chock full of safety education tips with a reference to the Australian Cornwall/Chapman study controlled trial to prevent dog bites in children.

Imagine sitting at the dinner table when a knock sounds on the door. A representative from the local animal care and control asks to see your dog. Maybe your hound is a mixed breed with that telltale wedge head or a white blaze across his chest. He's never committed a more serious felony than drooling while you try to eat. The animal control officer apologizes and informs you he must confiscate your pet. Why? Because he resembles a pit bull and a ban has just been passed in your town.

Sound crazy? Maybe so, but this happened to over 3400 dogs in Denver, Colorado. These dogs were all taken from their homes and died alone at the hands of strangers. 

Congress, breed specific legislators, dog owners and pit bull advocates all agree about one thing....something needs to be done. However, that something should not be enforcing a pit bull ban which only hurts the innocent. Communities should come together on a common ground and promote education and training, spay/neuter programs and breeding regulation of all animals.

Texas is one of the few states in which BSL is not legal. We have an opportunity as citizens and as a nation to work together and effect change rather than react impulsively and out of fear. 

Merry Christmas everybody....and their dogs!