Saturday, May 27, 2023

We are family - get up everybody and sing

Today was one of those best days of my whole life. I went out to the ranch prepared to give the B-4's yard a good cleaning and dig up some more of the submerged blankets. I think I got all of them but one that's lodged under the fence. Next week I'm bringing my knife to cut out the part I dug up.

I got Paolo really good and brushed with a lot of his clumpy matts removed. I do not believe he's ever been brushed in all his seven years of life. I must have brushed out a garbage bag full of old dirty clumps. He was so gentle and pleased to have the attention. He just sat and let me comb him for a good 45 minutes. I've still got a ways to go, but plan on making a weekly habit of this. He still doesn't have the treat thing down, but dang, we've got our whole lives to learn, right?

The girls were all over me. Getting their rawhide twirls and some cookies. They got new balls and a rope toy. It was a hit with Paolo which was a big surprise. But, the biggest breakthrough for me was Rza who used to be Dorothy. She and I had a special moment at the end of my visit. She came and sat on my lap and let me hug and kiss on her. This little girl is so loving. She really trusts me and was the last to come around. Oh, but worth the wait. I really love these dogs. They are so very special. Each and every one of them. All four. A family unit.

Don't mess with Texas!