Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy birthday, Rowdy Cowgirl...a Reunion Rescue superstar

My beautiful Girl
Today, August 1, is the day we celebrate Rowdy Cowgirl's birthday. She is 15 years old....I mean 15 years young. Girl came from San Francisco Animal Care and Control in 1999. She came from the old system when they had all pit bulls in room 116 and killed the sixth dog on a regular basis when a new entry was assessed and made available.

Girl was in the 'pit bull room' where people would look in at the dogs and say things like, 'oh, those are the pit bulls' and either close the half opened door on them or keep walking.

I was volunteering there and taking photos of the dogs and cats for the website. Like the other members of the general public, I'd heard and believed the media stories about how pit bulls had locking jaws and would clamp down on you like a June turtle and not let go until thunder strikes.

As the myths from my gothic Southern childhood faded like the San Francisco morning fog, I learned that most of these stories were just that, myths. I learned by knowing some wonderful, many wonderful pit bulls.

Girl is the inspiration for the Reunion Rescue logo and the inspiration that keeps Reunion Rescue running. I truly believe that there is a wonderful home out there for every dog. I wish everyone in the world could have a happy life with a dog like Girl.

Today is a celebration of Girl's birthday. She is a little older now and has to take a homeopathic
remedy to keep her immune system robust. She is no longer the champion swimmer at the lake, but boy, in her day, she was a sight to behold.

She is no longer the captain of our Reunion Rescue Frisbee Team where she flies into the crowd with Guns and Roses' 'Welcome to the Jungle' raging in the wind. She's no longer sought after to star in films like 'Off the Chain' and no longer volunteers at anti-fur rallies in Union Square or against animal research at UC San Francisco where 250,000 dogs and other animals painfully tortured.

There isn't as much fire in Girl's step these days, but she is owner of my heart. She has taught me how to pause and appreciate what is really important in life. She has taught me about life. I love you, Girl. Happy birthday and thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful world.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Will work for food: Reunion Rescue applicants looking for a job

Here at Reunion Rescue, we believe in a work ethic. That means our dogs are working dogs. They are looking for a job. Today, Wilco is actually punching the clock and going to work with Scott at our landscape company.

Now for most of us, that wouldn't put a smile on the face, but just look at William! He is a happy champion. Wilco came from Stockton CA where he was starved to the bone like Patrick and then drug behind a truck before being thrown on a burning bar-b-que grill.

The monster who owned him then took him to the worst hellhole on earth, Stockton shelter.

Today, William has a couple of quirks, but he is all smiles and looking for a job. He's what Reunion Rescue calls 'darn hireable.'

Here are a few of our other applicants for suitable employment.

Job qualifications:

  1. Prompt
  2. Good and hungry
  3. Energetic
  4. People pleasers
  5. Personable
  6. Did we say good looking?
  7. Cheap labor

Here's some of our hired hands: