Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

It's been a wacky start this new year, but a good one nonetheless. I finally got my IRS crud into the mail, so I can concentrate on the dogs. Update on Raspberry...there is a guy here in Austin who will board her for me and work on her dog on dog stuff. I have gone as far as I can go with her. It's no big secret how lame I am at dog introductions. Even when the dogs are perfect, I'll find something to shreik about. I even scare myself.

Sunny was rescued from Martinez Shelter in the nick of time by Cornelia, God bless her heart. Cornelia is that extra special kind of person who doesn't care how a dog looks. It didn't bother her one tiny bit that poor Sunny's teats literally drug the ground. Sunny had obviously been used for breeding litter after litter. Now you know where all of those fat adorable little pit bulls all over Craigslist come from. They are adorable, but there is nothing cute about the cruelty inflicted upon wonderful dogs like Sunny.

Cornelia didn't even care that Sunny turned out to be six instead of two, which was advertised on
her kennel card. Cornelia just wanted a calm dog
she hoped would not be too rambunctious for her
other dog, Scout, who suffers from joint pain. Well, Cornelia got everything she asked for and more. Sunny, now called Rosie, has turned out to be perfect. Just ask Scout.

Thank you, Cornelia for saving Rosie. Shelters are sad places nowadays, with the economy forcing people to make the decision to give up their companions. Ever so often, though, we get to see a fairy tale come true, like Rosie's story.

At the risk of kinda bastardizing Cornelia's lovely name, this song goes out to her and her new girl, Rosie....