Sunday, June 25, 2023

The Mary Jane our house...

Got the Bakersfield 4 new beds and a big red umbrella to go with their little house. Pink for the girls and blue for Paolo. They've all got new nicknames. Wanna know what? Ok. Their group nickname is The Mary Jane Girls like the Rick James artists. Dorothy with the chopped off tail is Dodo short for Dolores named after our good friend. Middle girl who used to be Indica is now Danger Mouse...why? Cuz she so shy and loves hiding up underneath the house. Little Bit who used to be Chiquita is Chicken. She is so sassy. Their official names are still Rza, Sza and Cardi respectively, but nicknames are so much fun. And they earned those. And then there's Paolo! Who you have to pronounce like House of Gucci Jared Leto. He is such a big movie star and truly enjoying his new role as protector and ambassador extraordinaire.

I love them all so much. Still can't bring them home with me until our numbers here lighten up. But, someday. I daydream of the day I can walk each one at the greenbelt trail. I know they will truly love it. They're all a little bit tomboy, those Mary Jane girls. It was kinda sad because they didn't know what to do with those Cooleroo beds. I had to show them how to get up on them. I don't think they've ever slept on a bed. Just like Paolo had to learn to chew up a dog cookie. He didn't know what to do with it. But, those sad days are behind us. From now on only good times.