Sunday, November 27, 2022

And Toto, too...

On the way to Reunion Rescue
Reunion Rescue's latest rescue dog is Toto. He came from living in a horse barn for the past several years after his owner abandoned him. He had one advocate, Diana, who believed in him. She tried for over two years to find a rescue or home for Toto with no luck. Even though we were full at Reunion Rescue with senior pets and our cat and bird sanctuaries, we just couldn't get Toto out of our head. So we began a structured transition for Toto. 

Here are a few pictures from just one week at Reunion...on the way from Houston, I'm sure Toto is unsure of the unknown. It's a big world out there and especially to a dog who's been confined outdoors with little training. 

Toto's new yard

        This is a big yard to get used to with lots of smells. 

I will help you learn, Toto. We will learn how to walk calmly on the leash...we will learn Kong and how to get those pesky treats stuck down at the bottom with Easy Cheese. We will learn how the crate can be a safe place and not a punishment. In the crate, you will feel safe and secure and a new kind of confidence, the good kind. We will learn recall and all kinds of other good things. You will enjoy a healthy diet of good raw food with homeopathic and herbal supplements so you will live a long and happy life. Most of all, Toto, you will learn how to be just a dog ... a dog with a great life. That's my promise to you.

Please think of Reunion Rescue and Toto by making a small contribution this Christmas season on Toto's GoFundMe fundraiser.

And choose Reunion Rescue when purchasing Amazon...I will help you, Toto


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Petco entry for the win

Here is Leslie's entry for the Petco contest for Reunion Rescue's chance to win $10,000 for the dogs!

 Gauguin: The Art of the Dog

My dog Van Gogh had died at home and was buried under a headstone that said “Companion, Friend, Teacher.” Then there was nothing left but my grief. I knew I wanted another dog, but I was looking for a pit bull because of how maligned they are and Van Gogh had been a pit bull terrier. I emailed Cindy at Reunion Rescue about a couple of dogs on their site. Cindy listened and said she had a dog that needed a friend. She said, “Festus” had been found on a brutally cold day and taken in by someone who couldn't keep him. Festus was a few months old still in “training.” He had been in two foster homes and a failed adoption. Cindy said we should both go for a walk and I should “check him out like a library book.” Reunion Rescue has a foster to adopt program and a 100% lifetime guarantee so no pet ever goes back to a shelter.

I took gangly Festus for a walk and was told he was kind of a pain – super energetic and athletic. After the walk we played fetch and he and I fell into a nice rhythm. I did NOT feel ready, but sometimes the dog knows better and “our time” was just beginning. We have the best adoption day picture EVER. The kids in the neighborhood all came over that day to meet him and they took him on a walk. Everybody loved him.


Throughout many other fosters, other cats, a turtle and many moves, Gauguin (renamed from a close friend to Van Gogh) has weathered the storms. Gauguin outlasted my marriage and several moves – including a cross-country move from Texas to Minnesota with Gauguin in the passenger seat. 
Throwback to his beginnings on that “brutally cold day” and now he has many fashionable coats to keep him warm and dry. He has run many miles and we still walk twice a day. From his frenetic youth, he has slowed to a very sweet guy who loves to lean on me. He is like a Gauguin painting, colorful, bright, mystical.

He's not your average cuddler, but he does allow me to use his hip as a pillow. I am very grateful that he was there with me to visit my difficult mother. He was there for me when I went to her funeral. He always travels back and forth from Texas with me and while he does not seem to enjoy it - he does it without complaint.

Wherever we walk he chooses human and animal friends to visit and people are so proud to be “chosen.” I get lots of strange looks and chuckles as I call him “Sir” when addressing him. It reminds me that he deserves the respect of being a separate and whole entity with his own life beyond our friendship.
Gauguin is my best friend in the world, my soul companion like that Jimmie Dale Gilmore song, “Reunion,” “we’ll remember that we’ve never been apart.” 



Saturday, March 26, 2022

Hub is the picture of good health

Hub got back to Reunion December 2020 right in the midst of Covid restraints. His longtime adopter had passed away suddenly and Hub along with Roo whom she'd recently saved in Minnesota both wound up at the vet. We got the call about the loss and scrambled to put together a transport to get both dogs safely to Texas. Reunion Rescue has a 100% lifetime guarantee and that sometimes includes a dog in Roo's situation. He wasn't an original Reunion Rescue dog, but he is now. They are bonded and Reunion Rescue is committed to giving them a happy healthy home together for their lifetimes. 

When they arrived, both dogs were timid and unsure. They'd just watched their mother die. Dogs have feelings. Dogs grieve. So the first thing I did was dose them with Ignatia 30c to help the body process the grief. Next, they went on a regimen of Australian Bush Flower Essence Emergency to help them ease into a new lifestyle.

Number 3 on the agenda, a good raw-meat diet. Hub had already been fed raw when he was here before after being rescued from dog-killing hellhole Spindletop. There, he'd been known as Angel and he was so emaciated when I got him, he was renamed Skinny Dennis after the Guy Clark song. After Barbara adopted him as a friend to Murmur, her other Reunion Rescue dog, he was renamed Hub and that's the name he carries with him today. We have some nicknames like Huck, but his God-given moniker is Hub.

Our good friend Patti lent her excellent animal communication skills when Hub wasn't eating at first. He let her know that he would go for some steak or cooked chicken, white meat. That's when I knew he was on the mend and jerking my chain. They do that, dogs. For about a week, I played along and fed him the prime menu du jour, but after that, he was going to join in with the others and dine al fresco on good raw chicken and turkey prey model with the breakdown 10% bone, 10% organ meats and 80% muscle meat.

All of this info is on the Reunion Rescue Health Page we share with other pet owners, shelters, rescues and whomever else wants to enjoy a long life with their healthy pet, cancer-free, disease-free, no kidney, hip, joint or other issues that can't be easily managed with holistic supplements. We've been doing this for almost 25 years and have the long lives to show for it.

So, it took awhile. Hub is super food-oriented. He went right over to the raw as I knew he would. Each evening, out on the deck, he and Roo enjoy a meal of large chicken quarter, either some Steve's prey model blend (turkey or chicken) and we're trying out a new product that's pretty pretty popular (in the voice of Larry David) OC Raw Dog. Added in chicken hearts or livers, gizzards not a particular fave, and since Scott and I are vegans, we have a ton of leftover veggies the dogs enjoy. From brussels sprouts to butternut squash, fresh strawberries or papaya, you name it. Lots of greens and everybody licks their plate clean.
We order from our local Healthy Pet at the Galleria and will be at the April 14 Wine Walk with your pooch to answer questions. Come on by. In the meantime, check out some of Hub's before pictures and see for yourself what a good healthy diet can do.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

How to find a lost dog...repost

 This valuable information is a repost from Dog Inspiration.

This pet parent had given up hope after 12 days of seeking that he would ever see his dog again. But then he discovered about this fantastic suggestion and how it has assisted in the reunion of many lost canines with their owners. On Reddit, he said the following.

“I bumped upon a couple of hunters on day 12 of searching for my dog in a densely wooded region, upset and hopeless.” They claimed to have lost the odd dog on a hunt but always found them. Many canines and families have been reunited as a result of what they told me. I’ve recommended them a few times in the previous few days, so I figured this could assist if there are any lost pets on Reddit.

The dog owner(s) should bring an item of clothing that has been worn for at least a day, preferably more, so that the missing dog can pick up the fragrance.

Bring the item of clothing to the last known location of the dog and leave it there. You can also bring a crate and a familiar toy if the dog has one (unless location undesirable for crate). You might also leave a note requesting that the item(s) not be moved.

Leave a bowl of water nearby as well, as the dog is unlikely to have had access to any. Food should not be brought because it may attract other creatures that the dog may avoid.

Return the next day, or check on a regular basis if possible. Hopefully, the dog will be there to greet you.
I was skeptical that my dog could detect an article of clothing if he didn’t hear me screaming his name as loudly as possible all day for 12 days. But the next day, I came and sure enough, he was sitting there!

Please share to help more families find their missing four-legged family members. I’ve seen this work a number of times.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

It ain't all glamour...a day in the life of a rescue worker

I got up Tuesday morning to receive a message that my Facebook account, the one I have used for many years to save animals and help other rescues, shelters and pet owners, was disabled. And this isn't the first time. Because I use Facebook to do my work, I've been stalked, attacked and my account hamstrung over and over by a bunch of people who hate pit bulls.

People who know me will tell you I am a go-getter. Who else would start a pit bull rescue in the town where lacrosse icon Dianne Whipple was mauled by a Presa-Canario. I say dog in the singular, because I was rescuing in San Francisco from the pound where Hera, the female was locked up for a year awaiting to be used at evidence in a trial where she was already sentenced to be destroyed. Let me tell you, the good people who work behind the scenes caring for these animals had to do so with a heavy heart. Many of them developed a bond with Hera as they cleaned up after her and fed her the prison rations of kibble and tap water. She was not an aggressive dog according to these technicians. This is described more fully in my book, Pit Bull Nation, a behind the scenes look at what goes on in high kill shelters like San Francisco Animal Care and Control.  One of the animal control officers who arrived first on the scene at Whipple's Pacific Heights home told me confidentially that Hera was terrified when they kenneled her. After her arrival at SFACC, her kennel tech told me also in confidence there were traces of canvas from her dog bed in her feces. This was misrepresented, as much was, in court when the prosecution claimed the material to be Dianne Whipple's trousers. A lie.

I'm certainly not saying that all dog attacks need to be excused, but like all trials, they should be fair and follow the rule of law. There was much about the Whipple case that veered from the rule of law. I am one for the truth and nothing but. This is the reason the hate groups started after me, groups that have a nice comfy presence on Facebook.

Another huge dog issue arose and also in San Francisco. It was the case of Charlie, the pit bull that chased the horse in Chrissy Field. At the time, I was writing a column for the Examiner, American Pit Bull Examiner. I took on many topics to do with pit bulls and other animals as in the title of this blog. The anti-Charlie hate group streamed from every corner of the U.S.A. and beyond took up residence in the APBE comments section. This was the group who started en masse complaining to Facebook about me and resulting in my many stints at Facebook jail. To do the work, I'd create another account to share animals on death rows across the nation and beyond. I will say, thousands were saved at the last minute by good people who'd seen the photo and read the piece I'd written.

Finally, the group won. They teamed up with a woman who runs, of all things, a media group formed to cite newspapers for unethical issues. The group and this woman contacted Examiner and had me fired based on a series of untruths. I've documented the entire incident in a petition with details that were altered by the hate

groups and also a list of the people who involved themselves in the mob to get rid of Cindy Marabito. Amazingly, some of these people are involved in rescue, but let their hate and jealousy overcome their mission. I get mad, too, but never let it override the most important job, saving lives. That's the difference between them and me. Sadly, I see the big picture and all of the saved animals whose stories and photographs were wiped out in one fell swoop by haters. Now, that's sad.

What I'd like to do is have one Facebook account with the option to merge my materials into that one presence. It will be some job, because I've collected and posted many photos and essays through the years. I'd like to have those items documented somewhere and until now, Facebook was a good place for that. I spent many years creating business pages for each of the Reunion Rescued dogs, health pages on how to treat your animal holistically and not have huge vet bills, awareness pages, the books I've written for something fun, an Austin, Texas music page among others. None of these pages of which I'm an administrator can function any further.

So between trying to find a new raw food supplier for the cats and dogs here at Reunion Rescue, mopping up urine, keeping the dogs entertained in 28° with rawhides and marrow bones, running the Cracker Jack for America's Favorite Pet campaign without even being able to vote on Facebook, and my bookkeeping job, my writing, cooking and housekeeping among other motley and assorted duties, I'm jotting down a few gripes here. I have more, but I'm a positive person and like to concentrate on the good

things in life, nature, wildlife, birds and these wonderful rescue animals that I am truly blessed to have in my life. It's my reason for getting up with a twinkle in my eye each morning.

I'm blowing off a little steam and hot air, but don't worry about me. Or, the animals in my care. I have suffered through every kind of hardship you can imagine. I'm old enough to remember when Obama started the home modification program for people like me who almost lost their homes during a rough financial period. I remember all of the rescues getting kicked out of their homes and forced to send the animals in their care back to kill shelters. I was one of the lucky ones and never had to lose an animal and in fact, kept writing my articles and pulling dogs the whole time. 

So, on the side of gratitude, I like to look a the photos from time to time. Seeing the image of a dog who was facing a cold death on a shelter slab enjoying a marrow bone or running free in the grass is worth its weight in gold to me. A couple of days ago, I could find tens of thousands of those shots on my Facebook pages. I guess I put cleaning up that 57K in my photos app on the list. Like the manager at work used to say, "There's always something to do." 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Keep on a votin' for Cracker Jack!

Cracker Jack is Number ONE for the moment...

But we need your help. Please consider voting for Cracker Jack who is representing the pit bulls at Reunion Rescue. First prize is $5k and a 2-page write up for Reunion in Dogster Magazine. Help us get our message out to dog lovers everywhere by voting every day for Cracker Jack.

Here are a couple of the rescue pups...

······ ·····

Just so you get an idea about the work we've done the past 25 years.
Find out more on our website


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Friday, February 11, 2022

Cracker Jack the rescued cattle dog needs your vote!

Hey there, Buckaroos! Cracker Jack is running for America's Favorite Pet and we need your vote!! If he wins, Reunion Rescue gets $5,000 and a two-page write up in Dogster Magazine. This would be huge for Reunion Rescue. We spend time and $$ reaching out to help pit bulls and other animals all around the world. Please help by voting for Cracker Jack!