Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reunion Rescue needs a water purification system

Our old reverse osmosis system bit the dust and we are raising money to buy a Kangen water system for the animals here at Reunion Rescue No Kill Refuge.

Reunion operates the world's only no kill holistic pit bull refuge and has the happiest healthiest animals on earth to show for it. Besides feeding a raw food diet, all of the cats, dogs and birds here at Reunion drink and bathe in clean pure healthy water...the secret ingredient of our success!
For the price of a cup of coffee you can help us out with a small donation to purchase this system. 
Kangen water is used to clean, wash, drink, bathe and any other use for water to help keep your pets and yourself healthy.

Reunion Rescue has signed on as a distributor for Kangen so we can help other animals and their 
people while also funding our refuge and helping homeless animals.

So please consider a small donation and forward questions you might have about Kangen Water.

Take a second to visit our current refuge dogs on our website. Donations can be made on the website or the Fundrazr page.

Perks are available for your donations on the Fundrazr page....get a tee shirt or calendar for your donation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hate group tries to outlaw pit bull love stamp

Pit bull hate group is 'foaming at the mouth' according to pit bull advocacy group

When the United Nations selected the former death row dog Macy from Southern California as their international emblem for happiness, a spoiler alert went out to dog hater group

Like a person who's been involved in a collision and sits by the highway looking for car crashes, Colleen Lynn, the founder of has created a hate group based on flawed information and made up of other individuals with an agenda to annihilate any dog which looks a certain way.

According to "Lynn has begun begging her followers to start emailing the UN obscene images of victims, as a way to vilify all dogs deemed, by her, to be Pit Bulls. Verifying what picture represents what doesn’t matter in the slightest, so long as it’s bloody and gruesome."

As we live in a democracy which celebrates freedom of speech, let's be fair. Which image would you
prefer to adorn your parcel? Hate